🔞, semi-public sex / college bfs namkook who pick the table farthest back in the library with the initial intention of having no distractions while studying, but soon realize it’s just far enough away from everyone for nj to get jk off without anyone noticing—maybe. [+]
at first, they’re actually studying. books of various subjects splayed across the table. notebooks with folded pages. highlighters low on ink. but hours later, they’re thigh to thigh, pressed against each other, sharing one side of the table. then it’s a little hard to focus.
jk says he’s a lost cause. too tired. not retaining anything he reads anymore. nj squeezes just above his knee. mumbles, “read it out loud to me. it’ll help you focus and help you remember.” nj feels jk’s muscles tighten under his touch. sees him swallow hard, breathe out heavy.
nj’s hand stays, fingertips curving inward on jk’s leg, gripping just faintly. for a second, the tiniest of smiles dance across jk’s lips. there and then gone. like he can read nj’s mind—knows exactly what’s about to happen. being in public always give them a bit of a rush.
nj’s hand inches higher on jk’s thigh, the material of his sweatpants bunching with the drag. when he gets halfway, he gives another soft squeeze and says, “go ahead. i’m listening.” jk swallows again, looks down at his textbook. says gently as nj’s hand snakes up, “ah, okay.”
just like nj, jk’s minor is english. he uses the back of his pen to keep track and starts reading, “verbs are also, uh, con—conju...” “conjugated,” nj’s supplies a little too effortlessly, hand pushing jk’s legs apart. adds, “but you’re so smart. you knew that, right?”
they’re too far back. no one sees them. so maybe that’s why nj has enough confidence to slip his hand down jk’s pants, quickly finding his cock, slowly but surely chubbing up. jk bites his bottom lip, stiffens. nj scoots closer, whispers, “keep reading. i’m still listening.”
jk’s voice is noticeably more unstable when he tries to continue. breaths coming in off-pattern inhales. reads, “ac-according to their,” he closes his eyes when nj’s hand starts to stroke him, “t-tenses.” nj steals a kiss to his neck, praises, “so smart, baby. that’s good.”
it goes on like that for a while. jk trying—and miraculously mostly succeeding—in reading about proper verb conjugation, and nj stroking him slow enough to make him shake, but fast enough for pre-cum to aide in the slide. nj feels it between his fingers, against his palm.
“finish this last part without messing up and you can cum,” nj bargains. but if he’s honest, he can see jks close and gonna finish soon no matter what he says. but the thrill of the game is sexy, so they both play along. jk nods. begs through his teeth, “please, hyung.”
“finish reading,” is all nj says, twisting his hand around the head. jk makes a faint whimpering sound. nj looks up, checking if anyone’s close enough to hear—or see—what they’re doing. but the closest person is tables away. they’re still safe. he kisses jks neck and says, “go.”
“regular verbs follow a standard pattern...” jk begins again. nj can see he wants to close his eyes, but that would mean he can’t read the textbook. nj speeds his hand up. does that thing with his thumb jk likes. teases the head. smiles as jk squirms in his seat, trying to speak.
he gets to the end of the paragraph by the skin of his teeth. barely gets out the last word before nj’s hand feels too good. he makes a gasping sound, then drops his head into the table, cumming into his briefs. he grips at the table, eyes squeezing shut. nj kisses at his ear.
“so smart,” nj praises again, a tender kiss to jk’s temple this time as he’s calming down, chest heaving in silent delirium. says, “bet you’re gonna ace your test.” to that jk turns his head and looks up at him. says, eyes tired, “only if it’s about conjugating verbs, hyung.”
nj can’t help but laugh. he tucks his head and kisses jk for real this time, sweetly on the lips. tells him, “you’ll do great on everything else too. promise.”

figuring they’ve done enough studying for the night, they clean up, pack up, and head home to shower, then sleep.

• • •

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vmin au (🔞) / jm, a fashion producer, is preparing for his biggest runway show yet. he’s strict n sometimes inflexible with his demands, but a genius. th, model n rising star w a rep for being a brat, joins jm’s show to walk. needless to say, they hate each other from the start.
because jm has worked in the industry for years and become extremely successful project after project. his team and oncoming models know not to question even his most seemingly outlandish demands. they come in early for him, stay late for him, alter everything he suggest.
th, however, is a genius in his own craft. a star in such a short time for a reason. known for pushing the envelope of the modeling industry—testing limits, undermining his directors & photographers for his own creativity. until he’s understood, he’s considered hard to work with.
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it was a spur of the moment type of decision—the idea of th painting on jm for his viewers. already had a solid audience who were purely interested in his sensual art, always bordering on risqué.

when it slipped that th was in a rs, his viewers wouldn’t stop until they met him.
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🔞💭 — yoonkook / jk who discovers just how much he loves his hair being pulled when he grows it out. he’s never been opposed to it—never minded when his hyung would tug at his roots as he sucked him off or playfully yanked at it when they madeout late at night in the studio.
but jk’s hair is longer now and it’s not just a few locks of hair between yoongi’s fingers. now it’s a /handful/—it’s inches of hair in his palm that he can grip.

they’re still adjusting to his hair length so the first time it happens, yoongi tugs hard, but it’s an accident.
it’s a reflexive response the way jk’s moan turns into a whimper. maybe would’ve hissed if his mouth wasn’t occupied.

immediately, yoongi lets go. mumbles out, “shit, baby. i’m sorry. sorry. i didn’t mean to—”

but jk’s looking up at him differently. says he liked it. A Lot.
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