I'd take health advice from a former fatty over someone who was always athletic, because the latter has no frame of reference for digging themselves out of a hole.

Most people don't think like this. They look for a perfect track record and see failures as reasons for dismissal.
Now apply this to everything.
If someone was always successful, you don't know how much of that is down to luck and genetics, and how much of that is down to method and knowledge. Other people's luck and genetics is useless to you.

But if someone overcame failure, they will know something that can help you.

• • •

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5 May
Trust has many components:

-Competence - are they capable?
-Self-discipline - will they do it?
-Honour - do they betray oaths for incentives?
-Intellect - can they see the order effects?
-Virtue - do they have good intentions?
-Honesty - do they hide important information?
Naturally, the more boxes that are ticked, the most trustworthy a person is. However, reliability is a sub-facet of trustworthiness - which leads to some counterintuitive combinations.

For example, an honest virtuous person may be untrustworthy because they lack self-discipline.
Trustworthiness is ultimately "will they keep their word"

In this case, the virtuous honest person inadvertently lies and doesn't deliver on their word, not due to bad intentions, but owing to a lack of self-discipline. Poor self-control makes a liar of even the most honest man.
Read 4 tweets
2 May
In strategy discussions over the years, I've learned most people are too avoidant to tackle their deepest issues.

If we work backwards from present to past, they'll keep putting up walls that prevent us from making breakthroughs, because they aren't willing to push through pain.
People fool themselves, and then provide you with these bullshit answers that sound superficially plausible, but are not in fact the real reason for why what happened, happened.

So you're constantly working against self-delusion, merely trying to unravel but one thread of truth.
Patience alone is insufficient. Benevolent manipulation and a focus on the root is required. Left unchallenged, the fearful mind will always settle for the first comfortable lie that comes along, rather than rigorously inquire "could it be anything else?" "why is it that then?"
Read 4 tweets
2 May
People are more delusional about IQ than they are about women, because there are more men willing to accept the limitations of women than there are men willing to accept the limitations of themselves.
Every idiot man thinks if he just worked harder and ate a cleaner diet, he'd be a navy seal doctor astronaut.

This of course, is both a fantasy and delusion.

Sure his life would be better, doing those things would improve anyone's life.

But it's not enough to get to the top.
Easier to cope with being shit at everything because you're lazy, rather than being shit at everything because you were literally wired by God/nature to be so.

The latter removes any chance at hope, and humans are delusion machines that run on the stuff.
Read 4 tweets
27 Apr
Some musings on simplicity:

Humans have an inherent "simplicity bias", that is to say, it is presumed simplicity is more desirable than complexity. Often there are warnings of "making things unnecessarily complicated" but warnings of unnecessary simplicity are unheard of.
You can even see this bias rear its head in scientific thinking, that if there are two explanations for a thing, and one has fewer variables than the other, then it's to be presumed this is the superior and more plausible explanation than the more complicated alternative.
Unlike complexity, simplicity is deceptive, because there is more than one form of it. It's either basicness not fully formed, inchoate and limited, or the output of messy and complex inner workings with all the brilliance and elegance that entails.
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24 Apr
Women bond over discussing how they feel with one another, men bond over devising solutions together.
Men have the responsibility of leading and protecting, as the family relies & depends on them. Being emotionally unrestrained is dangerous for them. Not being emotionally indulgent is an act of maturity, and a great service to those under their charge for the stability it offers.
In a gynocentric society, where the female worldview prevails and is deemed superior, an understanding of male psychology is all but moot. It's a very unempathetic case of "why aren't they more like us?" followed by pressure to be more like them, whilst shaming men who are not.
Read 25 tweets
23 Apr
Men shouldn't just be looking for red flags in women, they should look for red flags in men too.

You don't just vet women, you vet everyone. You vet the men you work closely with, and one you'll be vetting your daughter's husband too.

A man's character is a crucial determinant.
Lots of garbage men. And in a society full of broken families, sociopathy is prevalent.

You see you don't just need to understand women, you need to know how to deal with shitty men too.

If you don't know how to detect and deal with sociopaths, you're missing a valuable skill.
So I was wracking my brain thinking, did anyone in the men's space ever actually write about this?

And to the best of my knowledge, they didn't. There are tons of articles on dangerous women and their pitfalls, but absolutely nothing on dealing with disordered, dishonourable men
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