Good thing DeSantis got all of his "doing great on Covid" stories written before this.…
These stories from a few months ago have not aged well at all.
I guess I shouldn't be surprised that he's going to run for president on bad Covid policy, they last Republican candidate did too.
A few months ago CA and FL had nearly identical per capita records, then DeSantis declared victory and each day the difference grows a little wider.
Experts without a dog in the hunt dispute the rumors that Florida cooked their numbers, but I can't find anything on the contention that tourists who are infected there aren't counted, which given FL opened up for tourism way before CA, would be interesting to track.
Ultimately, even with this late and avoidable surge, a lot of places did worse than Florida, but I'd think it should be obvious by now whenever the policy toward Covid is driven by political ambition rather than science, humans are sacrificed.

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8 May
Really feels like there’s roughly a year to demonstrate in as dramatic a fashion as possible that they didn’t get away with this or they’ll get away with so much more going forward.
I feel like the press is fairly comfortable summing it all up as worse than Watergate, but there’s a tacit agreement that talking about jail time is too extreme and would be viewed as too political.
Ironic that Roger Ailes created Fox News to push back against the rule of law impeding GOP momentum and he didn’t live to see that destiny truly fulfilled.
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8 May
Look, I'm Woody! Howdy howdy howdy!
I just love that he poses in a shirt that's either brand new or he sends his ranch wear to the dry cleaner.
Ok, I’m assured that real ranchers go heavy on the starch. Well I guess I can never be a cowboy.
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7 May
Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham have definitely played Boar on the Floor at Mar-a-Lago.
I know all the seasoned political reporters dismiss blackmail talk, but I still say blackmail is 100% in Trump's wheelhouse. Hell, he publicly threatens blackmail in to form of turning the base on his defectors.
I'm starting to think Liz Cheney's secret is Trump never managed to get anything on her.
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6 May
Why is real life so badly written?
I mean Columbo worked a case for 90 minutes before it got to this point.
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5 May
A lot of comedy and tragedy came out of the Trump administration, but Mike Pompeo swaggering out of that train wreck like he has big baller presidential energy might be both the most hilarious saddest thing of them all.
Still can't get over the cheek of throwing these gala dinners on the taxpayer dime to convince Washington you are a real playa.
Perfect font choice though, Mike.
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4 May
There's this weird trend of these "liberals can't admit it's over" stories. Except cases are still near last summer's peak, we're hitting a vaccine wall way too soon, there's still hot spots bubbling up even now, and a lot of the rest of the world is a variant incubator.
I don't think it's not wanting to get past this -- certainly I'm doing a lot more post vaccination -- I think it's a wary hesitation based on a year of people getting ahead of the conditions on the ground and spiking new waves of infection.
Are some people being more cautious than they need to be? Probably. Is it a reaction to a vast confederacy of idiots never showing any caution whatsoever? Most definitely.
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