I'm kinda irritated by this. Because it is obviously bullshit cherry-picking nonsense. And these grifters haven't even the decency to admit that they were wrong.
Firstly they compared two incompatible things. 4 months of Covid deaths to 7 months of others. But worse did so...
...at the time that Covid deaths were ramping up.
So, I thought I'd do a small correction to their chart. I'm using StatsSA data, it is a bit blunter than the WHO stats that they used, but I guess it'll still tell the same story.
This is StatSA's breakdown of mortality (top10 diseases plus others)
This is what it would look like if we stuck the *Official* 2020 death toll from COVID-19 into those 2017 figures.

[NB: This is just for effect, this is not the right way to work with the data. But Panda's version isn't either]
And this is what it would look like if we added in the Excess Mortality for 2020 into that 2017 data.

(Rough estimates are that as much as 80-90% of those excess deaths are due to COVID-19)

[NB: Same disclaimer as previous chart. This is not real, just an explainer]

• • •

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...to see that my card had been debited for R850 worth of e-tolls. All of those charges were for tolls on the N17 between Gosforth Park and Leandra. I haven't been near the N17 in over a year, so I was a bit surprised. The only tolls that I was expecting were some on the N1...
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I haven't posted any charts or similar about Covid19 in a while... mainly because others were doing better stuff, but here is something that I think is worthwhile interrogating.
This chart is a representation of the *confirmed* Case Fatality Rate, calculated by dividing the number of reported fatalities by the confirmed closed cases (closed = recovered/deceased). As you'd expect it is a bit messy when the cases numbers are low...
but as the numbers of cases and deaths grow, you can see a definite trend, and currently (on a national basis) this is around 2.65%.

It's higher than the WHO guesstimate and higher than the rate recorded in South Korea and Wuhan, but that is to be expected.../
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The outrage about the 'ANC covid tracking app' is so amusing.

The people that argue that the ANC government is so inept and incompetent in every aspect are the same people that think that they're capable of managing a large-scale data project.
The issue isn't that the government covid tracking app is breaching your privacy (it isn't) or that it is tracking you (it isn't) or that it is a tool of the deep-state lizard illuminati (it might be). It's simply that it is unlikely to work as intended.
The contact tracking app has two major requirements. Consent with voluntary disclosure and coverage. The first means that it requires people that have tested positive to actually update the application (assuming that they gave it permission to track contacts), .../
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Twoogle. SA PC hardware peeps. I'm considering building an analysis PC. It needs to be reasonably fast, needs to have upgradeability to at least 32GB of RAM, ideally it should have discrete graphics, but Ryzen Vega graphics may be ok in short term. .../
.../ it doesn't have to be state of the art in terms of speed or cores (Many of the analysis functions I use are single threaded or rely on an internet API), so outright blistering speed isn't that important.
It should be able to support at least three monitors .../
It should also be dual boot compatible with Windows/Ubuntu. (Ubuntu doesn't like NVM drives I hear?).

Most importantly, I want something compact. I don't want a huge noisy box with led lights and whirring fans.a
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A thread about melons. Don't @ me

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