/1 Thread: To participate in modern LGBT debates is to face insults and slurs volleyed from the very edge of truth itself. Conversion therapy isn't quite the conversion therapy you'd imagine. LGB Alliance opposed same sex marriage except they just didn't.
/2 Maya Forstater is fighting for the right to be rude to people at work except she just isn't. LGB are transphobic except they're loudly supported by prominent trans voices. The only fidelity the noisy scoundrels who deal in half-truths have is to their tactical scheming.
3/ Half-truths, whole-lies and devious works of sophistry are the coin of the Kingdom of the Mad where everything is opposites and paradox abounds. This is why speaking in riddles is commonplace and the local lexicon gets each day more a work of artifice.
4/ It's the practice of a scoundrel to simply say what works whether or not it is is strictly speaking true. It's to misuse words and people's good faith to fool them with casuistry and it will in the end be a hollow victory when they inevitably see they've been hoodwinked.
5/ There is a different conversation to be had. An exchange of words and ideas that doesn't reach for easy, cheap deceits but picks up hard realities and heavy debates had out in the open and much the better for it.
6/ These deceptions will eventually melt away, a lie may be a fast moving thing but it cannot live for ever. It is to be much hoped before that point these scurrilous weapons are abandoned and new nobler ones taken up.

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2/ Not just the grandfather who is as a statue but the father is gone and the uncles are missing, the older brothers have blown away like clouds of weed they smoke, all the men have dissipated leaving the old men dissipated and alone.
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Most hilarious and entertaining threat to same sex attracted people?
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/2 They will make of this world a promise of paradise, the price is your flesh. You are young and set about and disoriented by the newness of your flesh, the thrill of it's nascent maturity. You are so enveloped in the little pretty vortex of your smooth skin you won't miss it
3/ You will attend the suffocating surgeries, you will nod at the heavy projected smiles and you will smile at the heavy projected nods. You will smile at the nod you half understand as they make a half person of your half body, you will nod at the smiles you see. They are happy
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1/ Thread: Let us be honest. Bravery would not allow this writer to speak of "trannies" yet he says "nigger". Would not dare to say "attention seeking non-binary" but he says of black people "wog". Would not dare to say "man in a dress in a bad wig" but she says "ape".
2/ Would not dare to say a man is a man and a woman is a woman yet he calls a spade a spade, with his amateur poetry knowing "spade" to a black person carries a sting like a scorpion as in "black as the ace of spades". I see you poetry. I do. And it is poor.
3/ See, our weaver of evil words here a foul magician casting from the depths of the sewer racial slurs that were unworthy in 1960s America. An angry fool traversing sewage pits of calumny to target a strong black woman, just as sure as others did before when they sat on buses.
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