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#jikookau where the jeon twins are vampires and koo is jimin's best friend...
- short
- vampire hehe
- crack, fluff, angst (?)
- tw // mention of blood
tw // mention of blood !!
It's actually not the first time this happened. But it was still annoying to Jimin, because it was painful, way too painful.

You see the society discovered vampires existence, 7 years ago, they decided to make a deal and co-live all together on this planet.

Humans welcomed-
vampires, everything was in harmony. If they respected the few rules everything would be fine. It's not like the rules were strict.

Rule 1 :
Let everyone know your a vampire.

Rule 2 :
Avoid overcrowded spaces such as concerts. Too much human blood cloud trigger vampires.
Rule 3 :
Pick up every week your stock of feeding necessities at any hospitals you are close to.

Rule 4 :
DO NOT feed on humans.

Of course, the rule 4 was strict. This rule was never aloud to be broken, of course some humans got bitten by vampires but it was for a more-
sensual context than a surviving one.

You see, Koo and Jimin grew up together as humans until 5 years ago. Koo got really bad sick and he casually met Jay at the hospital.. seeing this man and seeing it was his doppelgänger he was wanted to help him.

So he turned him-
but afterwards surviving for Koo was bad, the weekly dosis of blood he was given didn't taste well and he started to starve himself.

Until Jimin.

Jimin was too worried and scared to lose his best friend, so he proposed him to try his blood, at first Koo refused.
But hunger win over and so did he, Jimin's blood was the only blood he could drink. He felt alive. It was addicting.

But he had to be careful.

Jay couldn't find out.
Jimin laughed after seeing his best friend tweet. Koo was such a dork but he loved him the way he was. Even as a vampire he loved him, it was still his dearest childhood best friend.

He never met Jay, Jungkook's brother, he also didn't know about his existence until 4 years-
ago. The latter explained to Jimin that Jay was put to adoption when he was a baby and only find him back recently.

Jay seemed way different from Koo, he never saw him nor talked or texted but from what Koo was tweeting about his brother. It was... a mysterious different-
that Jimin always wanted to know but Koo told him Jay wasn't comfortable to meet new people so the smaller respected that.

"Park Jimin, I swear to god, why are you calling tae my boyfriend!" yelled Koo while entering his best friend's appartement.
"Hi Koo! How was your day? Did you had nice classes? Did you read someone's mind today?"

"Very. Funny."

"Well that's your fault anyways" explained Jimin.


"My NECK is BRUISED humans like him and I could think it's hickeys, so tae concluded to we were dating."
Koo's face went round and his mouth shaped a 'o' before acting dramatically "Noooooooo! The love of my life thinks I am cheating!"

"Dumbass! If you confessed already it wouldn't be like that!"

"I will do it on my death bed"

"You're immortal..."

"Oh... it's true"
Jimin rolled his eyes at his own best friend. Koo was sweet but he could be such a dumbass.

"Anyways, let's get this done before you get too hungry okay?" said Jimin slightly smiling.

"Hyung are you sure it's okay with you..." Koo was always hesitant before feeding-
he was always scared to hurt the older boy and he didn't want that to happen.

"Of course, come here, it's okay. We trust each other right?"

Koo nodded and they both sat down on Jimin's sofa. They looked at each other waiting for their silent permission to come closer.
Jimin bared his neck to the younger who gracefully approached him, his eyes turned bright red and his fangs were showing. Jimin felt his breathing on his neck which made him shiver.

He always jokingly complained about the bruises the bite could left, but he loved it.
He felt a sting of pain on his neck when the younger started to feed on him, but immense pleasure rushed through his whole body as soon as he started to bite the smaller.

His body felt weak and luckily Koo gripped him. The pleasure was so good, he felt his-
heartbeat rushing like crazy, but the sensation was amazing.

The younger stopped and left a few sweet kisses over the fresh bite knowing vampire's saliva could heal vampire's wounds on humans.

After this they both opted to watch a barbie movie and enjoy the afternoon.
tw // mention of blood

Jay was walking in the park near his apartment, he loved taking walks in the sunlight, it had been his favorite activity since he was a toddler.

Jay's story was different than Koo's. Koo could be saved by turning into a vampire, Jay was living in a stone cold body prison.
It all started in 1809, Jay was 21 and human at the time. He lived a good life surrounded by his family and friends and never had to really worry.

Every single woman of the city, noble or not wanted to share the word love with the latter. He was a hopeless romantic and-
could make the most amazing ideas of rendezvous for courting the ladys.

At night, in the comfort of his modest living, he was loving anybody. He had a soft spot for the dancers, those gentlemen looked ethereal, he loved this sight.

Until he met him.
He was a dancer too, so graceful, so pure, it was a sight to see. Yet a sight to not share with anyone.

He looked pure but he was the devil himself.

And Jay fell into his trap, his burning cold eyes being the reason.

His venom making him go insane.
After months of courting each other, he showed Jay his true self, he was a vampire.

Jay never was afraid of him, he loved him afterall.

They got even closer, him feeding himself on Jay and then sharing an intimate moment of their common love.

But if Jay knew.
The vampire never loved him, he was just a "meal" who he seduced aswell.

Jay only understood 2 years later, and when he found out he left his vampire lover. The vampire didn't take this well and found him again.

That day he promised Jay he would have him forever.
He turned Jay into a vampire and ever since the man who once was human, started to go all around the world to stay away from him.

Still now.
"Park Jimin" said a familiar yet stronger voice.

Jimin looked up and his eyes met... Koo's? But he didn't look like Koo.

"Woah Koo, did you decide to do makeover or something?"

Koo chuckled but it didn't sounded sweet like his dear beat friend's laugh.
"I am not Koo" he then answered.

"Oh... Oh! You're his older brother right?"


"But... how old are you..?"


Wait didn't that mean if he is 23 that he is-

"Yes Koo and I are twins, but i'm the firstborn so"
Jimin smiled "Don't tell me you and him are doing this just because you were born one minute earlier than him?"

"I was born way before him"

"And how much?"

"Long enough to recognize this as a feed bite and not hickeys darling"
hello <3 leave ur thoughts i hope u liked it curiouscat.qa/koolivers

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18 Apr
#jikookau where jungkook left his lover when they were teenagers. Years later he finds him again... ImageImageImageImage
iinfo for u to know !
- abo world mentions of m preg
- angst / fluff / nsfw
- happy ending
- interact with the au !! quote it
- might be long
- side ships : taegi, namjinhope
- if you're uncomfortable dont read it !!

park jimin
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"Please, stay a bit longer for me" suddenly burst out Jungkook almost in a cry.

He didn't want him to leave again, he didn't want to cry out for his lover.

He wanted Jimin close, but the universe wasn't having it to make the sun and the moon fall in love.

So had to wait, every other 18 months, he would patiently wait until he could see Jimin again.

He preferred the lunar eclipse way better than the solar.

But he didn't care either if it was 1h45 long or 7 1/2 minutes. He would still enjoy this time seeing his lover.
But today, he wasn't having it, the universe was against him today, he felt sad, he needed his lover close.

But those 7 1/2 minutes were too short to be held correctly.

"Please, stay with me, i can't bare the loneliness today, i need you."

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˚✩ ⋆。 el mariachi - #jikookau

Youtuber Jimin develops a massive crush on the sweet cherry haired boy named Jungkook he met during his vacation.

He posts pictures of the boy on twitter hoping to find him.

But what happens when the said boy appeared to be a famous ceo?
before reading !!!

- crack
- fluff
- time stamp don't matter
- idk how long it will be
- updates won't be regular since i’m writing another au already
- don't be a silent reader!!
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12 Apr
#jikookau where...
a/n : tell me what you think !! curiouscat.qa/mooniesau
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