While in highschool, Jack Parsons allegedly had hours of telephone conversations with von Braun, although of course von Braun was still in Germany at that time. This was in the early 1930s. So, not really believable.
Parsons graduated University School in 1933, though I could find no listing for that highschool in or near Pasadena.
Parsons dropped out of Pasadena Junior College after a short time, working at Hercules Powder Company. But since we are told he had been working there on weekends during highschool, this doesn't add up. Why? Because Hercules Powder Company was not anywhere near Pasadena.
Hercules Powder Company was north of San Francisco, so how did this highschool boy work there on weekends and holidays? Parsons' bio is looking like another fiction, composed by the bozos at Langley.
Next, we are told Frank Malina, a graduate student at CalTech, befriended Parsons, and he and Parsons applied for funding from CalTech together. Hold on. Parsons was only 19 at the time.
Why would CalTech fund this junior-college drop out in a package with a PhD student at their own school?
Next, we are told Malina's doctoral advisor Theodore von Karman set them up under the auspices of the Guggenheim Aeronautical Lab (GALCIT). This gave them access to CalTech's equipment. Again, why was 19-year-old Parsons included in this?
Note that all these people are Jewish. They admit that of von Karman. His mother was a Kohn. We are told Malina's father was Bohemian, but more research indicates he was probably Jewish. Parsons was from the Families, and therefore from Jewish bloodlines.
Jack Parsons was born Marvel Whiteside Parsons. Those names are all surnames, and we also find Wood, Lewis, Dikeman, Washburn, Platt, Sherman, Skidmore (Scudamore), Ayers, Smith, Clark, Monroe, and Kendall in his genealogy.
So he is of the Families, being related to the Earls of Rosse. This links us to the Pelham-Clintons, the Hawke-Harveys, the Lloyds, the Sheppards, the Philips, the Walsinghams, and the Hamiltons. They admit Jack Parsons was from a wealthy family, but don't tell you any of that.
Frank Malina's son is Roger Malina. Roger Malina is married to Christine Maxwell. Christine Maxwell is the sister of Ghislaine Maxwell. Which of course links us to Jeffrey Epstein.
Frank Malina worked at UNESCO in the 1950s under Julian Huxley. In 1953, he became a “kinetic artist”. He spent the rest of his life as a so-called artist. He founded the arts magazine Leonardo in 1968, which was always an insult to Leonardo and all real artists.
It is published through MIT press and promotes Modernism. So we have more indication all these people are Jewish spooks.
Roger Malina is a complete phony like his father. He was director of OAMP, which investigates Dark Matter. Since the mainstream hasn't figured out Dark Matter is just charge, these people are either grossly incompetent or purposely misdirecting.
Christine Maxwell's mother is Betty Meynard, a holocaust scholar. Figures. The Meynards are supposed to be Huguenot aristocracy, but they actual come from a silk manufacturing dynasty in France. Indicating they are Jewish/Phoenician.
GALCIT is also a red flag due to its founder, Daniel Guggenheim, of the billionaire Jewish Guggenheims who had gotten their money from. . . mining. So do you see why mining billionaires would start these companies? To buy their products. It was all about spending money, as usual.
The Guggenheim mines were founded in Leadville in 1881. Chai. Let's see, who was also into mining? That would be the Rockefellers, one of whom you are about to meet.
We are told Jack Parsons was the chemist in this group. Really? And where did he learn so much about chemistry? We are never told what he was doing at Hercules: probably nothing since he was never there. So all this is mysterious in the extreme. It makes absolutely no sense.
Next we are told the group shared Socialist tendencies. This is always a pointer at Jewish intelligence as well as at a hoax. Parsons and Malina were supposed to be working on an autobiographical screenplay for Hollywood with anti-capitalist themes. Right. Who believe this stuff?
Malina and Parsons were soon joined by CalTech grad students Apollo Smith, Carlos Wood, Mark Muir Mills, Fred S. Miller, William C. Rockefeller, and Rudolph Shott. Let's see, how many red flags just piled up there?
We have already established that Parsons was also a Wood and a Smith. Rockefeller is always a red flag, and I could find almost no mention of this William C. Rockefeller.
WorldCat gives us one library holding for him, but that is only a mention of him in 1995. So we have to find it curious this “graduate student” never published a single thing. Even Wikipedia has never heard of him.
Also curious is that Parson's biographer is named John Carter. That was the real name of Charlton Heston. The Carters are also of the Families, of course.
In 1938 we get more strangeness, when Parsons was called as an expert witness (age 23) in the trial of Captain Earl Kynette, head of Los Angeles Police Intelligence. I assume this whole trial was a fake. Kynette allegedly tried to kill LAPD detective Harry Raymond with a car bomb
Raymond was a whistleblower, we are told. Kynette was convicted mainly on the basis of Parson's testimony, making a name for Parsons. So we can see one reason why this trial was manufactured. It publicized both Parsons and his fake rocketry project.
But do note they admit LAPD had a vast intelligence unit operating as far back as the 1920s. You can use this in your analysis of the later Manson/Tate event.
All these graduate students working together at CalTech from 1934 to 1938 were able to increase the burn time on a static rocket motor from 2 seconds to one minute. Wow. With only that, they acquired government funding in 1939, being the first group to do so.
This was the foundation of the Jet Propulsion Lab, JPL. Just so you know, their solid fuel at this point consisted of cornstarch, amide, and ammonium nitrate (fertilizer), bound with glue and blotting paper. OK.
When they were asked to come up with a liquid fuel, Parsons proposed using. . . gasoline with nitric acid as its oxidizer. Brilliant. This was already 1941, and this is all the progress they had made since 1934.
To see what kind of tech we are talking about, study this solid-fuel JATO unit from this period:

That is from the National Air and Space Museum. Do you still think this wasn't a scam on taxpayers? The Air Corps allegedly ordered 2000 of those in 1943. As doorstops, I guess.
In that year the budget of Aerojet was already $650,000, or about 9.2 million in today's dollars. But it is made of metal, so the mining billionaires loved that little product.
For the next pile-up of red flags, we read this:

I'm not feeling better about Parsons, are you? And not because he was a real Communist, but because he is such an obvious spook.
Jack Parsons joins Thelema in 1939, becoming an acolyte of Alistair Crowley. By 1941 he is already being considered as a successor to Crowley as head of OTO.
At the same time, Parsons became a regular at the Manana Literary Society, which met in Laurel Canyon at the house of science fiction writer Robert Heinlein. So Parsons was involved not only in the occult, but in science fiction. Will you please read the clues!
At the same time, Parsons allegedly began sleeping with his wife's sister Sara, who was only 17. This should have landed him in jail, but didn't.
Instead, his wife encouraged it, taking as her lover Wilfred Talbot Smith, then head of OTO in the US. Yet another Smith.
He was actually the son of Oswald Cox of the peerage—brother of Homersham and son of Edward Treslove Cox of Marl Field House, Kent. This was near Tonbridge, and the Coxes went to school there with Crowley.
The four moved into the same house together, the Agape Lodge at 1003 South Orange Grove Ave. Parsons' own room was decorated with a copy of the Stele of Revealing and a statue of Pan.
I remind you, this is where the Jet Propulsion Lab and Aerojet Engineering came from.

Here is another picture of a JATO cannister from 1943:

Hmmm. I can't really believe they are trying to pass that off as a rocket engine. Plus, Parsons is what, five feet tall?
Compare that to the German V2, which was already in production at that time.
In early 1944 JPL received a $3 million grant from the Navy, but Parsons' company decided to sell 51% of its stock to General Tire, once more indicating this is all a fraud. Parsons allegedly sold his personal stock for $11,000. Right.
In the period after this, intelligence officer L. Ron Hubbard moved into the Agape Lodge with Parsons.
L. stands for Lafayette, in case you didn't know. Wikipedia admits Hubbard had been intelligence since 1941.
Hubbard and Parsons became good friends, and Hubbard was initiated into OTO. As described by Richard Metzger, "Parsons jerked off in the name of spiritual advancement" while Hubbard "scanned the astral plane for signs and visions." Again, this is where JPL and Aerojet came from.
Hubbard stole all Parsons' money as well as his lover Sara, bigamously marrying her. Hubbard later said he'd been sent in by the Navy on a project to infiltrate OTO and save Sara from its influence. According to this story, Heinlein was the Intelligence coordinator of this event.
After 1946, Parsons quit OTO and was hired by North American Aviation, where he worked on the Navaho Missile. It is unclear what Parsons had to offer to this project other than more hoaxing, since the Navaho was just a winged V2.
Although that should have been easy to create, and the project ran from 1946 to 1958, the Navaho was never deployed. It was cancelled in that year having never entered service.
We are told that work on it was used in the development of the SM-65 Atlas, but that is a pretty empty claim. So perhaps Parsons did have something to do there after all. All the Navaho program did is spend money, which Parsons and his handlers were quite good at.
When called before HUAC in 1949, Parsons sold out his old pals Malina and Weinbaum as Communists, although, this was all theater. All these people were agents and HUAC was nothing but a Punch and Judy show.
Parsons took a course in mathematics at USC at this time. . . and failed it. We are told he worked at a gas station, and as a hospital orderly. But at the same time he was a faculty member of the USC Department of Pharmacology.
We aren't told what qualifications he had for that. . . other than CIA. Sounds like a sitcom: gas station attendant by day, pharmacology professor by night, and full-time lady's man! Cue disco music.
Jack Parsons' security clearance was reinstated because he told the judge that Thelema was anticommunist. Does that make any sense to you?
Does it make sense this would free up Parsons to design a chemical plant for Hughes Aircraft? What qualifications or experience did he have in designing buildings? Did I miss something?
Next we get this. That helps, since the only red flag we haven't seen yet is now in view: he went to work for the Israelis.
Jack Parsons prepared to move to Israel, but was stopped by Hughes, who accused him of espionage. The US Attorney General dropped charges, since the documents Parsons was allegedly carrying weren't state secrets, but he was stripped of his clearance anyway.
So Parsons went to work for Hollywood producing special effects. Of course he did, since this is what he had been doing all along. Parsons supposedly died of an explosion in 1952, at age 37.
I'm sure he faked his death and continued on as an Intel agent under some assumed name.
Wherever he went, he took his mother with him, since they faked her death at the same time. Even that helps us read Parsons. I don't buy the stories about him being with lots of women. I would say it is much more likely Parsons was gay and the stories are used to cover that.
The Northrop sisters were his cousins and therefore probably only beards for him. We have seen it a hundred times.
With more research, we discover some sites calling him Sir Marvel Parsons. Do they know something Wikipedia doesn't? Wiki never tells us he was knighted.
My guess is these sites are CIA-front sites, like a large percentage of the web, and that they are divulging some unauthorized information. Parsons was probably knighted after his fake death in a secret ceremony. He may have been raised to Earl or Duke for all we know.
Parsons married a daughter of Northrup and allegedly had a relationship with her sister. The second sister, Sara (later Sara Northrup Hollister), ended up marrying L. Ron Hubbard and being instrumental in the spread of Dianetics and Scientology. So, an obvious spook.
The first sister, Helen (later Helen Parsons-Smith), was Parsons' wife from 1934 to 1946. It is never explained why she kept Parsons' name after she divorced him—unless she didn't.
But what is most interesting here is hidden in the bios: the name Northrup obviously links us to Northrop-Grumman Corporation, founded by John Knudsen Northrop in 1932 out of Douglas aircraft. Note the name Douglas, since that also links us to the upper levels of the peerage.
The Douglases are Dukes of Scotland and have been for hundreds of years. As for Northrop, they are also in the peerage, related to Grahams of Burntshiels and Airthrey Castle (and therefore Douglas), Cooke-Yarborough Baronets, Lyttleton (Viscount of Cobham), Hunt (Baron of Wirral)
Cavendish, Smith, Noble, and Campbell. They are from the same area of Kent as Crowley and Cox above, as well as from Scotland.
We can tell we are being misdirected away from Northrop not only by the subtle change in spelling to Northrup, but by the Wiki bio of Sara Northrup.

You see how they are misdirecting you away from the name Northrup? Nothing there on her real father Northrup.
Also, notice how they are trying to make you think they moved to Pasadena in 1923 based on a Ouija board, instead of the truth, which is that Olga had just remarried Northrup, who worked there.
Which means this Northrup was probably in aviation. And when did Jack Northrop join Douglas aircraft? 1923. Oh, what do you know! So my guess is that after Parsons got famous, they instructed the sisters to change the spelling of their name to break the obvious link to Northrop.
They didn't want you reading the bios and realizing that Parsons' entree into all this was not only his oldmoney peerage connections, but his connections to Northrop and Douglas through his young wife.
Wiki does drop another couple of bombshells there nonetheless. They admit that the Northrup sisters were linked to Standard Oil through their British stepfather Cowley. He was also a peer, and was closely related to the Grahams as well. Also to the Wellesleys and. . . Lennons.
The admitted link to Russian/Jewish lines is also informative. This Malacon Kosadamanov Nelson has been scrubbed, but Geneanet does tell us he married a Sjoberg in Sweden. This helps, because that name is Jewish.
JPL and Aerojet were founded by people like Parsons, which means they were Intel projects from the beginning, being mostly hoaxes on the taxpayers. Since the rocket and space programs had such unsavory beginnings, we can judge later history on earlier history.
So what we have discovered here confirms my later findings on nukes, the Space Shuttle, etc. It also confirms what I have suggested in many places: JPL is a den of fakery. It always has been and still is.
This is (one reason) why physics and astronomy are so corrupt: they were taken over by Intelligence at the behest of billionaires and sold as simulacra rather than as reality. Science lost touch with reality many decades ago.

• • •

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