just thinking about good, seminal dating sims being turned into even better adventure games over here, as you do

they should think about doing that more often, it tends to work pretty well
I just.


They did the impossible and made Shiori into a real human being your heart actually breaks for at times.

She NEVER emotes to anywhere near this degree in the original game and yet it never feels like a betrayal of her fundamental makeup.

Good, good games.
Also, no other game lets you ruin a perfectly good chance to get your purikura on with Shiori by posing with your stone-faced mug like this series. And if that's not worth celebrating, I dunno what is.

(Also if you try to pick the more lovey-dovey frames, she's just "lol no.")

• • •

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More from @iiotenki

4 May
whoops, managed to order an actually recent game (as in, less than 10 years old) for my usual dating sim (and adjacent game) research material

can't believe i'm actually gonna be mildly relatable to the kids for once in my life
I imagine I'll enjoy the relationship mechanics for what they are. Certainly, the framing is refreshing. But like I wrote before, the act of grafting dating sim mechanics into other genres often comes with severe compromises that can be antithetical to their original purpose.
This isn't to diminish people's valid enjoyment of the game, of course. Clearly it's doing something right with this stuff within its own framework that clicks with players, especially overseas. But I'm definitely going into that part of it as an academic exercise above all else.
Read 4 tweets
3 May
Just realized tomorrow, May 4, is the fourth anniversary of my first Kimikiss thread and with it, the start of my efforts to really sit down and learn dating sim history in earnest. It took a while to find my groove, but it's been tremendously rewarding.
I owe so much to these games. They've helped me fill in some vital missing pieces in my understanding of Japanese games and game history. They've given me an international community I love interacting with every day. And they've made me a better Japanese translator and speaker.
It's been a rewarding challenge to find ways to make these games relatable to an international audience. But every time an essay or a video takes off as people realize these games are designed with as much intention and meaning as anything else, I know I'm on the right track.
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2 May
Continuing to make the most of my newly region unlocked DVD drive in my PS2 with only the most gamer import games in town, for those wondering. ImageImageImageImage
You can tell a lot about what a dating sim values in how it handles portraits. I've always really loved the richness of poses you get in Tokimemo 2. They go a long way to matching the energy of the voice acting a lot better than the original game so characters feel more cohesive. ImageImageImageImage
anyway, i have a really hot, controversial take and that's that tokimemo 2 is one of the best dating sims of all time, as it turns out

really rocking the boat with that one, i know, but i think history will prove me right in time, just you wait
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2 May
For those keeping track, I now own *three* dating-themed arcade PCBs. In terms of how I'd rank them:

1. Seishun Quiz. A real looker and WAY charming.
2. Daisu Kiss. Gay as hell and the minigames are legit fun!
3. Magical Date: There's a reason Taito didn't make real dating sims.
I've talked about it before, but arcade dating sims are nearly an oxymoron because the environment and context arcade games typically have to inhabit is practically antithetical to good dating sim design, which is why you basically see none that are straight takes on the formula.
I like buying these for research, but it's in the sense of seeing how these games apply a dating veneer over arcade design, rather than expecting a real sim. Even the arcade port of Tokimemo strips out all of the raising gameplay that's nigh integral to that series' idendity.
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1 May
@personasama arcade-projects.com/threads/minigu… So the base supergun that I use is a Minigun, which is designed to avoid a lot of the common electrical pitfalls you'll find in poorly designed stuff that can risk damaging your other equipment, consumer speakers in particular.
@personasama I really like it and it's served my needs pretty well as a beginner. You'll have to invest in at least a power supply and video cables of some sort in addition to the base unit, plus either Neo Geo controllers or adapters, as well as possibly an upscaler depending on your setup.
@personasama Sometimes you can find pre-assembled kits for sale like on ebay; unfortunately, my seller doesn't seem to make them anymore, so I can't recommend anyone personally. The thread I linked to does still have some life, so it may not hurt to poke in and ask if anyone's selling. But...
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28 Apr
My latest Japan package came in, bringing lots of early birthday goodies I'll show later, but wanted to quickly show off the first three issues of Hibikino Watcher, the Tokimemo 2 promotional magazine that came with the EVS append discs to enable most of the girls to talk to you. ImageImageImageImage
These are among the last of my Tokimemo white whales, although it was mostly waiting for a deal. The pending PSN shutdown made me finally get them and while that's obviously postponed, I suspect the price of these will shoot up once it is gone, so I'm still glad I nabbed them.
The discs themselves *are* dumped and available readily online, which wasn't always the case. If you wanna do it the proper way so you can hear girls other than Hikari and Kasumi say your name, PSN definitely remains the cheapest; all three discs are in a bundle for 600 yen.
Read 15 tweets

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