It's really hard to look at this and not think, Damn, Baudrillard was right. People mostly live in hyperreality, where a constructed image of performative presidentiality is more presidential than actual presiding.
Fits my second Iron Law of Woke Projection thesis, though: The Woke Left and their precursors are telling you not how the world actually is but how Leftists interact with it. Robin DiAngelo's humiliation tracts about whiteness are another example.
First Iron Law of Woke Projection thesis is that the Woke Left and their precursors are, through accusation and hysteria, usually confessing their intended plans, e.g., to make America systemically racist and to manipulate white fear to grab power.
Regarding the second Iron Law of Woke Projection thesis, find something Woke, replace "white" with "progressive," make other small changes as necessary, and see for yourself. It's amazing. They're just writing confessions about their political neuroses in so many cases.
Second Law of Woke Projection thesis boils down to "everyone I know thinks this way, and I only know progressives, but progressivism can't be the problem, so everyone thinks this way, and conservatives do it wrong and thus progressives are better people, obviously."
The Woke and related literature and social media activity makes SO MUCH MORE SENSE once you understand that they think how Leftists view the world, neurotic as that is, is how it really is, obvious to everyone.

• • •

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More from @ConceptualJames

12 May
Lmao. Apparently there's a total Woke meltdown happening on some reality show about Real Housewives of Dallas #rhod because some "AANHPI" is milking a fight over chicken feet soup to up her status, and it's a shitshow.
Like, total meltdown. Life's so hard. 😅
I've said before that going woke is often a way for people who don't need money to chase clout and opportunities, and this is a great example of that. Cynical and ridiculous.
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9 May
Getting sick of having society run by psychological fragility of the highest order, much of it ideologically induced in the bourgeoisie of today by people who understand that it's the key to manipulating a society.
At this point, I think I'm totally comfortable in saying that what the mainstreaming of Critical Theories and leftist ideology (and the propaganda that carries it) have achieved is psychologically crippling most of our institutional leadership (esp. if it leans left).
They have been rendered incapable of functioning like adults in a society. It's like that saying about weak men creating bad times, but they're not just soft or weak, they're MADE that way, and they're completely fragile, almost completely crippled.
Read 9 tweets
9 May
This is only true in the academic setting because the totalizing approaches to Critical Race Theory completely overwhelm the more cautious ones that might exist in the literature, as they would. No version of CRT has any defense against the totalizing ones. That is, bullshit.
This is very typical of the mistake almost always made by academics who think that their ideas are OK because if the most judicious and careful people use them in the most informed and reasonable way, i.e., how they view themselves, then there's no problem. It's extremely naive.
A great parallel example is the Critical Theory of Gender, which posits that gender (but not sex) is a social construct. You'll notice that the full-blown critical constructivist model in trans ideology has bulldozed that completely, and they have no real defense.
Read 11 tweets
8 May
Mid-level violence. They do just enough where the law should intervene but won't, to prevent "escalation," then wait for their provocation to erupt in predictable frustration and outbursts that the law will then intervene upon and which will be filmed and used as propaganda.
If you think the activists doing this don't know EXACTLY what they're doing and how to do it, that they're not trained [Marxists], you misunderstand the situation

Lawmakers and law enforcement need a viable counterstrategy. It's an easily understood tactic that must be countered
At a minimum, police should be empowered, instructed, and backed in the effort to prevent these groups from blocking traffic, arresting those who persist in the behavior or who subsequently resist that arrest. Laws and departments should back them in this unequivocally.
Read 5 tweets
8 May
Another reason to push back hard on Critical Race Theory. This is one of its most sinister tricks, and I see it in many domains:

1) Indoctrinate the youth
2) Use their indoctrination as proof that "students/clients demand it"
3) Indoctrinate more

It's a manipulation.
I saw this in colleges. Here's how: administrators say it was demanded by students that schools go Woke, students who had been indoctrinated in high school. Who? How many? (Few percent most activist.) Why not say no? Financial hands tied, no spine, and wanting to do it anyway.
I see it in corporations. Here's how: "our clients demand it." Do they? Who? How many? (Few percent most activist, who speak up where most others won't, even before being made afraid to disagree.)
Read 8 tweets
7 May
Lmao at how hard they have to try to get people to (allegedly) protect themselves against a (allegedly) dangerous and deadly disease.

I contend they'd have had virtually no problem if they didn't completely blow it last year with their obviously politicized Covid nonsense.
We should be really clear on the point that the Democrats and their "public health" technocratic "expert" enablers own virtually 100% of the vaccine hesitancy "problem" they're now so desperately trying to fix. They completely blew it, and so few people trust them now.
Institutes of public health acting like the virus was too deadly to buy groceries but race riots are somehow not just necessary but good. "Racism is the real public health emergency." All the Fauci bullshit. Vaccine passports like even being on the table.

Completely blew it.
Read 9 tweets

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