Thread: What is the path for people who suffer from same sex attraction (SSA), gender dysphoria, or have gone through surgeries attempting to change their sex?

The first thing to note is that they all still have the ability to repent, and this will be the key as it is for all.
Christ will receive the first even as he receives the last. This is seen in the parable of the workers in the vineyard (Mt 20)

God has made a promise to save all who repent and believe the Gospel. If you repent, He will save you, for God does not lie.
Those who suffer from SSA know that the Scriptures condemn homosexual acts as sins. They are called just as all are called: Go and sin no more. (Jn 8:11). Live as a Christian should, and bear the weight of your Cross. Whoever endures to the end will be saved. (Mt 24:13)
But what if you have already fallen into sins of homosexuality?

Do you desire to be saved? Do you want to repent? If you want to repent and be saved, it is evidence that you are still able to. Just as a person who falls, get up. Repent and go on enduring.
If you cut yourself off from God, then you will not be saved. The Scriptures tell us that all are already cut off by their sins (Isaiah 59:2). By baptism, confession, repentance, we are grafted onto God just as a branch is grafted onto the Tree of Life.
And what about those who suffer gender dysphoria? And what about those who have transitioned through medicine or some surgery?

Some parts of our lives can affect us permanently, but our souls are affected permanently only by our lives and by the Judgement.
So then, if you have transitioned physically, it is often impossible to go back, but your soul can still rush back to Christ. The questions still remain: Do you desire to be saved? Do you want to repent? If you want to repent and be saved, it is evidence that you're still able to
"And let us ask for a Christian end to our lives: peaceful, without shame and suffering, and for a good defense before the awesome Judgement Seat of Christ"
Weep over your sins, but do not despair. Despair is criminal, and it leads to suicide which is already a bad enough problem, but even worse is that suicide is an immediate sentencing to hell forever.
The Orthodox Church will receive anyone who repents, but we will never lie to you about who you are. If you've transitioned, you will still only be received as your birth gender. Men can't be women, and women can't be men. Your souls are still what they were from the beginning.
That these individuals still have the option to repent and be saved is not often preached to them, but it is true. If you are struggling with homosexuality or transgenderism, there is a hospital called the Orthodox Church that heals all and saves all.
But the medicine is often bitter, and the doctor (priest) is often difficult. Nevertheless, endure all afflictions, and you will be saved

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