.@JakeSullivan46. It's NOT OK to dance around the fact that billions of people are waiting for a vaccine, proposals have been discussed to address this crisis and you're looking for the easy way out. 1/
As the @nytimes @JInterlandi has said it's not an IP issue, a manufacturing issue or a tech transfer issue--it's all three. Yet you're looking to appease industry as your first order problem. 2/
Why did you go into government? Seriously? To show how clever you can be in splitting the difference when lives are at stake? Do the right thing. 3/
Just. Stop. History has its eyes on you. Right now, you're on the entrance ramp to repeating the mistakes made with access to AIDS meds 20 years ago, when what the companies wanted was paramount. 4/
Vaccines were produced as a public good with the public's money, now you're saying, well, the market should provide. Take a look at history. Access to medicines is replete with market failure after market failure. 5/
You can show courage in public service or you can go along to get along, get strung along by industry, because they matter and the little people, well, they don't matter, very much at all. end/

• • •

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4 May
Back in March 2020, I reverted to wild-type. I've spent about a decade or so @Yale trying to be an academic, doing my best to jump through the hoops lined up for each new acolyte to leap through to prove something, though no one knows what the something is. 1/
Back in March 2020, I went home, to those I love and trust, my comrades in the AIDS and access to medicines movement. If we were going to get through this, it was this crew who would do the saving. 2/
I felt like I would be shutting the door on some opportunities by returning to my activist roots, but what power and beauty flourishes there among those fighting for their lives, the lives of those they love, those they don't even know, continents away. 3/
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4 May
.@hiattf's editorial in @washingtonpost on #COVID19 vaccine access is odious, misinformed. Worst of all it's lazy. Why do your own research when you can recycle industry talking points? "Democracy dies in darkness," well so will millions w/o a vaccine. Thanks Fred.
Fred is also not a student of history. EVERY time one pushes back on industry they pull out the goose-that-laid-the-golden-egg meme. They did it 20 years ago with AIDS drugs, saying letting India make generics would kill innovation. Industry thrived. Did just fine. 2/
(We can also go back 50+ years to Kefauver-Harris when industry said more regulation would kill innovation, and industry flourished but I digress). 3/
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29 Apr
A paragraph @POTUS should have added to his speech last night: "As we move towards more and more people vaccinated across this great country of ours, we have to realize that outside our borders most of the world is still waiting for a vaccine." 1/
"What we see happening in India right now should concern us all and I’ve directed our agencies to work to help the world’s largest democracy get through this crisis." 2/
"But elsewhere on the planet Russia and China are stepping up to get vaccines to countries in need. The US and our allies in Europe and elsewhere cannot let our globe’s autocracies claim the moral high ground, showing more generosity than we are at the moment." 3/
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27 Apr
You know @JamesCarville fake populist schtick is getting on my nerves. He's been living high on the hog since 1992 and likes to pretend he's still a tribune of the common man. Like Ted Cruz. Or Josh Hawley. 1/
So he goes after faculty lounge politics (elite-bashing) and wokeness (which is just straight-up good old boy race-baiting). It's GOP-adjacent, I'll translate for him: he's doing the right's work on race and class for them. He's no friend to anyone who cares about justice. 2/
Girlfriend, you're history and you're toxic. You sold out old school Democratic values for a quick win in 92, with the can't beat-em-join-em reaction to the Reagan era. 3/
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26 Apr
Let's be clear. I support @POTUS and think he's done a good job thus far as president, EXCEPT on global #COVID19 vaccine access. 1/
We have several potent, safe vaccines against #SARSCoV2 now. It's really miraculous. Didn't think we'd be here with these choices now. But for billions around the world, these miracles are just something to read about. They will not get vaccinated anytime soon. 2/
What we have here in market failure. Straight up. Americans invested in these vaccines, directly through last year's billions of dollars to the companies, the support over the years to the research at NIH that made them possible. 3/
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17 Apr
@WesPegden @orinmoore So, Wes, denialism is a broader concept, discussed here: "There is an overwhelming consensus on the evidence among scientists yet there are also vocal commentators who reject this consensus, convincing many of the public, and often the media too..." 1/ academic.oup.com/eurpub/article…
@WesPegden @orinmoore "...that the consensus is not based on ‘sound science’ or denying that there is a consensus by exhibiting individual dissenting voices as the ultimate authorities on the topic in question." 2/
@WesPegden @orinmoore "Their goal is to convince that there are sufficient grounds to reject the case for taking action to tackle threats to health." 3/
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