Hello all the entire 'free' World.

I'm to comment upon #JulianAssange now.
I've been a little slack recently on this important subject I admit.

Anyhow, I'm thinking on Palestine and also Yemen here too.

My point: I'm to soon delve into #WikiLeaks to see what I see upon Yemen &
Palestine with regards to this and that.

I'm wondering what I'll find? I have aims yet live to learn.

So, maybe Yemen, Palestine and Mr #Assange could be viewed to currently go in many ways, hand-in-hand?

I offer that the authoritarian leans we see within the West. To esp
provide arms or deal with e.g., the #Saudi coalition and yes, to deal consistently with #Israel too. Well, we're here Western side turning into what I've heard called "murder economies!"

A tough swallow don't you think?
Yet there is truth in the term for sure

It strikes me too
that both #Palestine and #Yemen could be turn-keys to preventing this going further. In regards to our Western lean to the right (at least)?
We are seeing some people ask for revolution in the West. As to allow this situation to metastasize then, is to allow fascism to arrive.
I dunno, but yes, there's some crap here amongst us and our governments for sure.

With #Assange I believe we may have had, and I mean this, but we could have had a societal and cultural evolutionist!

For sure, the model of open information to all was evolutionist in nature.
So, bundling Mr Assange, Yemen and Palestine into our aims. May I ask you consider this: that with Assange freed, the turn-keys I mention too and the further prevention of hidden government decisions whilst we (the populace) are foisted upon & behave as we dislike. Then the three
elements are essential to solve?!

I shan't reason out why. If you can't see why then you're to be ignored or indeed you're part of the problems!

But, to close, information flow is priority on this fast flow planet. I believe we need more open information.



• • •

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23 Apr
G'day @SMaurizi
Unusual to tweet you.


I've become aware of this (see below).
I'm concerned, and confused (too) of outreach ability of USA Administration/Executive powers (and true range of) by the following EO under Emergency conditions.

So please see :

Executive Order on Blocking Property with Respect to Specified Harmful Foreign Activities of the Government of the Russian Federation


Here, this piece highlights (it seems?) the EO in terms of USA impact upon the Constitution for her citizens
(I'm still unsure, yet the EO as a tool of Executive internal/international dominance seems real)

Executive Order Canceling the Constitution

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22 Apr
Comment: hi all....I have a problem/issue with my cooking and then eating... seriously so.


I'm very uncomfortable cooking....I have noticed a while that my thoughts turn to concern for the say, refugees or Yemen or palestinans and all over the place really.

You may know...

that I do aid or help wherever I can. It's only a trifle of cash in anyone's account... yet it's doing a lot of good.

Nevertheless...I can't help all....blah de blah.... but, I haven't a good Idea or thought in comfort for my own position/condition. And as I cook.... I'm

in bits... then I eat....

It's a sorry feeling and I want so much to be able to help everyone in needs of food, medication and so forth.

To stop this crazy human caused crap..!!

I just thought I'd share this.

#Yemen is not being treated well.
#Palestine is not either
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17 Apr

Comment: I can't recall a MF thing of yesterday....not with clarity where there is memory of a fashion either.
1) I was termed a Covid denying anti-Semite.
2) I awoke and had setup a group on twitter I couldn't recollect of until I hit on it to find

I've closed the -->

the group, and many thanks to those I included.... patience has been shown to me and frankly I needed it.

The Covid blah blah anti-Semite accusation led to my leaving many groups and actually I was kicked from the first of these

So, for history and current decisions.


I'll communicate to you the reader, that my aligning with anyone, group or cause is off the table

I work alone in peace ✌️ and love ❤️ to discover if possible the key to human settlement with brotherhood and care amongst all, to all.

The person who termed me anti blah -->
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6 Apr
Messages from Gaza....not but moments ago...

1) Image
2) Image

Currently I have zero....
So I apologized... Image
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6 Apr

Comment: I've not exactly been in denial of our reality.
Yet I have been dismissive of much as it has arisen.
Take RussisGate...an absolute heap!

But, I may have missed the boat to pushback on the realty here-and-now?

The quality of arrived matters of government and more

in matters of our and international politics. Of Covid handling. Of now surpressive tactics on our selves. Of the omissions or censoring... propaganda and control

I was surprised after January 6th the USA didn't literally meltdown. Here UK were kicking back too now. Infact

around the Western democracies we see distrust of governmental leans by large swaths of us.
Still, I see in the wings entities wanting society to fall. To then step in and say, lead.

I don't go this.
Nor do I go current leans in Western govs.

I'm utterly a decentralised
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28 Mar

If Britain goes over!

If marching peacefully is to be disturbed by HMP as The Home Secretary calls for the marching to be broken up.

Then, I don't know the outcome in UK society.

I think the #KilltheBill need is real...

I believe the #NHS is being shafted

So......this is all not good.

There's more..... I'm only commenting to say to people on the street: hit-up with unity amongst your friends and compatriots to widen the scope and rattle this echelon running our government.

It's a just cause... I'm in support.

Good luck...

The entire UK is a sophisticated society

You (protesters) know it to be so.

Yet interests work within the UK and influence our government thinking. University thinking too.
Freedom is being removed.

I'll be wondering on how the protests are handled.

We/you need listening too
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