1. During Modi's rule the two vital states of Kerala and Tamilnadu affirmed their allegince to adharma and atheism. I recall Modi dashing off to Chennai and went to Karunanidhi's house to announce that the judge had been pursuaded to deliver favorable judgement in 2G case and
2. Karunanidhi's son and his chela Raja would be released. That picture of the asura gangs celebrating is still in my memory with consternation. The judge had not given the judgement but this emeperor knew. How?
3. His demonetization touted as to unearth black money did not bring one paise of black money instead the Pakis who had printed our money gave their fake money and got our real money. Dr. Swamy derisively declared we got more money back than what we issued over the years.
4. The financial implication of this 'demonetization' is far and wide enabling the rich and robbing the poor and bringing enormous control over the 95% of the people of India who are self-employed and dont fit any labor regulations.
5. Modi's rule has ruined the country much against our expectations. I was one of those who zealously campaigned for him in 1914 and before. I am thoroughly disappointed.
6. During Modi's rule Asaram Bapuji was locked up in jail for life on fake charges while 2G culprits were sought to be released for political reasons. National Herald case got shelved and so the double citizenship of Raul Vinci.
7. Sadhvi was kept in jail without warrant and one fine day before election she was released and asked to contest against a poweful Modi's opponent and defeat him. When she was hesitant to get involved in politics she was firmly told she obey Modi or go back to jail.
8. We need honest intellectuals to bravely start a new Dhaarmic party that will not rely on global capitalism, that will not such the life blood out of our various indigenous people and their habitat, culture, language etc and not be invaded in the name of secular nationalism.
9. There are lot smaller nations in the world that survive and with purushartha spread with love we will survive with stregth and prosper with wealth. Whoever thought our bonded labourers taken by colonialists now made Surinam a proud Hindu country.
please correct 'such the life blood' to suck the life blood'. The error is regretted.
Karunanidhi's daughter not son. Sorry for the mistake.

• • •

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28 Apr
1. Samizdat, which is Russian for “self-publishing,” got its name after being used by Russian dissidents amidst the rise of censorship in the USSR. Dissidents would self-publish “banned” information, or what some term it “hate speech” today, and risk their lives distributing it.
2. “All Soviet-produced typewriters and printing devices were inventorized, with their typographic samples collected right at the factory and stored in the government directory.
3. Because every typewriter has micro features which are individual as much as human fingerprints, it allowed the KGB investigators to promptly identify the device which was used to type or print the text in question, and apprehend its user.”
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21 Apr
1. Dear friends, I have, during the last 4 days been tweeting on my important essay called DHARMA – REGION, NATION AND THE WORLD as part of my greater thesis 'dharma during colonial period'.
2. I have been stating that this system of 'Secular Socialist Constitution' is truly based on the alien concept that conflicts with our fundamental dhaarmic nature a decentralized, regional, linguistic and cultural law and order that developed us for ions of time
3. It has given us so much liberty and imaginative culture that our ancestors have left their imprint by way of temple architecture, great many literatures that are relevant beyond time.
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20 Apr
1. Sanathana Dharma is not a religion and it is indescribable. Any definition will arrive at something short of what it is. Hindu on the other hand is a religion. While its followers imbible the good in our Dharma, enemies impute defects in it and divide them.
2. Hinduism is a religion enslaved by the secular govt and their temples are seized and you have to buy a ticket to visit the deity. There are days of free dharshan and you can see the deity from a mile away!
3. The govt divided Hindus into different castes and tell what privilege each of them get. Hindus are slaves and most of them are made fools to believe that their govt is benign!
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12 Apr
Let me continue my discourse on 'dharma during colonial period'. The next chapter is titled:

1. What is the question at the very heart of the theory of dharma in the context of law and politics?
2. It was with regard to political power, bala (बल), its sources, the manner of its use, the limits on its exercise, and the legitimacy of revolt against it.

3. The two chief political concerns of Dharmic India were: (a) to set limits to authority; and
4. (b) to provide to the individual the conditions of freedom and liberty.

5. Such freedom and liberty in which each person might develop the potential of his or her being, subject to the same freedom for others.
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6 Apr
1. Long time ago I wrote a blog on 'Dharma During Colonial Period' with some 35 chapters. The history and the ethics contained in that blog is so relevant for some more time to come that I have decided to put them on tweetstream that is available to you in the morning in India.
2. The greatest exponents of Dharma Sri Veda Vyasa concluded his Mahabharata with words known as श्री भारत सावित्री:

मातापितृसहस्राणि पुत्रदारशतानि च |
संसारेष्वनुभूतानि यान्ति यास्यन्ति चापरे ||

हर्षस्थान सहस्राणि भयस्थान शतानि च |
दिवसे दिवसे मूढं आविशन्ति न पण्डितम् ||
3. Thousands of mothers and fathers, and hundreds of sons and wives arise in the world and depart from it. Others will (also arise and) similarly depart. There are thousands of occasions for joy and hundreds of occasions for fear.
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29 Mar
1. Let me quote a sloka from Sundara Kaanda of Srimad Ramayana and try to explain it. I am dedicating this to my friend @JLPisJLPisJLP

अकामां कामयानस्य शरीरमुपतप्यते।।5.22.42।।
इच्छन्तीं कामयानस्य प्रीतिर्भवति शोभना।
2. akaamaaM kaamayaanasya shariiramupatapyate || 5-22-42
ichchhantiiM kaamayaanasya priitirbhavati shobhanaa |

The literal meaning is: "The body of one who desires a woman without desire suffers pain. Good happiness will occur to one who loves a woman who desires him."
3. Ravana the deamon says this to Sita the princess whom he has taken captive that he is not violating her by force for the above reason.

Interesting entreaty!
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