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4 May, 8 tweets, 2 min read
Many "progressive" companies believe that racism & other forms of oppression exist, but only elsewhere.

How they respond when internal injustices are revealed will tell you whether company leaders actually give a shit.

Basecamp imploded because they don't.
That's why every single one of those white text on black background BLM statements were quoted with "this you?" last summer.

Companies want to be praised for saying oppression is bad (now that it costs them nothing), meanwhile they're dong the oppression…
If you want to know if a "progressive" company is really anti-racist? If they support queer people, gender minorities, people w/ disabilities?

See how they respond to something that happens internally. See what happens when they are challenged & called out for their oppression
I guarantee you there will be some sort of pushback. They will pretend it was a one time incident, try to sweep it under the rug, put the blame on the person who called them out. Or like Basecamp, institute a new policy that prevents employees from holding leaders accountable
Sorry if this thread implies that there are companies that we can believe in, that actually would respond to internal oppression appropriately.

There aren't. At least, I haven't found one.
I think a lot of leaders in tech just don't care, or are pretending to

And I think some of them do care, but it's just really hard for them to look at themselves and accept that maybe they are causing the same oppression that they speak against. That's hard for anyone to do
Like it's hard but if you really care about the liberation of oppressed people, that what you have to do. Ask yourself how you are contributing to the problem.

But unfortunately people are more concerned with being called "-ist" than examining their "-isms".
Thissssss. That might actually make me want to work somewhere.

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20 Dec 20
Random thread: life lessons I learned from learning to shuffle this year.

(video alt: me dancing on a screened porch as Tell Me (by Tinlicker, Helsloot, Hero Baldwin) plays in the background)
I swear to any higher power that exists that I was on beat and I edited this so that the music lined up perfectly, but Twitter messed it up. Just FYI.
Anyway, lesson 1: No one is looking at you. You're just self conscious.

I had been wanting to learn shuffling and cutting shapes for years but I didn't because I was afraid of looking silly, or that people would laugh at me, or whatever. Even when dancing at home
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18 Dec 20
Less than 3000 square feet and housing prices in LA are outrageous, I'm guessing. This is a very nice house but it isn't a mansion. So personally, I don't care.
I think a lot for what should be the cut off for wealth & income if someone wants to truly consider themselves a leftist. My opinion shifts all the time. But generally I think 5-10 million is plenty for one person or a small family.
But yeah I'm not worried about Jimmy Dore's little house
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17 Dec 20
I'm doing better than the vast majority of people in this country and I still hate capitalism. Next question.
That part. We don't want to see people suffer. Capitalism makes people suffer. What's not clicking?

I hate seeing Black people defend capitalism. CAPITALISM IS WHY OUR ANCESTORS WERE SLAVES. Why so many people you know are in prison. Literally why police in the US exist. Why Africa was/is being bled dry by colonialism.

Why are you defending that???????
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10 Dec 20
TIL, the hard way, about visibility at work

It's not enough to actually get work done, people (your manager & peers) need to see you doing it. Or see evidence that you're doing it.

If no one sees your work, it doesn't count. And you might even be punished for that.
Had a conversation with my manager today about bi-yearly review feedback. And I realized that his perception of my performance only went up when my work started becoming more visible.

Which happened to be around the time when I shipped a thing I'd been working on for a while
And by "a while", I mean, we (me, designer, PM) started talking about it in July. And then there was some related tech debt I wanted to take care of before working on the feature. And then I wrote a tech spec, and then I started working on the thing...
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15 Nov 20

If y'all say COVID is spreading mainly because people are being selfish and going to parties, bars, etc...

But infection and death rates are disproportionately high among people of color...

Are POC contracting COVID more because we are just selfish?
My point is, controlling this virus goes beyond personal responsibility.

Yes there are people who are pretending that COVID doesn't exist. I know it's easy to get angry with them.

But at the end of the day this is problem is way bigger than one person deciding to go to a bar
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14 Nov 20
I hope more people start to realize this. We have to stop blaming individuals for this crisis. It's clearly the government's fault.
In general, we blame individuals for too many problems that are structural & should be the government's responsibility.

You aren't causing climate change by leaving a light on.

You didn't cause your own poverty because you can't save $10/month.

I look at COVID the same way
I'm sure there are people in New Zealand, Australia, Korea, China, etc., who also hated the restrictions and would have gone out to bars and parties, if they were allowed to.

But they weren't allowed to. They didn't have a choice. They have competent governments; we do not.
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