1. Hi @HeadwayUK, I have just noticed that you promote prostitution on p. 22 of your sex and brain injury guide. Can you clarify why you feel that men purchasing poor women is acceptable please headway.org.uk/media/4995/sex…
2. Why does @HeadwayUK push a narrative that disabled individuals are so undesirable that we must pay economically coerced women for intimacy? (p.22 of this you promote prostitution). headway.org.uk/media/4995/sex…
3. I am so upset by this, by this Objectification of women & idea that no one will love us because of our disability so we have to buy another person. @HeadwayUK have supported me since I was a teenager but that's what you think of me & my brain damage brothers & sisters.
4. I collect all month every month for @HeadwayUK, did any of my donations go into promoting prostitution?
5. Can you explain @HeadwayUK, how recommending that brain injured males (you present prostitution as sex neutral, it isn't) use escorts, 'sex workers' and massage parlours is different to saying 'go to a brothel'?
6. Here is @HeadwayUK promoting prostitution as a treatment therapy. Image
7. Did my brain damage co-ordinator go directly from organising trips to brothels for example to coming into my home to talk about my needs, and if so how can he see me as an equal if he thinks women should be purchased & sold?
8. Here is the reality of what @HeadwayUK is promoting to make men feel better, a look at prostitution in Holbeck: filia.org.uk/latest-news/20…
9. @HeadwayUK is part of the Renewed Objectification of Women: uncommongroundmedia.com/the-renewed-ob…
10. Hi @HeadwayUK research has shown that 61% of women sustain a head injury while being prostituted. So how are you going to support these women you have recommended men go to? digitalcommons.uri.edu/cgi/viewconten…
11. Essay on how @HeadwayUK promotes purchasing prostituted women to disabled men. filia.org.uk/latest-news/20…

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12 May
Hi @FiLiA_charity I have a short essay almost ready on Headway (the brain damage charity) promoting the use of prostituted women as a therapy for disabled men. Would you like it?
I've had an email, they would like it!
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7 May
1. Thread of Essays on Objectification.
The 2 currently out on The Renewed Objectification of Women. I argue that the language of Objectification (menstruators, vagina owners etc.) is designed to dehumanise women so that we can be exploited as a resource on a global scale.
2. Governments are building in profits from prostitution porn, and surrogacy into tax revenue. Like how men have exploited the earth & natural resources now the abuse of women is being industrialised. How tied to the economy porn is through institutions investing in it.
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9 Apr
Here is an example of how accusations of 'phobia' are used to try and silence women's criticism & challenge. I objected to porn & was accused of 'potential homophobia'.
The research I was reading was a comparison of humiliation in porn & torture techniques particularly the example of the abuse at Abu Ghraib prison during the Iraq war.
A lot of research has been undertaken which examines the role of photography & dissemination in humiliation and the psychological impact of humiliation on a person. Initially in a context of human rights abuses in conflict this is now being applied to pornography.
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2 Apr
1. What follows in the next 2 tweets is the 'science', or strong case as it is sometimes worded, that some children are born wrong and require medicalisation if they show discomfort with sex-role stereotypes & discrimination.
2. It argues homosexuality is abnormal and against nature, that some boys have feminised testicles, or that 'embittered, empty' women made their sons 'girly'. uncommongroundmedia.com/sexist-science…
3. Or how a mother dresses mentally disturbs her child - a pant suit, the horror! That rape fantasies are a triumph of therapy and make the boy more manly. uncommongroundmedia.com/robert-stoller…
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15 Mar
'Yet the women’s refuge movement, which sprang out of brave survivors squatting in vacant properties because no one would give money to help abused women, is being destroyed by a decade-long shift towards huge contracts for gender-neutral services'
'The domestic abuse bill currently going through the Lords doesn’t even mention women’s refuges. Even as women campaign for misogyny to be made a hate crime, falling rape and domestic abuse convictions are effectively decriminalising male violence against women'.
'so often it is the female victims who end up in prison: two-thirds of female prisoners have lived through domestic abuse. That’s the sick, misogynistic world we inhabit... where women traumatised by male violence are more likely to be locked up than given access to... support'.
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15 Mar
Men rape and kill women at epidemic rates, women suffer domestic violence, harassment, all at the hands of males. We women say 'no, there is a problem' - and suddenly we are the haters?
This has been written on by Pauline Harmange in ' I hate Men'. It is a good work, a small bit of wokery which looks like it may have been inserted to get it past a publisher.
It is normal in our culture for us to set up and fund dedicated spaces for one half of the human race (women) to flee to while escaping the other (men). Women say - hang on, how do we stop the violence - and we are the hateful ones?
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