I don’t trust people who play Dungeons & Dragons.
It was designed by Chicago school anthropologists trying to gamify identify formation in a “pulp” context using sociological game-theory techniques developed for military intelligence. That Humans of CIA clip had these tabletop rpg accoutrements because that’s what they do lol
Learning how to LARP an “authentic identity” supposing “freedom of choice” in a simulated world constrained by game mechanics— that’s a useful skill today right? Here at McDonalds corp we are LARPing as family.
“I’m my most authentic self in Second Life”— this sort of “storytelling” is the development of pure ideology— your roll failed but no that’s not “why” you can’t perform an action, your character “slipped”— you craft a fiction to cover up the boring game mechanical explanation
This goes deep into why I don’t think video games can be art. They are simply “simulations governed by arbitrary mathematical rules”— it’s like if you had to come up with a “backstory” each time you moved a piece in chess— v cringe— “my valiant knight goes forth, inspired by God”
I played D&D once & I was just told again & again “you can’t do that”— the fuck I can’t! I thought I could do whatever I wanted! “No— you need permission from the rulebook to do that— that’s not allowed by the rulebook”— lame. Art is when you create your own rules.
No wonder D&D fanboys are huge in the “DSA” & the “Right” as well— they come up with just-so stories taking place in a parallel ideological fantasy realm to ignore talking about the “constraints of the rulebook”— “we don’t talk about material conditions”
The “fantasy world” can only culminate in a confrontation with the restraints of the rule book— just like how every “deep” video game only teaches you “you only had the illusion of freedom all along, you are literally trapped in a rulebook, none of this is real”
Now— why would the “rulebook owners” & “dungeon masters” of our economy be interested in “curating an environment which provides the captive a sense of their own individual freedom”?
Gregory Bateson’s remarks on margaret mead's paper at the second symposium for the conference on science philosophy and religion
D&D is Cybernetics Applied to Anthropology— it’s one of the effects of the OSS developing pedagogical methods for training intelligence agents. They play D&D every day at CIA. That’s *all* they are doing.
You are literally being trained to believe that you gain “free will” by developing ideological “just-so” stories to cover up the brutal hyper-rationalist fictions of “the economy”— LARPing is not some flippant activity— this is complex post-modernist pedagogy.
Play your Paradox Games kiddos— play your D&D— your vidya— you’re really “understanding geopolitics” right? It’s all just a game, right? Boy is it ever.
Gamer Neoliberalism

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4 May
Ah— yes— this is the missing piece of my D&D thred, knew KB would have it— every single “RPG” derives from group psychotherapy games designed by this guy
Psychodrama— group psychotherapy as “improvisational theater”— he gets plugged into the cybernetics guys & they create “rollenspiele” or “role-playing games”
Simultaneously uses these RPGs to model “social networks” (the origin of the term)
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4 May
I like this KJV preacher’s take on how the splintering of protestantism proves that it’s the true church because only people who take scripture seriously would divide over “trivia”— Jesus is not a “uniter”— Jesus always says he is “creating divisions”
The best catholics & orthos are usually “almost heretical” or are later considered heretical— they usually “split” from the center. Think of Father Zosima in Karamazov being condemned for “straying” etc
The best saints founded orders that “split” from the others.

The jesuits are the worst because they wanted to BIND EVERYONE TOGETHER.
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4 May
The multiverse is a pagan mythology. Jesus’s existence demands that there is only one world, one reality. Aristotlean paganism is “multiverse”— Platonic theology is a monad. Aristo. cosmology is “perspectivism” multiverse.
Zoomer Witch Cheat Code Imperial Paganism— “everyone exists in their own reality & you can reality shift by altering your beliefs & thru magick”— Crowley & Jack Parsons at Rocketdyne— everyone tripping, MKULTRA.
I understand the Desert Fathers.
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4 May
I think a good definition of Neoliberalism is “believing that the world is a video game”
Video Games are the Neoliberal-art-form bar none— gamers become neoliberals because they take “systems theory” as deeper engagement with the world than history. They will always be Neoliberals so long as they are “Gamers.”
Drones are operated with the same controller & ui on call of duty & in reality.
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4 May
Hipsters got a bad rep for no good reason. Now you have Disney Adult culture. Wasn’t it better when we were culturally ruled by autocratic autists who dug in the crates & competed for esoteric credentials becoming so obscure that their values could only be understood by god?
“Name five of their albums” is a legitimate form of Cultural Bildung— debate me.
Now we have: “it’s too much emotional labor for me to have to do any work to acquire cultural authority. I am just as valid a critic even though I only watch disney+ & listen to whatever’s trending.”
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4 May
Respecting the Philadelphians
There is a straight line from the Friends of God to Hegel
“Yeah, I am a fan of Rapp music”
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