TIL that Fox apparently plays on military bases, so if I understand this correctly, the US Armed Forces are currently paying subscriptions to a channel to broadcast to their members that their sitting Commander-in Chief is a usurper illegally occupying office who must be stopped?
If a serving member or officer stood up during dinner and yelled these same things out to the room multiple times every night would that be OK? And if not, how is paying for Hannity and Carlson to do that exact same thing every night at your troops permissible?
If an officer was insisting to his subordinates that the CIC was illegitimate and an anti-American radical who hates the nation, would that lead to consequences? If yes, how is officials paying to disseminate that to the whole base on a nightly basis not leading to them?
If everyone on that base is there having sworn an oath to defend the nation at all costs from all enemies foreign and domestic and then spends every night being told that the President is the leading domestic enemy, what is the actual long-term objective of this exactly?

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Romeo the Raccoon has left. Oliver is heartbroken and is searching the whole balcony, determined to find him.
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