I've been on a quest to get more sleep in order to optimize my body, mind, and performance over the past 30 days.
Last night was one of the best as I had extremely vivid, clear dreams.
In this thread, I'll share how prioritizing my sleep has changed me as a leader.
The military and entrepreneurship completely ruined my sleep cycles. I went *years* without a full night's rest but even worse, I thought that I was "gaining an edge" on my "competition" by "working hard".
Yes, I had success, but at what cost? How much better could I have been?
In shifting my life to prioritize sleep over everything else, I had to address the elephant in the room: "What deeper issues were causing me not to rest peacefully?"

At the core was the belief that there was always "something to do", which I realized was false.
If you think about it, there are no true emergencies in your business.
There are deadlines. There are priorities. Emergencies come from poor communication and poor planning combined with lots of anxiety.
In prioritizing sleep, I now have to trust my team more than ever. I had to become a better communicator and focus more on the process of how we do things more than ever.

If you want to live your ideal life, you have to realize that success is not a solo sport. Trust your team.
Getting more sleep has helped me:
-Be more present in conversations
-Improve my decision making
-Set clear boundaries
-Have complete recovery from workouts
There's a time and place to put in the long hours. That's a part of the game.
What I ask you to examine is what is the *quality* of those long work sessions?
Could a team help you improve what you're doing on your own?

• • •

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Normalize charging proper rates for the services you deliver.
You're an adult with real-life bills and responsibilities. Failing to charge for the value you deliver shows that you're not fully owning your gifts and talent.
Parents who run Service-Based Businesses:

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You're an adult with kids, daycare, and bills. Do not charge $50 for a service that you've taken years to develop.

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The people who buy your services are facing new challenges.
There are numerous ways to make a difference.

As an Entrepreneur, you are the Economic heartbeat of your community because your success creates jobs that empowers families.
To be disconnected from the issues of your community is an oxymoron.
Every one of my clients has heard me go on and on about Core Values and how it impacts their leadership skills.
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-The features and benefits of your solution

This will increase trust in your brand through clear positioning.
Showing up regularly plants a seed in the mind of your ideal clients.
It's important to understand that showing up regularly must be based on a schedule you're comfortable with.

**What you build you must maintain** This is especially true with trust.
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