I'm sure most of you have seen that NYTimes article about how the U.S. probably won't reach herd immunity, and so I did some ~digging bc the NYT loves to clickbait anxious people and then put articles behind paywalls. 🙄
overwhelmingly, what I'm seeing are scientists decrying the idea that herd immunity was ever necessary in the first place. herd immunity is just *one* way to end a pandemic, it's not the only way.
the most likely way this pandemic will end (as we're seeing in California, the UK, Israel, etc etc) is through containment.

how do you contain a virus? vaccines "defang" the virus (aka make it so it can't kill) and lower circulation. low circulation allows for contact tracing.
contact tracing allows for quarantine. quarantine ends transmission among unvaccinated.

based on what we're seeing in Israel, the UK, and California, some scientists estimate that containment starts when around ~50% of the adult population has their first dose. death averages decline into the single digits and hospitalizations drop steadily.

seeing similar happen in California, especially major cities like LA and San Francisco.

and we're seeing this happen in Minnesota right now!! about 59% of the adult population has had their first shot. 3 deaths recorded unty has yesterday. Mayo clinic estimates a 25% decline in hospitalizations in the next two weeks.

keep in mind that all of this is happening DESPITE variants circulating. why? because not a single current variant is resistant to the vaccines. the ones that challenge vaccine efficacy still aren't vaccine resistant or evasive. don't believe the clickbait!
and I say adult population bc all of the results we're seeing are without any vaccinations of children! Pfizer is on track to have authorization to vaccinate 12+ year olds in the next couple weeks... imagine how case numbers are gonna plummet then. 👀
so now is not the time to panic y'all. everything is still on track for containment. take a breath!
(a few typos bc I'm sipping wine lol my bad!!)
I didn't expect this response, I just make these threads to help my anxious friends know what's going on 🥺


skip the NYT articles please. there's also great scientists on IG!
please don't follow me for covid information!! I only share research like this maybe once a week but otherwise I mostly talk about dismantling the prison industrial complex, my bookstore, my life, pop culture, anime, and memes ok I rarely use punctuation normally so pls don't 😭
just one example of how scientists are reacting to all the herd immunity anxiety. also shout out to one of my faves who said "herd shmerd" on twitter yesterday lmao I'll try to find it


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20 Apr
white people: why are y'all making this week about you? why do I see y'all on here making tweets designed to have people worrying about you and asking what they can do for you in the wake of the trial conclusion when any resources should be going to Black ppl right now?
you think this week is hard for you????
why do I see y'all on here over exaggerating any potential "danger" or threat to you if there's a not-guilty verdict? why do y'all feel the need to make ANY of this about YOU?
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18 Apr
"Principled critique is informed, impervious to click bait tabloid accusations. Principled critique believes that we critique to build each other up, help each other grow, not eviscerate each other, or delight in each other’s downfall."

well ain't this a word. relevant to what I experienced just this week too. Image
I don't agree with AMB on everything but this is spot on. Image
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16 Apr
hey, we're moving into a weekend that's gonna be heavy with protests so we need to talk about the intersection of anxiety, trauma, & protest safety.

there are a LOT of people sharing a LOT of information. some of it's clear, some not. so we need to tighten up & get intentional.
police violence and military occupation is frightening and anxiety-inducing. they (police & the state) know that.
anxious people don't move with intention, they move with fear. they share anything and everything because "what if??" anxiety causes disorganization & disinformation.
the police are counting on anxious people to share the movements of their large caravans. they're counting on people listening to police scanners and reporting the first things they hear, even if it goes against what's actually happening on the ground. we've seen this happen.
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26 Jun 19
Y'all have to stop conflating privilege with strength. Men aren't stronger than women just because they've been conditioned and allowed to forcibly commandeer every space/conversation they're in. Women aren't weak for choosing not to emulate the rude/oppressive behaviors of men.
It's not a question of assertion. I'm assertive. I'm bold and honest and blunt. But there are often negative consequences when a woman pushes against a man, especially in spaces where men feel that they need to prove themselves or be in charge (e.g. at work, at home, in public).
If I interrupt a man, no one's going to think I'm strong. They're going to think I'm a bitch, or I'm out of line, or rude. I have to consider that always. But many men subconsciously think that whatever they have to say is more important than whatever a woman is saying.
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26 Feb 19
I need people to start talking about their salaries. Why are y'all so weird about money. Stop. White people especially need to talk about their salaries because marginalized folks in the same fields often have no idea they're being swindled by employers.
Marginalized people have truly internalized the idea that they should just expect to be paid less than their white counterparts. Bullshit. I'm asking for the same as white men. Some of you will read that sentence and feel uncomfortable...whew.
More than self-advocacy, we need to openly talk about salary because people getting paid more need to be aware of discrepancies and advocate for equal pay for their marginalixed peers. Silence that little voice in your head that says you just must be worth more than them.
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28 Jun 18
Men love to tell angry women that their emotion negates their intelligence, when an emotional reaction is often a result of knowing and understanding the injustice of a situation. You aren't upset because you lack the depth, and you lack the knowledge.
I had a man tell me that I should have responded to the racism directed toward me with intelligence, and not emotion, and basically that because I didn't, my entire experience was negated.

There is a LOT to unpack there, and frankly, I'm not even sure that I want to lmao.
You, as a white man, wouldn't have gotten angry in that situation because:

1) You don't experience institutional/covert/overt racism.
2) You share the same amount of power as other white men.
3) There would be no stakes for you in that situation.
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