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4 May, 20 tweets, 4 min read
my HRT prescribing planned parenthood clinic did nothing to ensure that i understood why healthy hormonal function is important to my health, and the ramifications of disrupting it (which cross sex HRT does to an extreme degree)

let’s look at my “informed” consent document 🧵
first, they incorrectly define “testosterone”

yes, high testosterone results in secondary sex characteristics associated with males, which are a sign of abnormal and unhealthy hormonal status when present in females. but testosterones primary function is not a cosmetic one.
nature did not give females lower testosterone because it thought we look better without a beard. the primary function of this hormone is to develop and regulate male reproductive functions, but it also plays important roles in other physiological processes
bone formation, energy metabolism, red blood cell production, among many other things, which is why healthy females do have a small amount of testosterone in naturally.

i, being a teenage girl who at the time had never researched endocrinology, did not understand this
my perception of testosterone was that it’s the “male hormone” and taking it will make me look more masculine. that’s it. i didn’t understand why nature gave my female body the hormones it did, and why hormonal health is vital to the function of every part of my mind and body.
this is not some kind of esoteric hidden knowledge, anybody with any degree of medical education knows hormones have a purpose. but my providers did not inform me of this nor ensure i was making properly informed consent to what i was truly doing to my delicate body systems.
let’s talk about the “benefits” and risks outlined to me.

it is just shocking to me now how medical professionals will present this at face value with no discussion as to *why* i would stop having a period, grow abnormal body hair, and grow increased abdominal fat.
again, females don’t have lower testosterone because nature thinks we look better without a beard.

each “benefit” is a *side effect* of hormonal dysfunction that impacted every organ system in my body. amenorrhea is not healthy. high testosterone in a female is not healthy.
but these unhealthy side effects were presented to me as the primary “benefits” of a “medicine”. this is a false misrepresentation of what artificially inducing hormonal dysfunction actually does to a human body. its lying by omission. it’s malpractice.
as for the risks

again, i was a total ignorant here when it came to biology, endocrinology, and general human health. what i “knew” about testosterone is that it was supposed to make me look different.

hah, not any more though.
not only are the risks listed woefully lacking (i experienced multiple that were not listed, including the early stages of vaginal atrophy and literal diagnosed-in-mental-hospital psychosis), but there was no effort to ensure i actually understood the ones they did list.
my level of comprehension at the time:

risk: “increase your red blood cell count”

me: “that’s cool i guess”

risk: “increase the cholesterol in your blood”

me: “guess i’ll worry about that when i’m 60, like every man”
risk: “increase chances of diabetes” “sugar” (lol, what?)

me: “i’ve had an eating disorder since i was 12, that’s probably not an issue for me”

risk: “harm the liver (rare)” (how? how does it harm the liver you incompetent fucks? i deserved to know!)

me: “eeeh, it’s rare”
of course, no mention that females on cross sex hormones have 2x the heart disease risk of males, and 4x the risk of females not on CSHRT.
my prescriber didn’t explain jack shit to me. of course, i wanted the cosmetic effects, and the treatment was presented as entirely cosmetic, and i was ignorant about hormonal health, so i didn’t view these risks as serious.
but it was their responsibility to ensure i was making an informed decision. that’s why it’s called INFORMED consent.
looking back, it feels like they did everything to obscure the reality of what they were doing (inducing hormonal disorders in physically healthy but mentally vulnerable patients), and downplay the health risks of testosterone as much as possible.
there was no education, but there was an absolute betrayal of my trust as a patient. i was lied to. point blank. mislead. used, for my appointment fee.
these are not good people with patients best interest at heart. and it is NOT the responsibility of the patient to be over-educated on healthcare (that’s what the schools these people paid to attend to get their credentials are for!) and on guard against lies by their providers.
do i wish i knew what i know now? duh, then i wouldn’t have trusted these people with my health and i would have avoided a lot of suffering. but the responsibility is on the healthcare provider to provide healthcare.

• • •

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2 Apr
a. there’s no one thing called “psychotherapy” that can be applied as treatment the same way that, say, an antibiotic can be

b. the demographics and clinical presentations of what is called gender dysphoria have changed drastically in the last few years, much less since 1977.
the vast majority of those presenting with gender dysphoria now are adolescent girls, which was basically unheard of in 1977. these girls commonly have histories of trauma and body image issues. exploring this and it’s role in development of GD is not conversion therapy.
it’s true that many approaches for therapy won’t “work” for people with GD. just like they don’t work for people with trauma, eating disorders, etc. different people have different origins for their different suffering and require different and multiple approaches.
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16 Mar
for many people, the development of dysphoria goes like this:

interests, preferences, behavior, appearance different from many of the same sex, and more similar to the opposite sex


feelings of alienation, shame, and insecurity, especially if outcast by family/peers

noticing that if one were born the opposite sex, their personality/appearance would not have resulted in the shame & alienation


the body begins to be viewed as the source of shame and alienation


relief from shame and alienation comes from altering the body
for a select few, perhaps due to some differences in cognitive or emotional processes involved in the dysphoria that we don’t really understand, this seems to work, at least in the short term.
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16 Mar
some people have interests and preferences that tend slightly or strongly towards that which is more typical of the opposite sex. it’s a normal variation in human personalities. it doesn’t make them the opposite sex, even if the feeling of being different causes them distress.
a lot of people’s dysphoria is caused by extreme feelings of shame and alienation because they are different in their preferences, interests, behavior, and appearance in relation to other people of their sex. you start to believe you should have been born the opposite sex.
then an ideology comes along that confirms that sense of alienation and misalignment with the body as being accurate, but it isn’t. those are feelings.
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1 Mar
genuinely terrified for the psychological wellbeing of the youngest generation rn. my own generation is all messed up in so many ways but i think about little kids in isolation and little kids being transitioned in record numbers and im just heartbroken
for my age group we have "zoomer condition" to describe the general widespread effects of growing up with technological overload and social media (+ the lack of free play and physical activity that accompanies it) and thats bad enough man... ITS BAD ENOUGH
not even just kids being transitioned.. kids growing up w/ highly dysfunctional parents captured by insane ideology. stuff like "theybies" is just the tip of the iceberg. ik so many ppl whos marriages have been destroyed bc of this and i just know their kids are gonna suffer
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21 Feb
this is the problem. first result for a google search "effects of testosterone ftm". written by an MD, yet this article reduces the effects of high dose testosterone in female to aesthetics, with only a quick mention of a few potential health risks. transcare.ucsf.edu/article/inform…
no discussion about what estrogen is, what it does in the female body, why it is important for healthy body function, or how excess testosterone impacts various body systems. this is a doctor here, she learned this information in medical school. she KNOWS what estrogen does.
she KNOWS how the endocrine system works and why its healthy function matters.

she. learned. it. in. medical. school.

and yet she writes this misleading article, that will be read by countless young and vulnerable people considering cross sex hormone treatment.
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