Tipu Sultan Martyrdom Day [Thread]
Life of #Tipusultan

On 4th May 1799, Sultan Tipu was martyred in the Battle of Srirangapatna against a British, Maratha, & Nizam Coalition Coalition. Sultan Fateh Ali Sahab Tipu famous as Tipu Sultan was also known as [1/16]
Tipu Sahab or the "Tiger of Mysore", was the ruler of the Kingdom of Mysore based in South India. He is the only Indian-King who died fighting English Imperialism.[2/16]
Many historians regard him as the pioneer of rocket artillery. He used rocket artillery against advancing British forces & their allies during the Anglo-Mysore Wars. He expanded the iron-cased Mysorean rockets and commissioned the military manual Fathul Mujahidin. [3/16]
Today world remembers him for his bravery. As Kate Brittlebank writes,
"Reading descriptions of Tipu's military actions, one is struck by his fearlessness - never hesitating to plunge into the fray, leading attacks, harrying the enemy, disrupting their supply lines [4/16]
, thinking ahead to outwit his opposition. Yet he was not reckless, knowing when it was wiser to withdraw than continue against intractable odds. And his courage had been evident from an early age when as a young boy he began to accompany his father on military campaigns." [5/16]
Another aspect of his rule was his administrative innovations including introduction of coinage system, calendar, land revenue system. Under Silk industry of Mysore witness stunning growth.
Moreover is political vision and deep understanding of Geopolitics was tremendous. [6/16]
He reached out to all world powers in order to draw allies against Britishers. For this purpose, he sent envoys to the Ottoman Empire, France, Afghanistan & Iran. He wanted independence but for that, he needed legitimacy from Muslims' power circles. He reached out to [7/16]
Emperor Shah Alam but failed to achieve his goals due to the Emporer minister Majdud-ud-daulah (a British agent). But when it comes to ottoman supports to Tipu Sultan. Many critiques criticize ottoman for not supporting tipu but this was not the case. [8/16]
He sent a delegation to Caliph Abdul Hamid I, the delegation was led by Ghulam Ali Khan and included Lutf Ali Khan, Nurullah Khan, Jafar Khan, Sayyid Jafar and Khwaja Abdul Qadir. [9/16]
The objectives were clear
- To seek recognition from Sultan/Caliph
- To establish a Strategic Partnership with the Ottoman empire
- To seek military support from Ottoman against Britishers
He was the first from the sub-continent to get recognition from the ottoman Sultan as an independent king with the right to strike coins & to have Khutba read in his name. He was the first Indian Muslim monarch to receive a letter of investiture from the Ottoman Caliph.[11/16]
But why ottoman refused to support the tipu sultan militarily due to the geopolitical dynamics of that time. Dr. Yakoob Ahmed (Ottoman Historian) and many others have written on this subject. Multiple Geo-political reasons influenced this decision [12/16]
Infact After the unsuccessful siege of Vienna in 1683, the Ottoman Empire began to lose its power against Europeans,the Austro-Ottoman wars, fresh conflict with the Russian empire & in all this Britishers were the only power who supported Ottomans against Russia & Austria[13/16]
They supported him to the extent they could have.
But the real betrayal was deep-rooted at home. He was the last Indian Muslim King who died waging Jihad against European Forces. [14/16]
Let his memories inspire us in the fight for justice and dignity.
"It is far better to live like a lion for a day than to live like a jackal for hundred years". Tipu Sultan
(Pic of Sword of Tipu Sultan) [15/16]
Khwaja Abdul Qadir 2005
Özcan 1997
Mark Vi'ilk, South_ Indian History, vol, IV, Delhi, 1980,
Sharma Rao, Modern Mysore, Bangalore, 1936

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4 May
Zarif Gate [Thread]
Analysis of 🇮🇷 FM Zarif Audio leak

As usually witnessing 🇵🇰 media silence on yet another controversial but a story critical of Iran.

- The power structure in Iran is different & that helps clergy in establishing control over state affairs 1/5
- IRGC under Soleimani expanded ops across the region after the failure of Nuclear deal
- US unilaterally pulling out of the deal undermined the moderates in Iran as well as the undermined role of diplomacy to defuse tensions & sort out issues.2/5
- IRGC calls the shots & Iranian state consider proxies as backbone of iranian influence in the region.
- IRGC just consider diplomacy as a tool to support those military ops.
- Zarif wanted to adopt a different approach- emphasising more on diplomacy. 3/5
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My two-cent of this recent controversy in Sialkot [Thread]

First of all, it is better to raise the argument than raising the voice. When Institutions prefer individuals over Principles then those individuals prefer themselves over the institutions. This is the problem why 1/8
we have weak institutions in Pakistan. Particularly when it comes to the delivery & connectivity with the public, the missing piece is local bodies system on which the whole Parliamentary structure stands. Local govt not only serve as the bridge connecting the masses with 2/8
with the power circles but also serves as the lower tier of public administration. This helps
- Taking the burden off the Executive & legislative
- Connectivity with the public
- Quick mobilization & simplification of procedure
The power struggle b/w E & L only disturb the 3/8
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3 May
Press freedom day is an important day that highlights the struggle of journalists along with the role & importance of the free press in establishing a transparent & strong democracy. But in Pakistan, the need of the time is to define what press & Journalism actually is. 1/8
It is not mere reporting of events but it is an idea of finding the hidden truth behind the curtains of propaganda. For that, the first characteristic is being objective, which is not the case here, the reporting of journalist clearly reflects theirs biasness. When you 2/8
are objective you pose threat to the interests of corporates, govt & other stakeholders. But if all of them talk good about you that means you are not doing what are you supposed to do. Apart from that when talking about freedom of press in Pakistan, it is a complex topic 3/8
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29 Apr
Battle of Badar [Thread]
All civilizations have seminal events that echo throughout the ages are remembered on anniversaries. When it to comes to Islamic history the most significant was the first battle of Muslims, the Battle of Badr.
It took place on 17th of Ramadan
In the 7th century, Prophet Muhammad ﷺP.B.U.H announced his prophethood Quraysh denied him. They became the worst enemies of whoever accepted Islam, Muslims were assaulted, tortured, were put under sanctions After years of persecution,
Muslims migrated to Madina. What the Muhajireen (emigrants of Makkah) left was seized & looted by the Quresh pagans. In 2nd Hijri, Muslims learned about a convoy of Quresh e Makkah lead by Abu Sufyan coming from Syria, Muslims thought of avenging
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28 Apr
I was busy couldn't give a detailed response to Hamid Mir's recent report about Pakistan's threat to the Afghan Taliban "Enough is Enough". So here is the take after digging into the story
- US violated the agreement by unilaterally extending the date 1/5
IEA now wants an 'enabling environment' to restart the negotiations with the US, but they are consulting with the Shura & with other stakeholders including Pakistan.
- Hamid Mir quoting highly placed sources on TTP & TTA links is nothing new is already a known fact but 2/5
the part "they are two faces of the same coin” is something that is misleading. The whole Peace deal is standing on the idea that " Won't allow Afghan soil to be used against any country including Pakistan"
- India's official policy till now is "Not to engage with Taliban", 3/5
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28 Apr
Islamophobia & France [Thread]
All those who are getting surprised at the events unfolding in France should read about the history of Islamophobia. Generals publishing a letter on the 60th Aniversary of a failed coup d'etat by generals opposed to France granting independence 1/6
to Algeria highlights another important aspect, which is Racism definetly different from the popular prism of Clash of civilizations when understanding the concept of Islamophobia. The letter is not limited to 'Islamists' but also containment of 'Anti Racism activities. 2/6
Recent Anti-Muslims law including Labelling imams, & surveillance of every mosque in France & this recent threat of civil war is a signal of how quickly it is evolving from a political & cultural notion to a military one. This is how things evolved during the Crusades 3/6
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