FFS southern settlers stop building your careers by gathering mountains of money to pay yourselves to save the Inuit with greenhouses. How do I have to say this every gott-dam year?! There is a national collective amnesia that allows money to be wasted doing this over and over.
It’s been a really hard week. I don’t have the bandwidth to look into this right now and not scream curse words at people. Anyone in #nativejournalism interested in looking at how many greenhouse projects have wasted people’s money in the last 20 years?
They inevitably get positive press written by transient white journalists who are in the North for a few months. Then the Orgs or team members get some awards for innovation/social/environmental work. Then they go silent & disappear when cost benefit analyses show it’s pointless.
There’s also usually some minuscule support from local government, often agreed to by (once again) transient settler bureaucrats. Or a few younger Inuit folks who aren’t aware of the long history of failed tundra/permafrost greenhouse projects.
There’s also usually some philanthropic support for these projects from Orgs/foundations that should know better by now. If you focus on the Arctic, you should know greenhouses are not the solution to high Arctic food insecurity!!!
I’m not dissing greenhouses. They’re great for south of the tree line. They’re great for individuals who are into it and get a kick out of having one. But they are not a solution for Inuit living on rocky permafrost. Stop trying to replace our beautiful hunting culture.
All those donations should go to Inuit led projects. They should go toward initiatives that hold accountable all the corrupt animal rights and “green” orgs that have disrupted our food supply chain.
You wanna address food insecurity in indigenous communities? Support indigenous-led language, culture and #landback initiatives that strengthen our own food ways that make sense to us and make sense in our lands.
On this day in the 2021st year of our colonizer, be it known that it is anti-Inuit to support anti-seal hunt campaigns, and it is colonial AF to try to transplant/propagate a foreign food system onto indigenous peoples. Greenhouses on the tundra aren’t innovative.
I *almost* hesitated to name them because they’re just the latest in a long line of young, breathless, misty-eyed do-gooder saviours, but it was looking at @greeniglu that inspired this particular thread. I’ve written threads before about other iterations of the same tired idea.
Entities that give awards for #greeninnovation or #socialinnovation, please stop awarding non-native teams for trying to make greenhouses on the tundra a thing. $17-$35 per serving of veggies makes NO sense.
I would love to see a careful analysis of return on investment for this and other initiatives, including numbers on how much of the funds stay in the north vs. How much goes towards southern admin and travel and other expenses.

• • •

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21 Dec 20
THREAD - for the love of Inukness, indigeneity and documentary film:

A lot of very eloquent things have been said in response to the news about Michelle Latimer’s apparently insufficient claims to indigenous identity.
After my private phone and email conversations with her over the past couple of months, as well as reading the information publicly available, I have decided that I no longer personally see her as indigenous.
I see a lot of indigenous folks also coming to this conclusion, but painstakingly crafting statements and social media posts in order to pay respect to the sovereignty of the nations she has claimed to be from. It is up to them and them alone if she’s from their nation.
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5 Feb 20
This is an incredibly difficult thing to write and put out there publicly. But I am fucking DONE protecting violent men (TW sexual assault) so here goes:
I'm upset that Johnny Issaluk has been chosen to receive an award from the Governor General of Canada, as well as an Indspire Award. I have written to both organizations asking them to retract their awards for him.
A decade ago, I cast him in one of my short films called Inuit High Kick. It’s a beautiful short film that I was very proud of, and he was magnificent in it. It played at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, and shown in many places over the world.
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26 Oct 19
I am gutted by how bad this article is, and that I ever welcomed the author into my house. She arrived in the north having no idea what to even write about, and I gave her a bazillion ideas. Instead she chose to reinforce stereotypes.
As I told her: This piece is severely problematic. It’s poverty and trauma porn. There are ways to shed light on darkness respectfully. But your piece is not it. It is one in a loooong line of many that make privileged folk feel better about themselves by feeling bad for Inuit.
Reading through the article’s comments on the @nytimes site shows how destructive this article is. The staggering ignorance is reinforced and compounded by the attitude that Inuit need to be “saved” by white folk. You know that’s how all the horrors you describe came to be right?
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11 Apr 19
1 - Has anyone ever seen a movie (not doc) that directly challenges the “white saviour” trope? Would love to see one, they must exist.

We have a character in our Grizzlies movie that attempts to be a white savour, but fails and is schooled by native youth.
2 - As Inuk producers @Aarluk and I worked really hard to portray this character in a way that felt real to us, having grown up with many of these white saviour type teachers. It was important to show that person for what they are. Then destroy that white fantasy.
3 - the idea that a young, inexperienced teacher can come in and save the little brown kids with a pep talk and tough love... is bullshit. As if we haven’t tried that ourselves. The reasons for our struggles are big and complicated and colonial.
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