The perfectly timed sudden death of an 80s British pop star, days before the release of a box-set of the band's entire catalog, sets one's mind wondering. It's all the more convenient when said pop star's face is unrecognizable from plastic surgery.…
Much like Michael Jackson before him, suggesting that he had checked out of the project years before the staged death of his stand-in.
𝗣𝗲𝘁𝗲 "You Spin Me Round" 𝗕𝘂𝗿𝗻𝘀 of Dead or Alive was born to a German Jewish mother named Evelina Maria Bettina Quittner von Hudec. Wikipedia tells us she fled to Vienna to escape the Nazis, where she met English soldier Francis Burns at a tea dance.
"Tea dance" is apropos to the Pete Burns' project. The phrase is gay slang for same-sex dancing in the afternoon and Burns' flamboyant career aggressively promoted gender fluidity. Though Burns didn't hide his Jewish heritage, some of his androgynous competitors did and still do.
British gender-bending singer/songwriter Boy George recorded under the name "The Twin" from 2002-04. . George's father, Jeremiah O'Dowd, was born "circa 1933" (as per Geni, where Jeremiah's own father is <private>). Note that Masonic 33. The O'Dowd family origins are hazy.
The Irish Echo newspaper reported that "Boy George’s Irish origins are not in doubt, but the specifics are hazy. Most reports contend that his family roots lie in County Tipperary, though others have contended that his late father, Jeremiah O’Dowd, hailed from Cork.
Unconfirmed accounts also suggest that his mother, Dinah, was forced to leave Ireland after becoming pregnant as an unmarried 18-year-old." Are the O'Dowds crypto-Jewish?
George "has always liked authority figures in his life," reports The Daily Mail, "For some reason always Jewish." George said of his Jewish manager in that article, "He is a great north London Jewish boy. In some ways we had a similar journey."
George wore self-designed clothes with Hebrew writing in music videos such as "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?" The Hebrew lettering was reversed (in a deliberate mirroring/twinning?)
George has a Star of David tattooed on the crown of his head (see the photo at "Boy George: Head Like a Heeb").
George tweeted in 2014 that he "Had a wonderful Jewish new year with Philip Sallon and his family." George was formerly in a relationship with his Jewish drummer Jon Moss.
Boy George's androgynous collaborator Marilyn (Peter Anthony Robinson) was born in Jamaica. Think: sugar plantations, Salem Witch Trials and John Reed. Marilyn is named after Marilyn Monroe, whose death was faked.
Also note the name Robinson, which is one of the hoaxing families.
Though it's not unusual that he dodged out of the limelight for a few decades, Marilyn's official explanation of what he was doing is suspect. He told The Guardian newspaper:

The connection to the Alien franchise apparently goes back to the beginning.
Wikipedia: "In 1979, Robinson appeared in the documentary Steppin' Out directed by Lyndall Hobbs, which explored the fashionable nightclubs and the trendy pop culture scenes that were famous in London in the late 70s. It was shown as the support film to Alien in British cinemas."
Is Marilyn a crypto-Jew? Robinson is a Jewish name. Marilyn was formerly in a relationship with singer Gavin Rossdale (originally Rosenthal), of Russian Jewish descent.
Marilyn's father's identity seems to be unknown; Marilyn's parents separated when he was 4 years old, when his mother relocated to Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, a town most well-known for its film and TV studios.
Though Alien was filmed at Shepperton Studios, Borehamwood was home to 2001: A Space Odyssey. The year that Marilyn arrived in Borehamwood, The Double Man was filmed there. We don't know if Marilyn is a twin himself.
The Double Man recalls "The Mirror Man," a song by another gender-bending band from 1980, The Human League. Also Michael Jackson's “The Man in the Mirror”.
There's some rather curious history that smacks of a project: Before singer Phil Oakey hired the band's two female backups, he "had got a contract to do a tour through the British Army bases in Germany" (Nottingham Post). Peculiar.
Even the Wikipedia entry for backup singer Susan Ann Sulley disbelieves how the women were hired:

Indeed, that story is unbelievable, especially given that neither of the schoolgirls had any experience of singing or dancing professionally.
There were no rehearsals before their tour began 4 days later. Oakey has admitted in interviews that none of his band could play instruments. He's quoted as saying in Kraftwerk: Publikation by David Buckley:
The "key" to a band is that they aren't musicians? Incidentally, virtually nothing seems to be known about Oakey's parentage. Wikipedia says only that "His father worked for the General Post Office and moved jobs regularly.
The family moved to Coventry when Oakey was a baby, to Leeds when he was five and to Birmingham when he was nine, before settling in Sheffield when he was fourteen."
The Human League has not only promoted gender fluidity but also Buddhism ("Listen to the voice of Buddha," in the song "Being Boiled"), the JFK assassination (in the song "Seconds") and misinformation ("I believe in truth though I lie a lot," in the song "Love Action").
Though not openly gay, Oakey's statements about his heterosexual relationships invariably come across as odd. In an interview with The Face in Dec. 1982, Oakey was asked about the worst thing ever written about him. He answered that it was his ex-wife quoted in The Sun:
Asked if he would marry his backup singer Joanne, he said, "I don't know, I think I've asked her. Have I asked her?" If Phil isn't sure, neither are we.
In the BBC4 documentary "Young Guns Go For It," Oakey denies that The Human League was a gay band, though he grants that "I did have about ten or fifteen years that I didn't wear any men's clothing."
Another band whose debut album aggressively promoted homosexuality, is Depeche Mode. Lyrics include "Boys meet boys, get together" (in the song "Boys Say Go!") and "Hey you're such a pretty boy, you're so pretty" (in the song about a midnight cowboy, "What's Your Name?").
And they're another band that appears to be manufactured, as only founding member Vince Clarke (who resigned before the first album was released) is acknowledged as possessing any musical ability.
Clarke's IMDb biography notes, "He initially felt quite guilty about leaving because he knew the other three weren't musicians and had no idea how to program synthesizers." An electronic band that couldn't program synthesizers?
To this day, 36-years into the band's career, bandmate Andrew Fletcher's "role within Depeche Mode has often been a topic of speculation. … Andy Fletcher shows up for photo shoots and cashes the checks" (Wikipedia). Perhaps he's a spook handler?
Songwriting duties were taken on by Martin Gore (note the last name). His Wikipedia entry says his biological father was an African-American G.I. stationed in Britain. Unbelievably, we're told that Gore worked as a bank cashier in 1977, at age 16.
So we see military and banking connections in the first two paragraphs of Gore's "Early Life" entry on Wikipedia.
Clarke is also from the families. They're linked to Charlton Heston, and before that to most of the other families, like the Russells, Bennetts, etc.

• • •

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They show John Lennon is alive and it was a psy-op, so, what was the point of it? In the film, they make no effort to prove that Noel Snow is not John Lennon, so it doesn't seem to make sense. Why would Lennon out himself?
I would suggest his cover had already been blown, and this film was made as damage control. This is a film made for his fans, telling them to Let Him Be. He is saying, “Yes, some of you have figured it out, but if you care for me, let me be!”
To convince them to do that, the idea is planted that Lennon really was shot in 1980. “Chapman didn't shoot him, but even more dangerous guys did, probably the scary old FBI.”
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What Do January 6th Patriots and Guantanamo Inmates Share?

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But the right answer is: they are all agents and/or crisis actors. Both events were and are faked.…
What terrorists? Are we supposed to believe that Johnson and the Gateway Pundit still haven't figured out 911 was an inside job, 20 years later?
Why would we be reading commentary by authors too stupid or compromised to get that right? It is like people too stupid to have seen through the Covid fake, given 13 whole months to study it.
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The entire “shedding” of “viral load” is just more poppycock. One would first have to believe a “novel” SARS-2 virus exists in the first place, which has never been shown, and then take it to the NEXT level.
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You might be wondering why Robert Peel's picture is included on the cover of Sgt. Peppers. He is the key to unlocking the entire cover. Peel was British Home Secretary from 1822 to 1830.
The Home Secretary is of course in charge of the Home Office. Although the Home Office was formed in 1782, it wasn't until the arrival of Peel in the 1820's that the police services (and especially the secret police) were brought into it. This was Peel's specialty.
Robert Peel is sort of the father of the British Secret Service. He didn't invent it, he just coordinated it and expanded it. Just above Peel on the cover of Sgt. Pepper's, you find Aleister Crowley, who was recruited by the Home Office from Cambridge in the 1890's.
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The film "Let Him Be" is a pretend hunt for a living John Lennon.
Released in 2009, with clips still up on youtube as of 2014. It is chock full of big red flags. The first red flag is the title, which is a prominent part of the psychological operation.…
The message is there in the title: let him be! “He isn't still alive; but even if he is, let him be!” In the film, they tell you they have found a guy who looks exactly like Lennon would look at this age.
In interviews for the film, they tell you they have found a Lennon impersonator who looks exactly like Lennon would look at this age, to play the part in the film. The actor named Mark Staycer is playing a character named Noel Snow who other characters think may be John Lennon.
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