We have watched each click of the ratchet, as mindless pod people tell us that each new change isn't really happening, it's a crazy conspiracy, and also it's good that it's happening.
Have you ever seen Invasion of the Body Snatchers? Don't waste your time on any version but the original from 1956. It's a truly chilling film, one of the great classics of sci fi horror, and also a political allegory, as poignant today as it was then Image
In the story, alien seed pods grow exact replicas of the people all around you, and when you fall asleep, an alien consciousness grown from your pod takes over your body. At first it seems like a mass hysteria of Capgras delusion, but the aliens and pods turn out to be real Image
"I will not eat the bugs, I will not live in the pod" – this far right hate slogan exists because we know the people in charge want to make us eat insects and house us in bug hives. But Invasion of the Body Snatchers offers us a different way to imagine pod life Image
Progressives feel a salacious thrill when they imagine what common, ordinary things will be prohibited in the future. This is the sacrifice that the god "progress" demands – each generation gives up a slice of humanity – and they call this "humane"
We've all heard them say it, that perverted thrill they feel when they imagine their own futureshock. "one day, people will see meat-eating as cruel and barbaric" – These cancerous prohibitions are always latent in the progressive mind, then one day they metastasize
The first time I was politically awake for it was the normalization of homosexuality. Public opinion flipped over night. One day, Obama himself was against it (lie) and the next day your very own friends were taking you aside in private to tell you to stop calling things gay
Since then it's happened two more times in rapid succession: first with transsexuality, and second with Bowels Loose Movement. In 2014 they were a minor nuisance, in 2020 everyone spontaneously bent the knee. They did that because people instinctively submit to power
Watching my friends and coworkers install the latest kernel updates for progressivism makes me feel like everyone around me is being replaced by Alien pod people. For some, the feeling is mutual, but these are people whose slogan is "Change", who insist WE are the radical ones
Whether you can be body-snatched by a rapid norm reversal is pretty much the criteria for whether you are fully human or just some kind of animal. True nihilism isn't hopelessness, it's having no anchor.
People who believe in nothing also believe in everything, it's why cults proliferate in times of social collapse, which is what you are living through. Physical collapse isn't here yet, but cultural collapse, meta-political collapse, has arrived
We all need rules and norms to tell us what to believe and do. The deluge of information we receive is impossible to sort and interpret without a hardened moral framework. Most of us lack that, so when someone comes along with clear, uncompromising rules, we're drawn to that
Emancipatory politics wants the whole earth to be one big orgy. The orgy is the cessation of all norms into what Bataille called sacred time, when taboos are not only lifted, but ecstatically inverted.
We cannot exist in a state of emancipation in perpetuity, which is why society's emancipators have become its inquisitors. People need rules the same way they need food and the same way they need sex. Hence the lust for new prohibitions – forbidden words, forbidden foods
Sacred food rules are as old as humanity. We have sad, atrophic jaws and teeth relative to our monkey cousins; man is the animal that cooks. We externalized our digestion into behavior and culture, and now everyone–left, right, savage, sophisticate–hungers for rules about food
Food taboos that defy rationality and reason sustained our species in a world full of poison. Poison grows out of the ground, it grows on animal flesh, it ferments and blooms on the food we store. We had to learn to purify our food, with techniques that defy easy rationality. ImageImageImage
What does that have to do with Invasion of the Body Snatchers, with the mainstreaming of homosexuality, transexuality, and state-enforced negrolatry? Everything. Because for those of us who are not politically inert, we have watched these rapid norm shifts over the past decade Image
We have watched as social media accelerated these norm shifts. Kittler defined totalitarianism as the distance between broadcast and public opinion. And we can see the norm shifts that are being planned for us on the horizon.
It won't be long til the pod people treat carnivory the same way they treat "racism." They will shamefully, tearfully admit they used to eat meat. They will confess their bewilderment that they ever thought this was ok. Probably within a decade, these things will come to pass
The rest of this thread is and will be dedicated to chronicling the ongoing war on meat. They want you to eat bugs to weaken you and to humiliate you, but most of all the way the disgusting, sanctimonious thrill of a new prohibition.
More and more you will celebrities and politicians conspicuously eating bugs. The propaganda floodgate has already opened, and we reactionary cranks have noticed, and the feeling in the air is like 2014. The overton window is closing. Image
Meat recipes, traditional recipes that connect you to your heritage and your culture and your ancestors, will first be stigmatized, and then erased Image
Prestigious restaurants will abandon meat, and these trends will cascade, like a waterfall, into bugman middle class strivers Image
New regulations will gradually make meat less and less affordable to the average person Image
Insect-based foods will occupy larger and larger proportions of supermarket space. And they will be subsidized, cheap, disguised at first as things you enjoy Image
One way to shift the Overton window is to start with a ludicrous, unacceptable claim, then pedal back to a weaker version. This acclimates people to the extreme version, allowing you to claim a little more territory with each iteration ImageImageImage
Interlude: read my story about the glorious and terrible eco-future, The Green New Deal zerohplovecraft.wordpress.com/2019/09/28/the…
God: sends a plague of locusts to punish us for our wickedness

Libs / Demons: Eat them ImageImageImageImage
total coincidence, I'm sure. Image
Everything the regime does is good and correct, so whenever anything goes wrong, it's always "saboteurs", you see, who are undermining the solidarity of the workers ImageImage

• • •

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I'd love to be patriotic. Nothing would make me happier. But what's left to love about my country, its "democracy?" In school I learned democracy meant everyone should have a voice. But my whole life I've been told my voice doesn't count because I'm straight white and male
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People aren't following you, they are opting in to let the algorithm show you their brain noise. Huge difference, which twitter dot com elides completely, to their benefit. You're not a leader, you're an entertainer, at most—
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Every morning one should first do reverence to his master and parents and then to his patron deities and guardian Buddhas. If he will only make his master first in importance, his parents will rejoice and the gods and Buddhas will give their assent
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