I need to talk about the sexual harassment and mental abuse I was repeatedly subjected to for months by Melissa “Claudio” Lewis @Claudio_Report Twitter bio for Melissa “Claudio” Lewis @Claudio_Report
1/ These three threads are less than a fifth of what I’ve written on this over the last couple weeks. There’s so much more that I could have said that makes this so much worse, but making it public bordered on being embarrassing and mean.
2/ This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to write. I’ve spent every hour of every day since the 18th in complete shock, stressed, and in a constant state of anxiety, not knowing what to say, or how much to say, or even where to start.
3/ I don’t think I’m capable of describing the mental torture I’ve gone through writing this. To feel forced by @Claudio_Report to focus on and relive all the pain and loss that I experienced because of her abuse has been devastating to my mental health.
4/ If you’ve ever been traumatized by abuse, can you imagine having your abuser force you to relive it, and write about it, because they made everyone that knows you think they were the victim?
5/ I’ve been tortured by every possible emotion as I’ve felt forced to defend myself against the abuse I suffered. I can’t understand how someone would do this to another person. How an abuser could do this to their victim seven months after the victim left?
6/ Can you imagine everybody believing your abusers lies about you? Can you imagine the rage and confusion and hopelessness and self doubt this would have on you? How could anyone possibly deal with this?
7/ Can you imagine how it would feel to be subjected to weeks of abuse from people you don’t even know who attack you because of what your abuser said? To be threatened?
8/ Can you imagine how hard it would be to stand up for yourself or tell what happened when a dozen people dismissed and mocked your abuse before you even had a chance to talk about it?
9/ What Melissa Lewis and her friends have done to me is the most traumatizing abuse I’ve experienced in my adult life. I don’t even know if being brutally beaten daily as a child or raped by my family members feels worse than this.
10/ People from this community preyed on my triggers and mocked my trauma responses. Melissa Lewis made me feel like nothing with her abuse and those people piled on to make me feel like less than nothing.
11/ They called me an ableist for calling someone dumb. They literally said what I said killed people, then cruelly and publicly abused a severely traumatized victim who has struggled with mental health issues their entire life and boasted about it.
12/ Who’s the ableist here? Who’s doing harm? Who is a danger to a community of people struggling with abuse, trauma, and mental health issues? It’s not me, it’s never been me, and it will never be me.
13/ After identifying a far-right pipe-bomber, getting behind enemy line videos that put Tiny in jail, helped ID Proud Boys and other far-right agitators, and helped get several Portland riot cops re-assigned, 100% of the threats and abuse I’ve received have come from leftists.
14/ I thought it was hard when I first started writing it down two weeks ago, and it’s only gotten harder. My attention span is seconds. I pace all day. I haven’t been able to relax in two weeks. The more I write, the more I remember and the more mad I get for having to relive it
15/ tbh I might not have even written any of this if @PNWResistance and @AntifascistF12 hadn’t doxed and antagonized me. Their abuse was far worse than anything I’ve seen Andy Ngo do, or anything I’m accused of. Real address, phone number, wild accusations just casually suggested
16/ I didn’t want to write about this or ever talk about it. I wanted it erased from my mind. I wanted her erased from my mind. She ruined so much for me, and now she’s back seven months later, forcing me to think about it every day.
17/ It’s hard to even know how to begin. Looking back it’s just an endless maze of manipulation, control, aggressive behavior, mental abuse, sexual harassment, and I don’t even know what else. How do you even start making people understand?
18/ It’s really hard to even put this out in the open. I only have self doubt and the overwhelming feeling that nobody will believe me or nobody will care. I’m not going to try to put these events in any kind of order.
19/ I think to understand how much pressure and anxiety I felt around her, you’d have to consider that for every example I give there were probably 30 more that already had me stressed out. She took over everything and made herself unavoidable in almost every part of my life.
20/ Melissa Lewis @Claudio_Report negatively affected every part of my life and mental health. She repeatedly dismissed my physical boundaries, something she never stopped. She was controlling and pushy. She wouldn’t respect my space or my privacy. She turned me into nothing.
21/ I completely stopped working protests because I was afraid of seeing @Claudio_Report. It wasn’t getting roughed up by cops, or maced, or tear gas, or chuds. I was afraid to go out because I didn’t want to feel all the terrible ways I felt around Melissa.
22/ I had to completely change everything about myself when she was around so I didn't have to worry about feeling like I was being used for someone else's gratification instead of just appreciating me as a friend.

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