What Do January 6th Patriots and Guantanamo Inmates Share?

Author Larry Johnson gives us the answer: “Lack of due process and habeas corpus”.

But the right answer is: they are all agents and/or crisis actors. Both events were and are faked.

What terrorists? Are we supposed to believe that Johnson and the Gateway Pundit still haven't figured out 911 was an inside job, 20 years later?
Why would we be reading commentary by authors too stupid or compromised to get that right? It is like people too stupid to have seen through the Covid fake, given 13 whole months to study it.
But we have even more proof Johnson is a mole, since he then tries to tell us that Lt. Colonel Stuart Couch, played by Benedict Cumberbatch in The Mauritanian, is a true hero. Note both the Lt. Colonel part and the Stuart part of that clue.
If Couch was anything other than another crisis actor for Intel, he wouldn't be being promoted by Cumberbatch, Hollywood, or Johnson, so we don't even need to look him up. . . but we will.
Couch is the one who refused to prosecute Mohamedou Ould Slahi in 2003 for the military. Slahi was allegedly at Guantanamo. But the Couch story was just created to make these prisoners look real.
Slahi was another actor, and his 14-year time at Guantanamo was faked, as was his bestselling book in 2015. I assume it was ghosted by some Langley writing committee.
Slahi is sold as Al Qaeda, but he grew up in Mauritania, northwest Africa, and went to school in Germany, scoring a 1988 scholarship from the Carl Duisberg Society.
Since the Carl Duisberg Society was founded in 1949, year three of the CIA, I think we may assume it is a front for same, created to promote and channel people of color for jobs like this in Intelligence.
Slahi supposedly got an electrical engineering degree in less than three years, since by February 1991 he was in Afghanistan as part of the Mujahideen.
Two clues there, since EE is one of the toughest degrees, either in the US or Germany, and no one does it in 2.5 years. And the Mujahideen is another CIA front, so we have this one pegged already.
They pretty much admit that, because the Mujahideen were formed and trained in 1979 by the US to fight the Soviets in their Afghan war.
You can see this admission even on Slahi's own Wiki page, where they admit the US “funneled billions of dollars of weapons and aid to the 'freedom fighters'”. That quote is linked by Wiki to its page on Operation Cyclone, a CIA program. Any questions?
Although Slahi trained for several weeks, he did not participate in the war, instead returning to Germany. A year later he returned, but again dodged any major time on the ground, since the regime fell a few weeks later. So he was apparently only there for a photo op.
What is more, they admit Slahi's cousin al-Walid was a spiritual advisor to Osama bin Laden. Since it is known bin Laden was a CIA asset, we may assume Slahi was as well.
At any rate, they have just admitted Slahi was a highranking Arab, since bin Laden was of the royal family. His spiritual advisor would also have high rank, and so would that spiritual advisor's cousin, Slahi.
So it is pretty obvious the CIA just rounded up a couple of its own agents with the right looks for this Guantanamo charade. They then had some people pretend to prosecute them while others pretended to defend them. That lent support to the reality of the whole 911 event.
And why doesn't Johnson know this? I assume he does know it, which means he is another agent. Which means The Gateway Pundit is yet another CIA front. Which explains why this article is being published: it acts as confirmation the January 6 riot was real.
Johnson ends the article by giving us a list of “patriots” allegedly being held without bond after the riot:
Therefore, we once again know without further study that all those people are also agents and/or crisis actors.
You will say Gateway Pundit's coverage of things like the Arizona vote audit is good, which is true. That is why I was there. But since we know the place is a CIA front, we can expect the audit to come to nothing.
As usual, the narrative is controlled, and it reads like an extension of the election theater, where we were fed false hope for months. It is still going on.
This narrative guarantees inaction, since it continues the idea that Trump is going to ride in and save you. So you continue to sit on the couch waiting for that to happen.

• • •

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