One of the most irritating thing abusers I've known personally have done is frame everything in terms of their personal virtue. Either "but I'm a good person" or "I guess I'm just a bad person then." Everything comes down to personal narrative or image rather than *consequences.*
The harm done, the patterns of systematic control or privileging your desires over others agency, gets dismissed into simplistic terms of personal character. It's a way of avoiding responsibility for impact. Even if that looks like "but I feel *guilty* and self-recriminate!"
There *are* "bad people" in the world, but precisely what defines a bad person -- a person unreachable and unwilling to embrace agency in their own development -- is maneuvers like "well I guess I'm just a bad person then" instead of choosing to reflect, change, and *choose*.
A lot of vice-signaling is people clinging to a comfortable blanket of self-narrative that enables them to avoid self-reflection & responsibility for the consequences of their actions. Self-conceptualization as the villain becomes a kind of alcoholism to avoid choice & engagement
This is *absolutely* not to say that we shouldn't *identify* abusers merely because they might then choose to use this as a self-narrative to avoid agency/responsibility for their impact on the world. They can choose not to. People need to be aware of the risks they pose.

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5 May
I have a unique philosophy of science project (although I feel it's just giving voice to the implicit philosophy of many theoretical physicists). However I despise academia so I stealth published it in '15 in the form of a more accessible brass-tacks zine,…
Some of the conclusions: Math is a subset of science (the purest expression of science). And the best science and the best philosophy exists at crossroads of the two. Science is radical (high fidelity reductionist) model construction, the best philosophy operates similarly.
Small kolmogorov complexity structures that perfectly or with high fidelity unfold into more complex structures is the essence of radicalism/reductionism. And the trick to Science As Radicalism is seeing empirical data AND models as the same general category of structures.
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5 May
There are progressives whose whole fucking goal in life is to be one of the absurdly shallow cartoon villains in an Ayn Rand novel.

Motherfuckers are actually like "equality DOES mean lobotomizing the inquisitive and talented so let's do it."
As someone who 1) took calculus way early and was given money *personally* by a kind HS advisor so my poor ass could go take college classes during high school, and 2) taught small classes of gifted elementary school kids up to integrals... this policy is pure fucking evil.
Like the pedagogy is really fucking clear cut and settled on this shit. It's all so fucking settled. We *know* that some kids can race ahead and further if you suppress them and force them to march along with others they develop a host of issues and often do far worse.
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4 May
Okay first off calling Rovics life long antifascist organizer is just an absolute fabrication unless "antifascist" is being stretched to mean "vaguely leftist" -- Rovics is explicitly *against* No Platforming! He's not out fighting nazis, he literally invites them on his podcast.
Like Rovics has been pretty consistently against antifa. He's not even remotely part of the antifascist left, he's a classic example of a myopically limited anti-neoliberal boomer left that teams up with nationalists and anti-semites in the name of class and anti-zionism.
Second no one fucking mentioned Israel, that's a complete fucking deflection. Boomer grade dipshittery if not outright anti-semitism in and of itself. Fuck Israel. But also fuck anyone that feels obliged to deflect about Atzman and Heimbach by framing this as about Israel/zionism
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4 May
So there's this take I've been kicking around in my head riffing on Wark's idea that capitalism has been replaced by vectoralism... Specifically that the capitalist class were overshadowed by a managerial class who is now being overshadowed by an ephemeral grift class.
No class ever gets entirely replaced (even aristocrats still exist), but new classes rise in prominence. The grift class are rent-seekers defined by the relative temporariness & fluidity of their grifts. Finance bros, btc hucksters, protest swoopers, patent trolls, promoters...
As our world becomes more and more fluid & turbulent the stable long-term accumulative relationships of conventional capital like factory ownership are transcended in profit by gradient exploitation of very temporary, localized, severe disequilibria.
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3 May
I did a thread a while back on the Patriarchy In The Movement fight and how Kristian Williams is a viciously dishonest abuse apologist.

I've repeatedly alluded to a prominent figure who said fucked up shit and was central to attacking the survivor. Let's be clear: It was Paul.
Here's the longer thread I did giving the context of the PITM fight and how immensely fucked up it was.

I named the Institute for Anarchist Studies (IAS) and how a bunch of my friends returned their grants from them over their complicity in all that.

1) Ran cover for his boys including one of the most deeply dishonest accountability docs that fractally misrepresented the situation.

2) Said abusers can be rehabilitated but survivors are often too broken and crazy to be kept in the movement.

3) Doxed an antifascist.
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30 Apr
One could go with the take that "naw star trek barely if ever emphasizes or even notes its communist aspects"

But the better take is: "Yes. Star Trek is communist. That's actually precisely why conservatives loved it. Because state communism is at core deeply conservative."
Most of the conservatives who love Star Trek constantly reiterate its similarities with the military. Simplistic hierarchies instead of complex social relationships, the technocratic fetishization of narrow competency, the more or less absence of the complexities of an economy...
Star Trek is deeply allergic to the unruliness of markets or horizontal network style relationships of any kind. It's a children's show with comfortingly simplistic prefabbed relationship structures. Even *recreation* on TNG is structured akin to being taken to recital practice.
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