Israeli Testimonies Thread:
“My son's graduation concert. Again I am not allowed to enter. I have the wrong color (not green)...
The message forwarded to the parents was: >>
‘updating -
In light of the new guidelines that are about to come out ... has confirmed * Green Parents *'s entry to the concert tomorrow!
Please update the parents of the ensembles and emphasize that these are *green parents only*’ “
Testimony #2:
“Principal meeting, with institutional parent leadership
Let's get acquainted
In the meeting: School tour,
Discussion with the school principal and administration, Sharing about our return to routine >>
Due to the limitations of the corona ... at the entrance to the building a Green Mark(Pass) / or negative corona test valid for 48 hours must be displayed,
mask wearing and keeping distance”
Testimony #3:
“So the madness came to my son's high school (middle school) as well.
A few days ago they sent us a letter about a parent-child frontal meeting in front of the teacher.
Yesterday sent an excel file to embed ourselves.
And today ... >>
they sent a separate email from the management. According to the instructions of the Ministry of Education, entry to the parents meeting will only be given to the vaccinated and recovering or by presenting a negative corona test of the last 48 hours ... (GP) >>
Of course I called the MOE hotline to find out that there is indeed such a directive. And they send us an email a with a recent letter issued by the Minister of Education and indeed this is unfortunately the case ... how to proceed with this madness and discrimination ...”
Testimony #4 (Israel):
“Hello everyone. I have a legal question. My child has an annual school trip and I asked to join as a supervisor parent. I was told that for this I had to be vaccinated or present with a negative corona test. Is it legal to ask me to do this?״
Testimony #5 (the “free Israel”):
“Hello dear people,
I would love for you to refer me to any piece of information or any recommendation that can help a friend who works in the ***** Office who received an ultimatum of several days to get vaccinated or resign unconditionally. >>
> The guy is a father of two with a mortgage, etc. and is naturally very afraid of what will happen if he is fired.
Many thanks to the respondents 🙏”
Testimony #6:
“Hello everyone!
I am a student of English teaching at the *** college. So far I have done my practical training in zoom. This week I was informed that the students had returned to study frontally, and I would not be able to enter the school without a GP”
Testimony #7 - GP in Israel:
“At work there is an Independence Day celebration event... entry is only for GP holders, and even though I present a negative test every 72 hours... I am barred from entering...”
Testimony #8 - we are not free and not back to normal:
“The wedding season begins. I received an invitation that listed the entry only for those with a green mark, vaccinated, recovering or underwent a negative corona test. At the entrance there is someone supposedly checking.”
Testimony #9:
“Despite repeated requests for a vaccine against COVID, you refused to do so, thereby you are endangering the club's users and staff. We have to inform you that as long as you are not vaccinated we will not be able to continue to receive the your services. “
Testimony #10:
“Private math tutor - after a second vaccination...”
Testimony #11:
“Hello everyone
My daughter is in the tenth grade majoring in art.
On Thursday, there will be an exhibition at the school, but only vaccinated parents are invited😡”
Testimony #12:
“My girl is finishing elementary school and she tells me that entering a graduation party is only for vaccinated parents (with GP). She cries with sorrow and accuses me that I will not see her at the party..I do not know what to answer her ... >>
>.. I am all boiling with rage and sorrow at this madness. Can't get to the core. It really hurts me😰 .. what to do? Wars with them will not help”
Testimony #13 (Israel, 5.5.2021):
“Tomorrow, Thursday, 6/5, in the kibbutz where I live, the kibbutz's dining room opens, for hosting after a whole year where it was only possible to take food and go.

The thing is that only those with a Green Mark(Pass) are allowed to sit >>
>> I live in a kibbutz community, it's my home and I'm not allowed to sit down to eat but I'm invited to a kibbutz talk at the community club.
The employees in the dining room work without masks when there is no reception and put on a mask when people come. What hypocrisy! “
The thread with all the testimonies of Israeli citizens under the GP regime continues here:
Testimony #14:
“On the way from my girl's school, a huge surge of children passes me. 22 out of 97 of them (I counted) with a mask on my nose!😷
Hot, no obligation (outside), no epidemic reasons, a disease that does not endanger them.
Is it irreversible, what they did to them?
“Masks on their nose”, not “my nose”

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4 May
@ThePeopleComm’s weekly report is out [this is a non-formal reporting from the public by the public,not a research and not a process of "proof of cause”]. This committee is filling a void created by a failed media and non existent reliable and transparent system such as VAERS >>
Weekly side effect update -
Civil Investigation Commission
Over the past week,
222 reports have been received, Of these:
* 43 disorders in the female system (including miscarriages and silent births)
* 10 preterm births.
* 16 cardiac injuries, of which 6 are under 40 years old >
* 9 deaths.
* 18 new cases of shingles
* 4 new cases of blood clots.
* 9 brain event reports.

Total reports in the system: 2478 at the moment.
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4 May
1/ This is exactly the common misleading and to be honest- arrogant and irresponsible argument that we keep hearing and this has to end: >>

(To be clear I am not a doctor and this is not a recommendation on vaccines , just my opinion on the false arguments)
2/ @AlexBerenson tweeted that there is ~zero risk to kids from COVID - the answer was not in % of risks but in *numbers* . That starts the argument with manipulation of data. Because even IF the numbers are correct- it doesn’t mean that they are not ~0%. Let’s check >>
3/ this is where Dan Freedman said *his* data is from:…
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3 May
1/ שרשור - לאחר 5 שעות נאומים לכבוד יום האבל הלאומי החדש,מכל חברי הכנסת כמעט ללא יוצא מהכלל, לרבות ראש הממשלה 10 נבחרי הציבור שנותרו להצביע על המשך הרמיסה של זכויות האדם שלנו -ובקרוב של ילדינו. מחרתיים מצביעים על תיקון 39 לתקנות הגבלת הפעילות שלפיו יחוייבו בתו ירוק/בדיקה מגיל שנה
2/ אלו דקות ההצבעה המרשימות - שימו לב שהיו עוד 3 שהצביעו לא דיגיטאלית
3/ חהכ יואב קיש עולה להציג את אימת הואריאנטים שמתדפקים על הגבולות ומאיימים לפגוע בחיסון הכי חזק שהיה כאן מאז תולדות האנושות, שטוען ל-95-100% יעילות במניעת מחלה שפוגעת אולי ב-1% מהאוכלוסיה
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3 May
Let's be together in this thread 🌍
Tell me what's going on in your country ?
the good and the bad.
Good as civilian demonstrations and legal victories,
bad as coercive measures ; adverse vaccines SA ; severe COVID %

Start the response by marking the state flag 🇮🇱please
Adding my view of Israel- so much has happened and so much more is still happening.

Current: “Emergency situation” declared by the government- there is a planned demonstration near the parliament today before full approval.
Very few fighters against coercion- doctors & lawyers alliance, so far no major success in courts.
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2 May
🚨ככל הנראה (וגם זה ללא קישור ישיר לפרסום רשמי, אפילו לא באתר של החלטת ממשלה או סדר יום הכנסת וכו) -
אושרה הארכת מצב החירום בישראל,

המדינה עם ״הצלחה מסחררת וחזרה מלאה לשגרה״ וכמעט 0 ״מאומתי קורונה״ לפי הנתונים הרשמיים תמשיך להפעיל מגבלות תו ירוק, מסכות וכפייה כללית. > English:
As I guessed it would happen, and according to the documents on social media - the extension of the ״STATE OF EMERGENCY״ in Israel for another 60 days has been approved by the government! Now it needs the approval of the parliament (tomorrow) >>
Due to the state of emergency, regulations that restrict us, such as the “Green Tag(Pass)” regulations and others, continue to be in force even now.
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2 May
English follows
השמועה בכנסת עכשיו היא שהוארכה הכרזת החירום ב-60 יום עד ל-29.6.21. ההארכה לא פורסמה, וככל שהיא קיימת - היא מאפשרת את התקנות המגבילות שמוסתרת בינתיים מהציבור.
״ההצגה של ישראל״ צריכה להמשך

מקור הדין החדש הוא: שמועה
(אחזור לעדכן כאן - תעקבו)
The rumor in the Knesset now is that the declaration of emergency has been extended by 60 days until 6.29.21. The extension has not been announced, and as far as it exists - it allows for restrictive regulations but is in the meantime hidden from the public.
This preserves the "show of Israel."

The source of the new law status is: rumor

When I have more details - I will get back to update here, stay tuned.
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