Everyone keeps talking about the change we need in pølitics.
But we need something more than that, before a meaningful change in pølitics can even be postulated.

We need a commitment to ideology; to what we mean when we talk about change: the oft...
...misunderstood & misused 'Idea of Indıa'.

Elėctions today are won on what pølitical parties can promise for today itself.
What about our tomorrows?
The short term goals are well & good; but at the end of the day, that's what they are: short term.

What we need is a...
3/16 of where we want to see Indıa someday (wherein, someday is not an abstract idea, but a tangible certainty).

Pølitical parties have manifestos that can't look beyond their own selfish wants. That's the biggest reason they can't work with each other.

Ppl are...
...increasingly getting afflicted with the myopic attitude of: "I'd rather self-sabotage, if it means I get to watch paın being inflicted on those I háte".

Minørities are not going anywhere. In demanding their nth class treatment, the bıgots forget that they are...
...getting sucked in by the same quagmire they think they're pushing minørities into!

With that said, pølitics cannot flourish w/o compromise: because it has to represent diverse ppl with different needs.

So, the ideological purists have to be careful with how far they...
...push the rigidity of their stance.

IMHO, we need a strong moral fiber that can serve as the basis of any framework (political or otherwise).

Morality/ethics is a vast concept & we'll always have digressions on the finer aspects; but we can get the basics right:...
...human rights, no tolerance policy for háte, inclusivity blah blah.

Once that is is in place, we can build on that: development & the like.

We have a long, long, long way to go before we get to that point, but we have to start soon (like yesterday); if we ever...
...want to enjoy an Indıa worth being proud of, in our lifetimes.

If we fight evıl just to keep it out of our homes, it will always be right outside our doors when we venture out (& also creep in, if not dealt with).

We have to fight evıls that affect everyone: even...
...those that we "don't like".

This is something that bıgots blinded by their háte will never get. In fact, they are busy sponsoring evıl, just to satiate their háte: to keep it alive.

Unless ppl/pølitical parties can unite behind good ideas (with the aforementioned,...
...necessary compromises): we'll always be stuck in a vicious cycle where evıl is either a few steps away from overpowering us or has already done so.

I hope the ppl in this country (esp the young); stop making the same mistakes over & over again (for starters).
Choose love (but don't be naive).
Reject háte (& don't make exceptions).

Remember, to move forward; you have to put one foot in front of the other: if you fix one foot to a spot, you'll end up stomping in the same place if you try moving the other foot forward!

...encapsulates what is happening in Indıa right now. Everyone wants a better Indıa: but the háteful ppl want to exclude sections of the population from being a part of it.

As long as those ppl are allowed to steer the wheel, they will keep driving everyone into ditches.
Aren't we sick of shovelling shıt just to keep our heads above ground?
Our rose gardens are long overdue!

Better ppl vote for better gøvernance.
Rotten ppl vote for rotten gøvernance.
We should never forget that.

The easiest way to be better ppl is to be in touch...
...with our humanity.

The háteful ppl are shamelessly revelling in their bıgotry/vıleness.

When will the ppl who believe in what's right; fully & unapologetically embrace their ideology (fight for it to be actualized)?

"It's never too late" is a nice uplifting motto.
But sometimes, it can be.

So, the sooner we take charge of the mess we are in, the better we'll come out of it.

Love/goodness can muster more power/courage than háte/evıl ever can. It might not seem like it: but it's the ultimate form of 'checks & balances'.
When the fight is pushed to one extrėmė, taking the 'middle ground' does nothing to balance the scales.

You'll first have to do whatever it takes to defeat that extrėmė; & then you can gradually come back to the comfort zone of the proverbial 'middle ground'.

That's it.
P.S: For change, we have to start somewhere. It's best when we start with ourselves. Goal is to normalize love/goodness so much so: that háte/evıl is shoved into hiding (& maybe someday, it even dıės, w/o sustenance).

I probably sound like a callow person: but a girl can dream.

• • •

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