11 Ways Your Workplace Will Change Post-Pandemic

The post-pandemic workplace will be very different from what we are used to.

It’s important that we recognize it early so we can align our careers and livelihoods for the new world.

Here are the 11 changes you should prepare for:
1. The End Of The 40-Hour Workweek

The 40-hour workweek is a relic of the past

It was originally designed for efficiency in factories

Then, it was carelessly applied to the knowledge economy

The pandemic ended this with flexible work
2. The End Of The 9-5 Workday

Like the 40-hour workweek, the 9-5 workday was designed for assembly lines

The knowledge economy is about human creativity

The pandemic proved flexible hours lead to greater creative output

In the future, work will not be confined to strict hours
3. The End Of The Commute

Commuting was a massive drain on our time, energy, and money

In the last 12 months of not commuting, employers and employees have both experienced productivity gains

No one wants to go back to the old way, and many companies won’t
4. The End Of Offices

Cubicles and open offices are a poor fit for knowledge work

The pandemic gave us all a taste of working from anywhere

This unrestrained work environment will be the future
5. Working More Total Hours (Most Likely)

Our personal time and space are now very much mixed up with our work

When work and home are the same place, it can be hard to unplug

Expect more work hours and responsibility
6. Having To Speak Up To Avoid Burnout

Most managers and employees are working remotely for the first time

As a result, they’re having trouble figuring out how much responsibility to give and take

Speak up for yourself to create boundaries and avoid burnout
7. Distributed Teams Having Odd Work Hours

Each member of the workforce is just a user id now - zoom, slack, and email, etc.

It’s now normal to have meetings or support requests at odd hours

For your sanity, turn down requests to work around the clock
8. Better Opportunities Outside The USA

You no longer need to live in silicon valley for a silicon valley job

Prioritize picking a niche in your domain and become the best in it

The Internet is bringing first-world opportunities to third-world countries
9. Different Fulfillment Options

Industries are going through huge changes

But human needs are still the same. We will:

- Shop more online
- Take online courses
- Socialize online

The mode of fulfillment will change

This will offer massive business opportunities
10. The Opportunity To Redesign Your Lifestyle

The new workplace will offer opportunities to change your lifestyle

You don’t have to rent that expensive apartment close to work anymore

You can use this paradigm shift to upgrade your lifestyle while saving more
11. Adapting Or Going Extinct

You’re competing against a global talent pool now

Those who don’t adapt will lose to those who do

Align yourself to the new workplace with relevant skills and lifestyle changes

In the post-pandemic world, we can...

- travel the world
- do what we love
- be more creative
- make more money
- be more productive
- work from anywhere
- work on our own terms
- spend more time with our families

To me, that’s a much better world to live in
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