@YaThinkN @BrianjamesPric2 @AFLBrokenHill By Broken Hill creating women & girls AFL competitions it has positively affected social change in the community. Now all football functions are family functions, football days are family days. Boys are kicking the footy with girls at training at school.
@YaThinkN @BrianjamesPric2 @AFLBrokenHill We even have an annual Mens over 40 Rep team V the women's rep team every year. Overwhelmingly the men who participated in these games had their minds changed.They perceived women as good footy players; many used to think women were weak, but now they know that’s not true.
@YaThinkN @BrianjamesPric2 @AFLBrokenHill The positives haven't stopped there. All but a handful say that they had learned to see the women as more than sex objects. Having women footy has allowed boys & men to respect and value women & girls as friends, teammates, and competent leaders.
@YaThinkN @BrianjamesPric2 @AFLBrokenHill Segregation the AFLM-AFLW games I suggest is harmful to gender relations & society. We worry that women might twist an ankle or break a leg if they were to play mixed sports, when in fact, the consequences of segregation in the AFL are much, much more costly to women.
@YaThinkN @BrianjamesPric2 @AFLBrokenHill All-male sports teams like the AFL & NRL exist largely within a system run by men who went through the system themselves — men who end up as coaches, officials, and members of boards.
@YaThinkN @BrianjamesPric2 @AFLBrokenHill It’s a system that teaches men that a version of masculinity, that is both toxic and hierarchical, is among the most important traits to have.
@YaThinkN @BrianjamesPric2 @AFLBrokenHill Eric Anderson, professor of sports, masculinities, and sexualities at the University of Winchester, defines this as “orthodox masculinity” in a 2008 study. He argues that it’s responsible for men’s team sports cultivating a culture of misogynistic and homophobic attitudes.
@YaThinkN @BrianjamesPric2 @AFLBrokenHill “It is a resilient system that reproduces a more conservative form of gender expression among men, helping make sport a more powerful gender regime,” he explains.
@YaThinkN @BrianjamesPric2 @AFLBrokenHill Ultimately, an athlete’s own choices matter less and less, as they’re encouraged to see everyone else through the lens of orthodox masculinity.
@YaThinkN @BrianjamesPric2 @AFLBrokenHill More often than not,men who play to a high level in an all-male sports team also socialize mainly with their teammates, meaning that the bonds they form with people outside of that sporting universe & especially women  are colored by the masculinity they have to live everyday.
@YaThinkN @BrianjamesPric2 @AFLBrokenHill This means there is a higher chance of men having negative attitudes about women  objectifying them, for example.
@YaThinkN @BrianjamesPric2 @AFLBrokenHill Anderson explains: “Male athletes (in general) and team sport athletes (in particular) have been shown to objectify women  often viewing them as sexual objects to be conquered.”
@YaThinkN @BrianjamesPric2 @AFLBrokenHill The statistics on campus rape in America are pretty terrifying; a three-year study by researchers Jeff Benedict and Todd Crosset in the mid-1990s showed that while male student-athletes comprise 3.3 percent of student populations in the United States., ...
@YaThinkN @BrianjamesPric2 @AFLBrokenHill they made up 19 percent of sexual assault perpetrators and 35 percent of domestic violence perpetrators. Integrating team sports could do a significant amount to change this.
@YaThinkN @BrianjamesPric2 @AFLBrokenHill In his study, Anderson followed heterosexual male university cheerleaders, who had all previously played high school football. Before they started cheerleading almost all of them reported that they....
@YaThinkN @BrianjamesPric2 @AFLBrokenHill viewed the world through the prism of orthodox masculinity — they held misogynistic views, both about women as athletes, and also in a more general sense.
@YaThinkN @BrianjamesPric2 @AFLBrokenHill Overwhelmingly,the men who participated in sports with women had their minds changed.They perceived women as good athletes;one participant in Anderson’s study,said “I used to think women were weak, but now I know that’s not true. I never thought women were so athletic before.
@YaThinkN @BrianjamesPric2 @AFLBrokenHill Another said I hated women’s sports. But these women are athletes. They do stuff I’d never be able to do and I bet there are a lot of sports women can do better in.”
@YaThinkN @BrianjamesPric2 @AFLBrokenHill Anderson explains. “All the athletes reported having learned to respect and value women as friends, teammates, and competent leaders.
@YaThinkN @BrianjamesPric2 @AFLBrokenHill Thus in the sex-integrated sport of collegiate cheerleading, once sexist & misogynistic men were able to witness the athleticism of women, befriend them in ways that they were previously unable to, & to learn of their gendered narratives, it humanized them in the process.”
@YaThinkN @BrianjamesPric2 @AFLBrokenHill I hope that one day we see a Betts & Phillips who play on the same team and strict gender segregation in team sports will end or at least more options will be found. In the meantime the AFLM-AFLW have to stop fighting each other & both competitions & society will be better for it

• • •

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No matter how stable our lives can be we all can have a bad day. During my pre op days my HRT regime played many mind games it was like my brain was a rollercoaster.
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@PPantsdown #KatherineDeve ”trans athletes have an unfair advantage.”

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@PPantsdown @ShoebridgeMLC Under both state & federal laws A trans athlete ’CAN’ be legally discriminated against in sport in Aus if a disparity in strength, speed, endurance or physique is present.
@PPantsdown @ShoebridgeMLC The exemption allows for discrimination on the grounds of sex or gender identity only in ‘any competitive sporting activity in which the strength, stamina or physique of competitors is relevant’.
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Both Latham & Pauline elected once again, not because their views are well formed, but because a significant percentage of One Nation supporters are as thick as the gravy Pauline once blurted on their chips.
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