Bill & Melinda Gates are getting a divorce but the bigger news is what their “foundation” is being accused of around the world. The American media doesn’t cover this but the Italian parliament addressed this recently. Let’s watch:
Here is Bill Gates during a Ted Talk discussing global depopulation as a solution to getting CO2 down to near zero.. but never mind that you must now believe he wants to save humanity with his vaccines becoz the TV says so
WHO Admits Gates-Backed Vaccine Caused Recent Polio Outbreak in Africa.…

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4 May
Malcom X: “The white liberal is the most dangerous thing to the negro in the Western Hemisphere” He saw right through them. So do I
Malcom X was right.. these people are dangerous Image
Lol How people don’t see right through these is just remarkable. Cooome on! Smh Image
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1 May
Dems still think they own blacks like they did back in the days of slavery

Notice how the entire establishment including their media came out & attacked Sen. Scott based on his skin color

B/c how dare a black person think he can think differently from what is prescribed by them
If you really want to know how the liberal feels about black people watch how they treat the black people they can not use as political pawns. Their whole schtick is “being for minorities” only as a political weapon meanwhile their policies are designed to keep blacks poor
If Dems cared about black pple as they claim, they would stop holding black kids hostage in their failing schools! The biggest injustice is the fact that Democrat run schools are graduating millions of black kids every year who can’t read or write setting them up for sure failure
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13 Apr
What we R witnessing in Brooklyn Center has nothing to do w/ “black lives mattering” This is a Marxist takeover of America where the left is using extremely rare tragedies involving blacks to paint a false narrative that is designed 2 racially divide & conquer America from within
The left is using black people as political weapons to weaken & ultimately tear down American & western foundations that are built on Judeo Christian values of freedom, capitalism, the value of the individual.. etc I expose all this & more in my book…
The truth is black lives don’t matter
If they did.. the #1 topic would be the targeted genocide of black babies to the point that 50%+ of blacks are never born

#2 would be the slaughter of blacks by other blacks taking place daily by the the 1000s yearly in Dem run cities
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23 Mar
The 1st female millionaire was a black woman who was born to slaves. But they want you to believe you can’t amount to anything in 2021 because of “white supremacy”

Harvard President in a 1906 speech said Booker T Washington’s Black University Tuskegee had “produced more self-made millionaires than Harvard, Yale and Princeton combined."

That’s the black history the left hides from you to keep you poor & dependent on them.
Most black Americans don’t even know the greatness of their forefathers because the left has hidden the history & has blacks too busy looking for white supremacy under every rock instead of living life & making something of yourself in this great land of opportunity.
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17 Mar
Fact: The #1 group that commits more hate crimes/murders against Asians is blacks. Those stories will never be highlighted

Only the rare occurrence when it involves a white person so that the left can perpetuate their "White Supremacy" narrative that gives them political power
The “White Supremacy” narrative is designed by the left to keep black people from never progressing. From the time a black person is child, they are told they are doomed to fail b/c a white person is keeping them back... so that they feel defeated & never even try
After 13 yrs in a failing school & being brain washed into believing White Supremacy is the invisible wall that keeps them back from achieving anything, these young black kids are fully set up for failure.. then when they fail, white supremacy is blamed. Self fulfilling prophecy
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10 Mar
75% of Americans supposedly support the Covid bill because the media hasn’t told them 90%+ of it is not going to them but it’s going to special interests that line the pockets of politicians in blue states
The so called press now exists to protect the very power structure they are supposed to keep accountable to we the people
If these 75% of Americans only knew they would think otherwise. But right now we have a fawning state run media that won’t tell you the truth behind this money making scheme for politicians in Washington they are calling Covid relief
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