I think the big difference between millennial shitlibs and their boomer/silent forebears is millennials don't even think about how to deal with policy consequences, because they believe talking about 1st and 2nd order effects is wicked and hateful. /1
Like I feel like boomers wanted to maximize immigration, but *also* thought at least a little bit about how to handle drug smuggling and human trafficking. Millennials don't even allow themselves to acknowledge the existence of human trafficking, or only do so ideologically. /2
Boomer: Drug smuggling happens because there's a black market for it. Should we legalize drugs? Go after suppliers? Go after dealers?

Millennials: Drug smuggling happens because of the systemic roots of blah blah blah and we need to spread awareness of racism on Facebook. /FIN

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1 May
Always do a double-take when I see somebody unironically referring to the Trump administration as "totalitarian" because the President was mean on Twitter.
totalitarian: calling jim acosta a loser
not totalitarian: statewide house arrest for everyone by executive decree
totalitarian: jokes
not totalitarian: extrajudicial secret no-fly lists for dissidents
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1 May
India adopted HCQ treatment while everyone else was banning it in order to try and make Trump look bad.
The HCQ thing and the nursing home thing legit piss me off. People died so the libs could own blumpf online.
This is what I mean by them not believing things. Their "truth filter," i.e. the rubric by what they decide is true or false, isn't empiricism, tradition, religious faith, reading rat entrails, etc. It's mostly just, "Does this help blue and hurt red?
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29 Apr
I'm not getting the vaccine, because the entirety of COVID messaging & policy is based solely on what is maximally harmful to the right and maximally beneficial to the left. This tells me that none of this matters at all, it's all theater.
Let's pretend, for five minutes, that any of this was real. I mean the concern & panic.

Any public official who put COVID patients in nursing home would have resigned by now. If you believed in COVID, you would be FURIOUS about what happened in PA, NY, and MI. But no. /2
What do you care about? You care that no Democrat is made to look bad. You care that the messaging is consistently "Red bad, blue good." If this were real and serious, party wouldn't matter. All that would matter is the pandemic. /3
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29 Apr
The only reason the Capitol riot was "very bad" is it was the first time normies got out of control, and the entirety of lefty discourse assumes that the normies will stay dull and bovine. A moment of action terrifies them, because it's not supposed to ever, ever happen.
Lefty rioters burning stuff down doesn't scare them and black gang shootings don't scare them because that stuff is supposed to happen. It all has its place in The Narrative. The 75 million people they have targeted for destruction are supposed to stay quiet.
They compare to 9/11, because it was just as much of a shock to them. Not to sound ghoulish, but 3000 civilians dying is small potatoes in war. The shock was that the goat-herders we bombed with impunity were never, ever supposed to be able to strike back at us.
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29 Apr
People in my mentions really saying the 70s had bad music.
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27 Apr
I'm r*t*rded, so take this with a grain of salt. I'm long-term super-bearish on Tesla, as in, "Tesla probably will stop existing sooner or later." However, the stock performance is a great example of market irrationality vs solvency.

I'll explain why: /1
I'm not going to talk about Tesla's financial sleight-of-hand tricks. I'm not literate enough in finance to say a lot there. What I'm going to talk about is their quality. The TL;DR is that Teslas are giant piles of shit. That's going to kill them. /2
The Tesla super-bull case is built on the assumption that Tesla's new tech (electric motors, touchscreen everything, whatever) is super hard to replicate/catch up to, and that all that boring shit established companies do, like timely billing & QA/QC, is easy. Nope. /3
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