The Survation poll results for Hartlepool certainly make interesting reading. I'm convinced the poison now infecting the UK is susceptible only to a generational cure - that is, it depends on a demographic shift over time.
But of course the climate crisis calls all that into question. With that crisis exerting an ever-tightening grip, who knows what kind of chaos awaits. We're not mending the roof now - we're doing the oppposite.
Multilateral action is the only way to forestall or mitigate that threat. Instead, the UK is in the grip of a bunch of crisis-opportunists who are driving instability to grab power, and being rewarded for it. Future generations will curse them for it.
Of course, the polls might be wrong. I doubt it though.

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2 May
Even by Kuenssberg's standards, this is a shocker.

The labyrinthine contortions she executes in this piece in an attempt to exonerate Johnson represent someone rolling their last shreds of journalistic integrity into a ball and chucking them in the bin.…
Mr Johnson is a "skilled wordsmith", apparently.

What Mr Johnson has in spades is "authenticity".

When a senior BBC political correspondent deforms words like this, and deliberately drains them of their meaning, we are truly in Orwellian territory.
Johnson plays fast and loose with language, with its capacity for precision, in the same way he plays fast and loose with everything else. That's not a "skilled wordsmith". That's a lazy liar.
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1 May
Any government that really believed in "levelling up" would increase access to and funding of the arts. It's one of the ways in which social equality and a coherent, healthy, integrated culture is achieved.

This regime is doing the exact opposite.
But then, as some of you who follow my account will know, I've long believed the phrase "levelling up" to be a sly joke.

"Levelling up" can be translated into German as "Gleichschaltung" - which much more accurately describes what they are about.
Note that funding is to be cut by 50%. Not across the board.

They will play favourites.

Those toeing the ideological line will be generously funded; those not will be made to feel that "hard rain" Dominic Cummings promised when speaking of the civil service.
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29 Apr
This woman is a disgraceful lying bigot.

This is a slanderous and very probably actionable statement. There is no way parliamentary privilege should protect her from being sued for saying this.
This just underlines for me what the Irish value about being members of the EU.

An escape from that abusive bigotry.

A UK peer claiming that the democratically elected leader of my country is in a position to use the threat of paramilitary violence for political "leverage".
And for those who can't hear the racist implication, to Irish ears it's all-too familiar: the old hardline Unionist chestnut that all Gaels are terrorists or the friends of terrorists.

Hoey's comments are basically hate-speech.
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14 Apr
I've always doubted the claims of Brexiters about Brexit being a positive, forward-looking choice. They got what they wanted. It's done. But their continuing vicious attacks on the EU, on the counries remaining inside it, demonstrate that Brexit was fundamentally a hostile act.
The motivations of people like Farage, for whom splitting the UK from the EU is not enough, ought to have been more thoroughly scrutinized in the media. They want to destroy the whole European project. What incentivizes them? Whose interests do they ultimately serve? Cui bono?
These are not people of principle. People of principle don't have to lie, cheat, and make fools of other people to achieve their goals. I don't buy their patriotic arguments for a second - they've harmed their country. So we can conclude that their real aims are occulted, hidden.
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15 Feb
I've had enough of moaning Covid deniers. "People die every year from flu, what's the fuss about Covid?"

I mean, WTF? Have these people not seen the full ICUs, the 100k+ dead, the extended waiting lists for medical treatments, the NHS staff near to collapse? Just like flu, eh?
Do they think that Covid sufferers should be denied treatment so that the NHS can function as normal?

Personally, I think that Patrick Vallance's comment last year that the "vast majority will suffer a bad cold/flu-like infection" has done immense harm. Complacency kills.
This is a SARS virus with multi-systemic complications. It was, moreover, a virus about which very little was known at the time Vallance made that statement.
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12 Feb
Why is "freedom of speech" being interpreted to mean freedom from the consequences of your speech?
Trump's lawyers are arguing he was merely exercising his first amendment rights.

But if your incitement leads to violence and death? You're responsible, especially if you occupy a position of power. Reminding people of this is not oppression, it is a reassertion of civil values.
Moreoever there is something called "the Imminent Lawless Action Test" (established by Supreme Court precedent) which means speech is NOT protected by the 1st amendment if the speaker intends to incite a violation of the law that is both imminent and likely.
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