When you’re really hard on yourself in everything you do,

you start to inevitably raise the standards around you.

Some will observe & try to match your standards without the need to tell them.

Some will require to be told.

Others will ignore & resent you for it.
You become an inspiration to those who try to immediately match your standards.

You become a teacher to those who require to be told of your new standards.

You become an opponent to those who resent your standards.
What happens next is a divide.

Those who are against your new standards will be enemies of those who welcome it.

Your job as a man, is then to take out the trash before it taints the newfound culture you’ve established.

If you don’t, then you risk undoing it all.
This “procedure” applies within all contexts.

Within organisations, you MUST manage out the trash towards the exit.

In families, you MUST set unbreakable rules to your loved ones if they wish to be a part of the family.
It is this very procedure that requires a man to be harsh, cunning and callous.

Because dealing with those who resent your standards will not be a straight, congruent, honest endeavour.

They will come at you in all available, expedient ways.
Men incapable of darkness, will always spoil the culture they try to create by not having what it takes to take out the trash.

They will always been seen as failed leaders.

Purity requires cleansing with hell.

At least in my own experience.

Without fail.

• • •

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3 May
Cunning intellects at a professional level never want to take credit for their strategies.


They are completely detached from their ego and status.

They rather nobody know that they obliterated an opponent.

This is cunning played out in a professional level;
Most negotiations with opponents and competitors are zero-sum.

It's never acknowledged that way because one party always crafts the negotiation in a way where it appears to be a win-win situation.

They gift-wrap the terms before presenting it.
During high stakes negotiations, you generally take two approaches against opponents;

you either ardently convince them that the negotiation is in their best interest when it's not,


you help accelerate the destruction of their own business errors.
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29 Apr
When everything gets handed to you on a silver platter,

and you can’t peg your self-worth to any real value that you’re able to produce,

you fall under a phase of identity crisis.

Then you get back up with some sort of mental illness.
The better off your parents are, the higher probability that you will experience mental illness.

Provided that they PASS the privileges down to you without demanding any effort on your behalf.
If you’re from a war torn/ violent city,

you have a slim chance of experiencing mental illness,

to the extent where you would question the existence of such illness.
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27 Apr
Every business owner would rather see you break the rules to make money,

than see you hesitate in your moral dilemma.

If you want to stand out, be willing to break the rules for the bottom line.

You’ll be punished publicly. But loved privately. Which is what counts.
This will be regarded as “bad advice” to those who operate on a moral high ground,

(albeit having little understanding of what morality actually means),

but truth is,

as a man, if you want to “get things done” or achieve the “numbers” no one else can,

you have to break rules.
Owners will always claim that they are all about doing the right thing,

but even those with the highest integrity will do things to increase their bottom line.

And that’s because businesses are amoral. Transactional.

And the best occupy both;

amorality with integrity.
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25 Apr
It’s a lot easier to witness people exercising evil if we maintained consistency in how we interpret their actions irrespective of context.
Bribing a child to go to bed is NOT discipline, it’s still manipulation.
Lying to someone to prevent them from taking their life, is NOT a white lie,

it’s still a lie
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22 Apr
If you were grown up starved of attention and nurturing,


suffocated by it along with protection (usually by your mother),

both development pathways converge into one when you’re older;

you become a self-centred narcissist.

You will proceed in two ways;
You will either develop sociopathy and seek status at the cost of everything.

Because status is the fastest way to get attention.

Or you have a chance to integrate yourself by accomplishment something as a REASON to get attention.

If i’m speaking to you, then pay attention.
Most types like you will seek status. Because status is just perception, not necessarily backed by credibility.

You have a chance to channel your desire for attention by becoming exceptional within a domain.

You can achieve success with ease if you choose to use this fuel.
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22 Apr
The most important transformation you can make as a man,

is to learn to apologise over your action,

than to ask permission trying to execute it.

If you don’t have the courage to confront punishment, and emerge out of it as a better being,

then you’re just a grown child.
The cost of showing courage and conviction is to risk wrongdoing and face probable punishment.

If you truly want to determine your character as a man, it’s a cost worth paying.

Children ask for permission.

Men decisively act and face the consequences of their actions.
I instinctively don’t like men who ask for permission.

I favour interns and associates who act, then apologise. I can see courage in them.

I can see where it will take them in the future.

There’s absolutely nothing worse than a man lacking the courage to face wrongdoing.
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