The information that has been sifted through and pieced together shows a minute by minute planning and execution of the insurrection and murder by The speaker of the House her staff her private security and other members of the House as well as operatives that they
Control. The FB-I we'll keep looking for people involved with January 6th forever. An open investigation they don't have to supply any information for.
Ms. Babbitt, as an actual Trump supporter was chosen and led upstairs, completely surrounded by operatives,
And executed so the DS could have their bloody insurrection, blame President Trump, and solidify their stolen win. They are wholly responsible for it. And they are using it to this day citing it as the worst attack on our Liberty ever.
When they are the true planners.
The agents that passed this information on also passed on a threat. Not to me but to anyone on the "wrong side of this". The wrong side would be anyone trying to expose this as it would destroy their phony president and remove them from power.
There is no threat that they won't carry out and there is no deed they won't do to maintain their stolen power. You can see the extremes they go to every day to destroy this country. It will only get worse.
They're hanging on by their fingernails and will remove
Any threat to their stolen power.
Please pray for Ms Babbitt, and others who lost their lives that day. Please include our country as a whole and everyone in it. And for those few people fighting to get the truth out. Thank you!

• • •

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3 May
Let's talk about January 6th. A few weeks ago I was given information, I would not even discuss it unless I could corroborate it. I have now received corroboration from three different people in two different agencies. I won't name the people or the agencies.
Violence had been planned for weeks prior to the election, violence to occupy the White House and the surrounding area to demand president Trump leave after he was re-elected. These plans were well known and were prepared for well in advance.
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26 Apr
Oh....and now threats to doxx my family 🙄🙄🙏🙏🙏
Amazing how you support people when they help you, then viciously turn against them when you don't get what you want. Please tell everyone you're racist BS theories about how I ,and my family, are "genetically flawed" because "fag genes" run in my family.
I'm very proud of my brother, now gone, and my cousin. They have accomplished more than some people. I'll save you your threats because I'm proud of my family. Here's Jim:…
He has some very long-term very impressive friends wouldn't you say? 🤔🤔
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23 Apr
Many months ago myself and a small team of specialist began studying the coronavirus, covid-19. We wanted to learn more about it of course, we wanted to ascertain whether it was man-made or manipulated, and we were hoping for an effective vaccine option.
However we quickly determined that this virus had been manipulated so our focus turned towards discovering "intent".
What was the intent of manipulating a virus to this conclusion? What was the intended outcome of releasing it? I believe we have determined that now.
We've been working on it for some time now🙏🙏
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21 Apr
They let these "groups" terrorize and burn cities, encourage them to do so while screaming, "defund the police".
This is deliberate.
Raise crime, officers quit, crying goes up more officers quit. This is a way to "defund the police" through attrition. New officers are not being
Hired to replace those who have left. Eventually there won't be any. That's what they want. And they don't care if officers are injured or killed in the process. That just means it will speed up the process and they will get what they want sooner.
Then they will call for federal investigation into the problem. Then they will call for federal oversight, then Federal intervention, then federal police. Their KGB/Gestapo. And that's what they want, national Police Force loyal only to them. 🙏🙏
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20 Apr
Some people are unbelievable 🙄
For whatever reasons people in Maryland and the surrounding areas, are turning horses loose into the wild. They are being hit by cars, found with broken legs, found starved or covered in cuts from running through the woods.
This young lady has started a rescue to take these horses in and rehabilitate them before they suffer these injuries, and to recover the horses already released. If you know any "horse people" who would like to help they could sure use it 🙏🙏🙏
Thank you everyone! 🙏🙏
Please retweet it around. She has actually been rescuing horses for several years but the need has grown huge just in the last year or so. From what she has shared the white horse on her twit Paige has a huge gash still healing on his back in the pic🙏
Read 9 tweets

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