Imagine being so rich that your divorce can literally impact the state of funding for thousands of initiatives worldwide. That is literally wild.

#MelindaGates #BillGates
For those who need an idea of what I mean - Bill and Melinda Gates own several foundations and organizations that fund public health research, business ventures, and more. Their announcement was basically a PSA that everything is going to be okay. Wow. lol
When we talk about why becoming a billionaire shouldn't be a thing, this is what we mean.

A divorce should not determine the state of public health research or whether 1000s of small businesses get money or if funding for school initiatives will go through. Like y'all. HUH?!
I have no personal beef with the Gates or any of their initiatives largely, but come on, this is actually ridiculous when you think about it h/t @Ryan_Ken_Acts.

An interpersonal relationship is affecting millions at the same time because...*checks notes*... they're rich.
Once again, for the people in the back, Bill and Melinda Gates released a statement to assure everyone (and BUSINESS MARKETS) that no one should panic.

The richness of this, both literally and figuratively has me like wow.…
And someone noted that Bill and Melinda Gates timed their statements AFTER the market closed.

Bruh, you can't make this shit up. Your divorce literally rocking Wall Street. That's INSANNNNNNNNNNNE.
Like y'all not understanding me. THEIR DIVORCE. Bill and Melinda Gates.

THE END OF *THEIR* MARRIAGE could have and probably will impact Wall Street, Philanthropy, Technology, Business, Public Health, and Education.

Their MARRIAGE y'all. I-
This is right up there with MacKenzie Scott donating $$$$$ to HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) and DOUBLING THE ENDOWMENT of several institutions . . .


At some point, philanthropy aside, you've got to ask the question: How rich is too rich?
Oh and this isn't a thread that says Bill and Melinda Gates alongside MacKenzie Scott shouldn't give money away. It's just a thread showing how freaking ridiculous it is to be a billionaire in the first place.

It's weird y'all. Very weird.
LMAOOOOOOO Bill and Melinda Gates divorce being reported like they Queen and King of the World because they low key are. That's crazy. 😭😭
Lol let me put this whole thread in another way:

An individual should never be TOO BIG TO FAIL. Like that is actually... truly... from the bottom of my heart.. ridiculous. Like on all counts, in all galaxies, across all worlds. That is ridiculous. #BillGates #MelindaGates
lol I'm muting this, but overall takeaways:

1. No one is hating on Bill and Melinda Gates, wishing them the best honestly.

2. Billionaires are freaking wild though.

3. This thread made several points, read through all of them.

3a. Thanks @Ryan_Ken_Acts for the inspo
lol there are people asking me what's wrong with having billionaires and I'm just like:
SHEESH! Y'all still sharing and you even followed your girl. Love to see that! I hope you are having a wonderful day.
As I was saying: Billionaires, we need their tax $$$.

Every single tweet in this thread did numbers. A+ engagement for an A+ tweet. Love to see it.
Really important thread that clears up the implication of #GatesDivorce starting with the Gates' not actually owning the foundation:

• • •

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4 May
Thoughts on #Marvel #MarvelStudios Phase Four:

Black Widow- Looks badass
Shang Chi - Plot looks 12/10
Eternals - Inclusive excellence
Spiderman - Please don't be Iron Man lite
Thor Love and Thunder - Is Korg coming?
The Marvels - MONICA!!!!

Before Spiderman Stans come in my mentions, no one can tell me that the last Spiderman villain genuinely had beef with Spiderman.

He had beef with IRON MAN.
I am the incredibly horrible mistake of not watching Captain America: Winter Soldier, arguably the best MCU film of all time, so I will be watching these in the theaters.

That said does anyone know of Thor Ragnarok's director is coming back? I need Korg in this climate.
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Good morning, all of these are tied for last.
I'll break it down:

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1 May
No one Black I've spoken to in the space is here for the findings of this paper because it will/can be used to justify more incarceration of Black people. That's it.

And imo it's really dismissive to ignore concerns people have about findings that impact THEIR communities.
I am not understanding the argument I'm hearing from non-Black people saying "research is research".

Framing matters here and respond with that phrase is incredibly tone deaf and hurtful. And the question still stand: What does this tell us? What is the takeaway?

I do not want to assume anything about the authors because I don't know them, but if every Black person I've spoken to has the same WTF reaction, you should be SERIOUSLY thinking about how this is landing with the community that will be inevitably impacted by this paper.
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1 May
I made one about race x economics and I-

The gag about all these papers is NOT A SINGLE BLACK PERSON wrote them. That's the gag.
NGL this might be my best econ meme to date. Y'all ain't slick though.
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30 Apr
I love this article. [Black] women don't have imposter syndrome. Y'all are just racist and sexist.…
Let's unpack this a bit shall we: The article defines imposter syndrome as "feeling like a fraud" and "doubting your abilities."

And to some extent places the onus of feeling that way on those who carry those feelings and not the spaces they enter. Hm.... but wait a minute.
But has anyone actually asked the question why people feel this way, and why marginalized people feel this way disproportionately?

Like if you tell me I am a fraud and that my abilities don't measure up, over and over and over again, I may start to believe you. #NotAnImposter
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30 Apr
This month has been wild negative so for the last day of it, I am just going to share good news and vibes.

What is something good that happened you this month that you'd like to share? #AskTwitter
#GoodNewsFriday I committed to graduate school and also saw something I've been working on for the past year come to fruition.
#GoodNewsFriday I FINISHED THE MANDALORIAN and it was such an exquisite show on every level. I'll probably watch it again. #TheMandalorian

Shoutout to the twitter fam and @KevOnStage for recommending the show.
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