Watched The Final Countdown for the first time since the 80s.

I joked to my 12 year old that any movie that features the US Military has to at least partially be viewed as a recruitment video.
The Final Countdown is the most recruity video I've seen. More than Top Gun even.

The movie is essentially a philosophical time travel discussion about a single event...that doesn't actually get answered. And one where absolutely nobody has any agency.
Like...I'm serious. I think there was exactly one decision that one of the three protagonists makes that has a concrete effect on their story.
Anyways, it's that time travel philosophy discussion that only takes up really about 5 minutes of time, and it's all wrapped up in "LET'S SHOW HOW AWESOME THE NAVY SHIPS, PLANES, AND HELICOPTERS ARE.

No seriously, show them ALLLLLLL the planes. Even refueling!!! When there is absolutely NO REASON for their to be a refueling scene.
Anyways, there's a reason it's not exactly a classic. :-)

Fortunately, my 12 year old loves WW2 and loves navy ships and planes.
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3 May
Okay, in celebration of the 1337th week since it came out, watching Hackers for the first time.
The cinematography of this show is...weird.
Had to explain to my 12 year old what was so weird about what the protagonist is doing.

Fortunately I told him what modems were last week.
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18 Feb
I got emotional when @NASAPersevere landed. I did that when Curiosity landed too. Why?

Because they're pure. There's nothing pretentious about them. Nothing evil. Their only purpose is to explore and discover things we didn't know about before.
Nobody is worried about what profit a rover will provide. It's not corrupt. And when it works, it provides sheer joy.

It's an example of what humanity can do when we work together for a common goal. And what we can do when we use the tools science gives us.
Science is wonderful because it works. @NASAPersevere was launched almost 7 months ago, traveled literally millions of miles, and landed almost exactly where we wanted it to land.

I mean... <mind blown>
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16 Feb
Okay, some speculation about #Wandavision.


I'm thinking there's no Big Bad beyond Wanda herself. As Monica said at the end of Episode 3, "It's all Wanda."
This doesn't really explain why Wanda doesn't seem to remember how it all started. And I believe her. So she may be dissociating perhaps? #Wandavision
How did this start? I think it has to do with the Reality Stone. I don't know HOW it has to do with it...but the appearance of the stone is red which matches not only the edges of the Hex after Wanda gets mad (both times), but also her eyes and her powers. #Wandavision
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16 Feb
I keep looking at a lot of my old D&D stuff...especially the modules and Gazateers etc from my BECMI days.

And I can't help but think "I'm probably never going to play with those again."
I mean...I’ve had them on my shelf for...forever. But I’ve done barely anything other than pull them out, flip through them and then put them back.

Realistically the only reason I haven’t gotten rid of them is that it’d be very difficult to reaquire them.
And even then, they wouldn’t be the ones I had as a teen.
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