1/ The Most Massive Media Financial FUD Campaign in History, or How to Kill Excitement & Deceive the Public Regarding #GameStop - #GME $GME #AMC

This is my account of Jan-Feb ‘21. It’s not all-inclusive, more things happened, & some things may be out of order, dates slightly off Image
2/ Thurs Jan 28 - llegal halt of impending MOASS which was happening, 100%

Jan 28-29 - politicians on both sides up in arms. Very vocal. This was one thing they could actually agree on!

Jan 30-31 - Fake silversqueeze hashtag started trending on Twitter over the weekend
3/ Sun Jan 31 I had CNN on my TV playing in the background all day. @CNN reports a fake silver squeeze on the evening news “Now that GameStop is over wallstreetbets has targeted a NEW squeeze SILVER.” This was a 💯 falsified story, I felt a gut punch that night! GME was not over!
4/ Mon Feb 1 - politicians on both sides go radio silent. No vocal support from anyone anymore. @CNN reporting hourly: “REDDIT ARMY now moving on to silver,” and they show an image of a computer screen scrolling down the front page of r/wallstreetbets

Wth...we felt so alone.
5/ Late Jan/early Feb - The very 1st thing the media states is that r/wallstreetbets is alt-right! That only lasted less than a day. When that didn’t land, they say r/wsb was all MAGA. When that doesn’t stick, they say it is secretly infiltrated by HFs wanting 2 do a pump & dump
6/ They say wallstreetbets is nothing but insulting dumb sexist frat boys. @washingtonpost


Various articles say it is infiltrated by Russians. ALL LIES. Even @jimmykimmel on his national show says r/wsb was Russian operated!
7/ Thurs Feb 4 ~10:30pm PST, r/wsb is compromised & taken over allegedly by the short sellers/Citadel. I saw it happen B4 my very eyes. Informative DDs & positive posts about people from all walks of life coming together despite race religion & political affiliation were deleted.
8/ r/wsb was now allegedly owned and operated by Citadel and/or the shorting hedge funds. In the following weeks they would pump and dump silver, weed stocks, $RKT etc., in turn giving r/wsb a bad reputation (while making money for themselves as well).
9/ Feb - they continue to say wsb people are greedy gambling young millennials & GenZers (zoomers) who are ruining the stock market. They make sure to label individual retail investors and traders as the “REDDIT ARMY,”
10/ creating an ominous image of dumb money colluding together, able to
move mountains on any and every stock (not true—however, millions & billions of dollars via hedges CAN move the whole stock market up or down), and “the damn REDDIT ARMY
11/ is messing arnd ruining things they know nothing about.” This is why I refuse 2 use # that say redditarmy/AMCarmy/GMEarmy. It’s why I’m cautioning every1 2 remember u are a retail investor that does your own research & makes your own decisions. If you like the stock, buy it.
12/ In fact, NOW GME shareholders were being labeled as Qanon, Q, a cult, cultists, cult-like. “Steer clear from those weird Q cult people holding GME, those poor uneducated ‘kids’ don’t know what’s good for them. They’re all followers w/dumbness of the crowd mentality.” Image
13/ @CNBC & @CNN had Robinhood on to tell their side of the story. They chat w/them in such a friendly manner, chuckle & show the utmost respect to those illegal scumbags. I had it muted at times which allowed me to see the body language between them & the anchor. The smiling &
14/ scoffing at “irresponsible” “greedy” retail investors was disturbing. Basically normalizing RH’s actions. I’d been a loyal watcher of CNN my whole life, but since Feb, I haven’t watched one minute. I have banned them for life after witnessing blatant lying and manipulation.
15/ I was so naive 2 think the media tells the truth. CNN seems to be bought off like the rest of them. RIP @CNN what else have you lied about? I have lost complete and utter trust in you. And that goes for all media—they are all liars able to be bought by multi billion $ HFs/MMs
16/ r/wsb is now full of 1000 of sentiment shills & bots bashing GME shareholders online,
calling them losers idiots stupid dumb greedy useless sorry ass pathetic retards for being bag holders—sell at a loss already! Sell!!! Or, “I’m a stranger and I care about you, now SELL!!!” Image
17/ Also in February and as part of their FUD campaign, they did a total media blackout. It was as though GME never happened, never even existed. Out of sight out of mind. The public is blasé & forgetful & loves the next salacious news story. Do a complete BLACKOUT with #GME ✔️
18/ The rare times GME was brought up it was ALWAYS IN THE PAST TENSE. Game over. People lost money. The shorts have covered. Now FORGET GME & invest in THIS!!

Truth is, it never ended. They halted the squeeze. Pressure cooker still there. They ruined wsb’s rep, made GME out 2 B
19/ a wretched thing people wouldn’t want to touch with a ten foot pole—they could continue to manipulate the stock AND stock market, no new ppl FOMOing in...keep referring to the GameStop squeeze in the past tense as if it was dead & over with & you’d be foolish to get involved.
20/ Then S3 Partners changed their SI% calculation! No longer is it the % of actual shares shorted. No, it’s the actual + the synthetic combined, then the % is calculated from there. It’s like me saying hey I just created a ghost of me. It’s sitting right next 2 me.
21/ Now I’m double the total & now 50% me. Half a human? 😳 It’s not that simple, we don’t know amt of synthetics + other factors like dpt & shorting ETFs come into play, but it’s the best analogy I’ve got. So, the SI% goes down, they can say they covered. (Yet strangely enough,
22/ the price keeps going down) But now media & pundits can say “the SI% is down” & that “the shorts have covered.” They truly think the public are idiots. Truth is, the public doesn’t care, they gloss & glaze over so many things & believe whatever the media puts in front of them
23/ Finally, when GME SKYROCKETED in late Feb, @CNBC removed GME from their screens & tickers completely! Out of sight out of mind, regular people can’t FOMO in. What they don’t know won’t benefit them. This is the biggest scam they are doing—they are doing all this
24/ so more ppl can’t organically discover GME as a good investment. They are cheating millions of ppl out from discovering & investing in GME

ALSO during the 2nd hearing, @CNBC edited out crucial info regarding Citadel when they posted the hearing online—several minutes cut out Image
25/ There’s so much more, but this was my experience in Feb. Felt alone, isolated, confused, but thank goodness for the information I researched within the GME community on reddit—NOT r/wsb. GameStop has been AND STILL IS the most manipulated & shorted stock, and
26/ now we can see the system for what it is. Pure manipulation & psyche warfare.

I was actually inspired to write my experience after seeing and bookmarking this:

Don’t forget what they did. A running list of FUD: reddit.com/r/Superstonk/c…

27/ In my above writing, I am mentioning FUD articles I saw from
@TheAtlantic @washingtonpost @CNN @CNBC

Even @Reuters had a misleading & faulty logic article about bots on twitter pushing GME. Funnily enough, it coincided with shill twitter accounts bashing
28/ GME shareholders accusing them of being bots and foreign Russian entities.

The financial media’s fear uncertainty & doubt campaign regarding GME is ever prevalent, consistently trying to get investors to sell and prevent new people from investing.
29/ If that’s not part of market manipulation then I don’t know what is.

You have to ask yourself—why are they spending so much time and effort and money to dissuade everyone? I’ll leave it at that in hopes you do your own due diligence.
30/ TLDR: Shorts have not covered. I held thru 80-90% loss in February. 1st 3 weeks were dark times—super bad horrible sickening media FUD. Ruining reputations. Lying. $GME blackout. Killed organic excitement from gen public. They will pay for what they’ve done. #hodl
31/ What is one thing you learned from reading my account? I bet most ppl didn’t know or remember that they tried to say we were alt right! I remember everything, it is seared in my mind bc I suffer a form of PTSD from these cheating short sellers.
@GameStop @ryancohen @TheRoaringKitty @DOMOCAPITAL @elonmusk @chamath @cvpayne @KjetillStjerne @DennisKelleher @SusanneTrimbath

WHY IS $GME tanking every time there’s great news abt the company announced? —> @MaxineWaters @AOC @SEC_Enforcement

☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️ Please RT 1st tweet to spread the word, thank you. @rensole @heyitspixel69 @RedChessQueen99 @PinkCatsOnAcid @GMEdd @GMEshortsqueeze @Joshuajammes @dog_shill

End/ What did YOU experience that we should know about? Why are you #hodling? Anything we should know about your age, race, religion, gender etc that will let them know we’re not alt right Q-anon zoomer frat boys? What media manipulation have you noticed of late?
Outstanding #SuperstonkLive interview from a lawyer who has handled big cases regarding naked shorting (shorting a company into the ground for financial gain) #GME $GME #GMEforever #Hodl #ilikethestock #predatoryshorting #MarketManipulation @JchristianWes

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