1. Some apologists of a failed system are advising people to avoid tests like CT, D-Dimer etc.
2. We know all about the conservative medical opinion. We don't have to learn from your TV appearances.
3. However, you don't have any knowledge of ground realities.
4. You advise oxygen therapy in the beginning.
5. Fine. Has any state govt published list of places, where one can get oxygen? At least not where I live, in Raj.
6. Who will prescribe oxygen?
7. How many people know doctors to a level where they can ask them over phone?
8. How sound can be the doctors' judgment over phone?
9. OPDs, if at all open somewhere, are potential hazards themselves.
10. Patients cannot be expected to be articulate enough.
11. As a result, pvt doctors on phone are not taking any risk.
12. When your failed system has not provided any alternative, how can you blame pvt doctors for overprescribing.
13. You are talking of an ideal situation and graded response.
14. We know all that. Qs is where is that ideal situation?
15. People are under nobody's obervation.
16. As a result, pvt docs have no option but to prescribe tentatively.
17. Shameful that apologists of a failed system like you are confusing hapless people even more.
18. When your system cannot take care of people, they are on their own.
19. No oxygen, no bed, no critical drugs
20. And still you have the gall to advise people, do this, don't do that.
21. You get a moral right to pontificate only if your crashed system had been offering conservative treatment to millions and if they had still been refusing that and rushing to pvt docs.
22. When the system has left people to fend for themselves, who the hell are you to tell them to do something or not do sonething.
23. Nobody who dies in the process will blame you. Understand?
24. We are aware that a lot of non-Evidence Based Medicine is going on.
25. We are aware that even those MBBS are treating patients over phone who had, till ladt year not even heard of even SARS, forget Corona.
26. Qs is what is the option for millions?
27. You kept mum when Gaumootra, garlic, ginger, and Coronil were being peddled. Isn't it?
28. Your bosses were responsible for promoting all that BS.
29. You hid sonewhere then. And now you are preaching conservative treatment to those who do not have any option.
30. In your blinkered vision, you don't realize that people are not doing all that for fun.
31. It costs them hard-earned money.
32. They are doing it because your system has not just failed, it has collapsed.
33. There is no official system of telling people where to go for oxygen, bed or whatever.
34. Even oral medications like Favipiravir have disappeared fm markets.
35. Tell me, what should a poor patient do under these circumstances?
36. Stop being a sucker and don't give your advice when the system has not taken upon itself to even inform the patients about where they should go.
37. As a common citizen, I know I am on my own. I will do whatever I deem best for me.
38. Keep your unsolicited advice to yourself.
39. And, please don't talk of EBM anymore.
40. The AIIMS website is still recommending HCQ.
41. OK, you may have your reasons for doing so.
42. However, given the fact that there are hundreds of studies against HCQ, scientific rigor demanded that you should have mentioned them too and then argued, why you chose to go against.
43. You are not SC. You can't pass judgements.
44. Science does not depend on hierarchies.

• • •

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