Good Afternoon, Good Night, and Good Morning Folks!!.. I am looking for Jason Castle.. He's the architect of my new Social Media Platform.. He asked me NOT to allow people access to the site just yet as it's still under construction. I want to ask him if people can register..cont
And then get involved in the construction of this site.. this site is being designed for all of you, so I feel it important you be involved in it's creation.. On it it will be several different databases covering Law, Medicine,Politics, and multiple subjects of Higher education..
It will function much like youtube giving you the ability to share videos and even create your own channel.. Podcasts of all kinds will be available as well

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5 May
Social Psychology often looks at the basic Human need to fit in, and labels it "Normative Social Influence".. When you grow up, your Moral and Ethical Compass is almost entirely forged by your environment.. Your actions are often a result of the "Validation" from society...cont
New developments in Neuroscience is giving Scientist a better understanding of Culture and Identity. Recent research has confirmed the existence of empathetic mirror Neurons.. When you experience an emotion or perform an action, specific Neurons fire.. But, when..cont
You observe someone else performing this action, or when you imagine it, many of the same Neurons will fire again, as if you're performing the action yourself.. These "Empathy" Neurons connect you with other people, allowing you to feel what others feel...cont
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4 May
The Human Brain is a Network of approximately 100 Billion Neurons... Different experiences produce different neural connections which bring about different emotions.. And depending on which Neurons get stimulated, certain connections become stronger and more efficient...cont
While others may become weaker.. This is what's called "Neuroplasticity".. Someone who trains to be a musician, will create stronger neural connections that link the two hemispheres of the Brain, in order to be Musically Creative.. Virtually any talent or skill can be....cont
Created through training... Repetition and hands on experience... Always striving for perfection, Consciously or not.. Rationality and Emotional Resilience work the same way.. These too are Neural connections that CAN be strengthened.. Whatever you are doing at any time...cont
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4 May
Can I Have Your Attention Please ?? FOLKS!! I want you to do yourself a favor, and starting right now, set your alarm for noon tomorrow.. Doesn't have to be exact, as long as you make it in the ballpark.. The idea is to get your body outside during the Sun's most...cont
Potent time of the day.. Between 10 AM and 2 PM !! Before and after time periods produce a different type of radiation.. Some of it harmful.. When you go out, the less clothes you have on the better.. In fact, if you're not shy, Nudist beaches are the best... ..cont
Get there, strip down to your birthday suit, dig a hole in the sand big enough to get into, climb in and backfill the hole with you in it... This will accomplish 2 important things.. You'll get grounded while flooding your body with negative electrons.. And, when not buried..cont
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2 May
I keep hearing the same argument from Doctors and individuals contaminated with Covidiocy , about putting the Covid Vax into proper perspective.. If you have .04 percent of "Vaxxed Dummies" dying after being stuck, that should be acceptable compared to the risk of catching COVID!
First of all, whatever the number is that they're giving you concerning the deaths or serious injuries, only represents a fraction of what the true number is. Take for example the latest VAERS figures numbering 155,000 deaths worldwide, related to the vax...cont
If that's only 10 percent, lets add it up.. That's well over a million deaths.. Question is, who's going to step up to the plate and volunteer to die so the Doctors can figure out the next step.. Because that's exactly what it is.. They could give a Rats Ass what happens...cont
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1 May
Last night I shared an idea I had for the creation of a Non Biased conglomerate of Public Servants to serve the people.. I think I need to clarify that idea a little further as some people are not getting it !! Not to say that maybe I'm the one that's NOT getting it...cont
The way I see it, for something to exist in Harmony with everything else that surrounds it, it has to have to capability of recognizing the neutral ground of each Representative.. No matter what, there "IS" a neutral area for everything.. When ever a new idea is presented..cont
There's ALL the different categories of beliefs and opinions that interact with the idea.. Usually causing anger and conflict.. In stead of allowing it to upset and slow down implementation, assuming it's a worthwhile idea, how about including everyone's position ..cont
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1 May
I'd like to add a few things to last nights thread on protection from "Vaxxed Pinheads".. Anyone wondering what a "Vaxxed Pinhead" is, It's an individual with a brain the size of a pinhead that allows themselves to get stuck.. An irreversible mistake that proves just ..cont
How utterly stupid they really are... Not only have they allowed irreversible damage to their genome and immune system, their thoughtless actions now threaten everyone around them.. Not to mention the emotional hardships caused to those who can no longer be around them..cont
ALL of you need to start seriously thinking about how you're going to go about protecting your self and your family against the new threat of contamination by these idiots.. As I began describing last night, because the waste (shedding) coming off this vaccine..cont
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