Jesus. I'm just reading the Platformer piece on Basecamp and it is ... fuuuuuuuuucked up. The highly conservative chief product officer who shared Breitbart articles internally denied the very existence of implicit racial bias.
Not only did they dismiss the idea of white privilege—and this is *after* the discussion about whether politics should be mentioned in the office—but he was explicitly *thanked* by Fried for doing so, while people of color in the team yelled at their screens.
This is *explicitly* what we've been saying from the beginning - that being banned from bringing up issues surrounding racism, sexism, homophobia etc. at work is stopping conversations that *need to be had* to make a better workplace and world.
The platformer article is here (by @CaseyNewton) if you want to read it:…
PS. I want to add, as always, that it's easy to mischaracterize these conversations. Absolutely *no one* wants their workplace to be filled with party political arguments on a daily basis.
This isn't that. This is about employees inside a company being able to talk about what the company is doing and how it treats its employees in an open and respectful way. You can't make a better or fairer environment if you just refuse to listen. It's not okay.

• • •

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25 Apr
@sabotagebeats @TARDISDatabanks Unfortunately, this just isn’t true. Obviously you’d have to figure out what their profit was first. That would be the price it sold, minus the closing costs, selling costs, the original purchase price, any capital improvements, minus all depreciation, minus insurance payments
@sabotagebeats @TARDISDatabanks Minus pre-paid points on their interest. All of those things reduce the amount you will be taxed upon significantly. If after *all* of this their *profit* was under $500,000, then they wouldn’t pay *anything* because as a married couple they have a substantial allowance.
@sabotagebeats @TARDISDatabanks Now if they made more *profit* than $500,000 then they would be asked to pay capital gains tax in the amount *above* that.
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23 Apr
Don’t Stop Movin’ by S Club 7 was released twenty years ago today. #fuck
I’m just saying:
(1) It’s clearly the best of their extensive oeuvre
(2) Obviously most Americans have never heard of them
(3) It is not okay that this was twenty years ago
(4) Fuck
(Presses play on song for the tenth time in a row)
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7 Apr
Because I am a spiteful, terrible person with no love in my heart for the beautiful people, I have rewritten this quite extraordinary Vogue article:…
"Kelly wrote about denim for a living, which is a real job, and she was hosting a party about jeans, which is something people do."
"Noah had been invited to the jeans party and thought Kelly was really hot, but they didn’t get together because she was attached. Instead he got her aunt’s number. Which is apparently fine."
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4 Apr
Even a year into this damn virus I still get people trying to explain to me how I’m deluded to think that lockdowns have any effect. I generally still try to engage with them because I want to stop them spreading disinformation, but it is *exhausting*.
Mostly now I just ask them to show me one of the following:
(1) Two neighboring, roughly similar areas where one has done a lockdown and one has not and where there is no difference between their cases / deaths
(2) A country that has put in place a lockdown and hasn’t seen a drop in cases within 3 weeks or
(3) Some kind of explanation of how a virus spread by close proximity between humans would spread just as well when there was less contact between humans.
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2 Apr
@GovKemp @MLB The voting law means that the Georgia Secretary of State is no longer the chair of the state elections board. You will remember that the (Republican) Georgia Secretary of State defended the conduct of the elections and says there was no voter fraud.
@GovKemp @MLB Instead now, the law lets the state legislature (Republican controlled since 2005) appoint a ‘nonpartisan’ chair. And if the new board decides that a county’s election officials do their jobs poorly, the board can suspend them and replace them with one person with all the power.
@GovKemp @MLB It’s hardly surprising that Democrats view this as making it easier for Republicans to steal elections, since these bodies were the ones specifically making untrue allegations about 2020.
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1 Apr
Oakland drive through vaccination…
If you’re in the Bay Area and wondering about doing the drive through, it’s very efficient, relatively quick and strongly recommended. Took us about half an hour to get to the injection point from arriving.
We got our appointments via and it was for the J&J one dose vaccine. So any second now we’ll be done.
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