John Bolton has an opinion on the Iran nuclear deal - a thread.
The Washington Post Op-Ed page today carried a long op-ed by former National Security Advisor to Donald Trump today on why President Biden should "ditch" the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.… 1/
I won't point out the many weaknesses of his arguments here, aside from the fact that Iran is now a couple of months away from a bomb if it wants one, compared to over a year under the Iran deal signed in 2015. It was Bolton who helped push Trump to pull out of the 2015 deal. 2/
My comment is on how the @washingtonpost can allow a person to restate such a blatant and misleading falsehood - the very same one that enabled Bolton and the G.W. Bush Administration to lead America into a disastrous and unnecessary way in Iraq. 3/
In 2002 and 3, John Bolton - then the Undersecretary of State - derided the ability of the International Atomic Energy Agency and the UN inspectors in Iraq under the 1991 UNSCR cease fire. 4/
Bolton routinely and loudly claimed that the IAEA and UN inspectors could not know more than US intelligence. That the UN and IAEA could not find Saddam Hussein's massive stocks of chemical and biological weapons and active nuclear program showed how bad they were. 5/
It was "obvious" that the IAEA and UN were being duped. US intelligence had clear and indisputable evidence that Iraq had active programs to develop WMD, along with proof of links between Iraq and Al-Qeada. 6/
Anyone, including my then employer @CarnegieEndow , who pointed out that the IAEA and UN were quite good at their jobs, and that US intelligence seemed to be exaggerated from where it had been a few years before were derided as Iraq apologists and pacifists. 7/
Of course, we now know - it is proven - that Iraq did not have active programs to develop CBW or nuclear weapons, that US intelligence had been manipulated and pressured from political actors, and that Bolton was literaly dead wrong when the IAEA and UN were right. 8/
So I was surprised when the Post decided somehow to carry the following statement. 9/
I am not surprised that Bolton repeats the same statement despite not only having been proven wrong, but being at least partly responsible for the disaster that is the aftermath of Iraq, with 100,000 of dead and wounded based on falsehoods he helped produce and promote. 10/
I am surprised that there is not some process by which the @washingtonpost can weed out statements that are dangerously wrong and demonstrably false. Why would any credible outlet allow a discredited voice to repeat the same false statements over and over? 11/
IAEA safeguards are not perfect, but the access the world gets from the IAEA is irreplaceable for intelligence efforts. The US knows more about what is going on inside Iran's nuclear system with IAEA inspections than the US could otherwise ever get. 12/
That the IAEA is a bargain is not a drawback, but an incredibly enabler for US and global intelligence and security. It should continue to be lauded and supported and relied on as part of a broader effort to identify nuclear proliferation risks. 13/
If we go on track records alone, the IAEA has proven to be both reliable and capable of self-reflection and improvement. Bolton could learn a lot from how the IAEA handles its business, and how it addresses its past mistakes. It appears the @washingtonpost could as well. /end

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