Still on this✨ JK gets dragged along on a night of barhopping with his roommate Jimin, who abandons JK pretty quickly when a guy catches his eye on the dancefloor.

JK sits at the bar... and the bartender—perhaps the most handsome man JK has ever seen—seems to take pity on him.+
“Hi, my name’s Seokjin... Sorry about your friend.” The impossibly handsome bartender gestures towards Jimin, who has now wrapped himself around that guy.

“So, what’ll you be having?”
“Oh...” JK panics; he isn’t sure what to order. Its not like he has a go-to drink. ‘Are there even menus at bars like this?’, he thinks.

“Um... What’s good here?”
After asking JK a few questions about what foods and flavors he likes, and showing him some specials—there /is/ a menu—Seokjin ends up making him something sweet and peach-flavored.
And maybe it’s how he’s dressed—he came straight from his internship—or how he fumbles with his drink, but JK can see how others eye him; he isn’t the type to ‘go out’ often; it’s clear he’s out-of-place, uncomfortable.
JK doesn’t leave, though; he isn’t sure if Jimin will end up going home with that guy and he doesn’t want to bail on his friend, so he buries his nose in his phone, shrinks down in his seat at the bar, and slowly nurses his cocktail.

“Do you work around here?”
It catches him by surprise. The voice is clear; it comes from someone standing close to JK, but he doesn’t realize that the question is directed at /him/ until it’s repeated: “Hey, Peach Paradise,”—the name of his drink—,”do you work around here?”

JK looks up.
It’s the bartender, leaning on the bar directly across from JK, every bit like a model. He looks expectantly at JK.

“Me?” JK points towards himself, and Seokjin smiles. He nods. “Yeah, you... I didn’t get your name.”
“Oh... I’m Jungkook but everyone calls me JK.” He extends his hand—‘do people shake hands in bars?’, he wonders—but Seokjin takes it just the same, murmuring “cute” to himself as he does.
JK isn’t sure what to make of this. His hand feels clammy in Seokjin’s—nerves, no doubt. But he plows through, wary of overthinking things: “I work a few blocks from here. Intern, actually. At a bank.”
JK does his best to school his expression, to keep his nerves from bubbling over.

He makes it work. On the outside, he looks calm, collected, casual. But on the inside, he’s freaking out. JK doesn’t go to bars, he isn’t used to the hookup culture, the flirting...
‘Is this guy even flirting?’ JK thinks to himself.

Before he can decide, and before Seokjin has any chance to keep the conversation going, JK asks: “What about you, Seokjin?”

He catches himself. “Wait, no, sorry,” he laughs nervously, “you work /here/.”

There it is again, and it’s too much for Jungkook to process in the moment.

Seokjin leans closer, his lips by JK’s ear like he’s about to divulge secret, and he speaks: “I don’t work here all the time, you know.”

He pulls back with a smile, and JK sputters:
“Of course! I didn’t mean- I mean-“

And Seokjin leans back in: “I go to school around here, too. For acting.” He laughs; it’s not mean-spirited, but it’s the laugh of a handsome stranger who’s well aware of the affect he has on people.
“Oh.” It makes sense, JK figures, Seokjin’s movie star looks. “I /wish/ I could have studied something like that.

Despite JK’s initial awkwardness, and Seokjin being pulled away every few minutes to tend to customers at the bar, their conversation flows.
They talk about everything and nothing: JK’s art school dreams, squashed by parental pressures; Seokjin’s pull-up obsession; how they’re both relatively new to the city.

“It’s a slow night,” Seokjin comments off-hand at one point, and Jungkook is glad for that.
He’s glad that Seokjin has the time to speak with him tonight. He’s glad that he got dragged along to the bar at all, glad that he got abandoned, glad that he looked “cute” enough for Seokjin to take pity on. He’s glad for the chance to get to know this now not-quite-a-stranger.
After /four/ Peach Paradises and endless anecdotes, JK realizes that hours have flown by. It didn’t feel so long in Seokjin’s company, but last-call is soon approaching.

“There you are!” A disheveled Jimin—hair a mess, shirt untucked, pants wrinkled—slaps JK’s shoulder.
“I’ve been looking /everywhere/ for you, Jungkookie.”

“Don’t call me that!” In an effort to make himself seem more mature, JK ends up sounding a bit like a petulant kid.

“Okay, okay, sorry /JK/.” Jimin pulls up a stool next to him and sits.
“So,”Jimin follows JK’s gaze over to Seokjin, who in turn looks to JK and smiles as he rings up a customer. “Having a good time?”

“I should ask you the same.” JK says smugly, in jest, gesturing towards Jimin’s wrinkled pants. “It looks like those were tossed somewhere... dirty.”
“Yeah, the bathroom here is kinda gross.” Jimin sighs. “Let’s get out of here. I need a shower.”

“Wait a sec.”

JK leans over the bar, waving Seokjin over.

“Hey, your friend came back!” Seokjin winks at Jimin. “Don’t worry, JK was in my very capable hands.”
“We’re heading home, but I wanted to ask if I could have your Instagram or your number or something.” JK asks, a little sheepish. “Maybe we could-“ But he loses his nerve. He wants more nights like this, more talks like this, but doesn’t know how to ask.
And maybe the attention Seokjin gave JK /was/ only pity. “It’s okay if you don’t want-“

“I’d love to hang out with you some time,” Seokjin interrupts. “Here or somewhere else, wherever...”

Seokjin unlocks his phone and hands it to JK. “Here, put in your number.”
As JK does, Seokjin motions to Jimin: “Your friend is really cute, but he’s so shy!”

JK freezes for a second. He blushes a deep red, tapping his name into Seokjin’s phone.

“Yeah,” Jimin agrees, teasing, “but the fact that he asked for your number at all- I have hope!”
“Go wait over there,” JK grumbles at Jimin, nodding towards the entrance.

JK returns Seokjin’s phone and tries his best to sound confident, cool: “It was really nice meeting you, Seokjin.” He thinks of winking but decides against it. “Don’t forget to text so I have your number.”
With that, JK turns to leave, feeling Seokjin’s eyes on him.

And he hears it again as he begins to make his way towards Jimin at the door: “Cute.”
awkward jk + confident sj is everything i need in my life rn

• • •

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