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in jimin’s art school, every semester, there's a competition between all the first years from each major. the contest has different challenges, but the hardest of them all is convincing senior min yoongi to perform at the midterms party. he never says yes until now. ImageImageImage
• kinda cliché. college au. sweetheart, innocent jimin and tsundere whipped yoongi. fluff, flirting, and a tiny bit of misunderstandings.

• this is a commission out of my drafts! it’s an original idea, and the commissioner picked it up for me to finish writing it.
first of all, a freshman and a senior 👀 ImageImage
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some of the dares: ImageImageImage
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Youngmi looks around. "Okay, he must be around. They told me he has class soon."

Jimin looks at her and sighs. "You can't come with me? I don't want to embarrass myself in front of a senior."

"He's going to think I'm forcing you to ask him." Jimin doesn't say anything.
In a way, he's being forced to this, but it's part of his University experience, so he's going to do it. "Oh! There he is! You should go!" Jimin nods slowly, holds on tightly onto the bag of tangerines in his hand and the iced americano on the other, and follows her gaze.
Jimin gulps when he sees Min Yoongi.

He's using big headphones, and he's scrolling down his phone. He's wearing ripped black jeans, and he has a black tee tucked in. He's handsome. He's handsome.

"Go! Go!" Youngmi encourages him, and Jimin nods again and takes a step forward.
Min Yoongi is probably heading somewhere, but Jimin intercepts him, standing in front of him and bowing. "Hello, Yoongi sunbae?"

Yoongi blinks at the interruption, and first, he takes off his headphones; soft music comes from them. Up close, Jimin sees he's pretty.
He has cat-like eyes, and cute lips, and a small nose. And then- the prettiest of it all, a bright smile. Min Yoongi laughs, and he locks his phone. "Uh- let me guess, dance?"

Jimin stands straight. "How do you know?"

"Because music and acting got here earlier than you."
"Oh," Jimin shoulders slump. He feels nervous and looks around to find Youngmi is gone. "Well, I guess you know what I'm here for then."

"I think the gifts are enough to notice," he chuckles again. "What do you have there?"

Jimin lifts the market bag and smiles. "Tangerines!"
Min Yoongi grimaces, and the scrunch of his face is cute. “Ah, I’ve received so many tangerines today; I don’t think I can eat a single more for at least a week.”

Jimin panics at his words. “Ah! ‘I’ll throw them away!”

Yoongi snorts and laughs. “Please don’t throw them away.”
"I'm sure someone can eat them. Maybe the guards from the faculty can use a snack since they're working under the sun," Min Yoongi looks towards the building behind them, and Jimin feels so silly.

Why did he offer to throw them away? Jimin frowns while looking at the floor.
Min Yoongi chuckles one more time, and Jimin glances at him. "Is that okay? Maybe your team members want to eat them? Just don't throw food."

"I won't throw it! You're right! That was silly. Giving them to the security guards is a good idea."

Yoongi nods. "If they want."
"Uh, wait-" Yoongi gestures Jimin to stand in place, and he walks towards the closest security guard. "Woojin ssi," Yoongi bows at him. "Do you want some tangerines? Some freshman bought way too many."

The security guard says yes, and Yoongi signals Jimin to get close to him.
Jimin bows at the man and silently hands Yoongi the fruit. "How many do you want?" Yoongi asks while opening the bag. "There's a lot!" The guard receives two and thanks to them. "Uh-" Yoongi turns to Jimin. "What's your name?"

"Park Jimin!" So dumb! Jimin didn't say his name!
"Alright, Jimin ssi, this is Woojin ssi," Yoongi introduces them. "He works here in the music department; if you need to use a music studio from this building, you have to come to him."

"I supervise the room reservations," Woojin explains, and Jimin nods and bows again.
"Uh, we still have some tangerines left," Yoongi sighs.

"Maybe the ladies at the desk want some," Woojin suggests, and Yoongi nods. He tells the man to enjoy the fruit and turns to Jimin.

"You know where the reception desk is at?" Yoongi asks, and Jimin shakes his head.
Yoongi snorts. "What do your team leaders do? Just make you dance in the main diner for points instead of explaining where the reception desk is." Yoongi starts walking, and Jimin goes behind him. "Do you have time to go?"

Jimin stares with wide eyes. "Yes! I'm good."
Yoongi looks at him for a long second before glancing away. "Listen, if you want to ask for requalification in a test, or ask for a copy of your student ID, or ask for any paper that proves you study here and a bunch of things more, you go to the reception desk."

Jimin nods.
Jimin is sure Jungkook and Taehyung don't know all of this, so he'll explain later and act as if they're silly for not knowing. Yoongi bows at the ladies at the reception desk and offers them the fruit. Since there are four of them, they accept the bag and thank them.
Yoongi turns to Jimin after that and smiles at him. "Well, that was it. Good luck on your first semester and your freshman games."

Jimin is confused; he didn't even get to ask Yoongi if he could go to the midterm party; they just went on a tangerine delivery in the faculty.
Yoongi starts walking away, and Jimin hurries behind him. "I also have coffee for you!" Jimin announces loudly. Yoongi stops walking and stares at him before chuckling.

“I’m sorry, I've had way too much coffee today. My friends told all of you I like coffee so, I've had three."
"And it's not even lunchtime," Yoongi adds and puts his hands on his pocket. "Why don't you drink it?"

Jimin purses his lips and twirls the cup from the University's coffee shop. “I don’t like iced americanos. They're not sweet enough for me. I drink coffee with milk.”

"Maybe someone from your team will want it," Yoongi murmurs before looking away. "I should get going, now. Sorry I can't accept your gift."

Jimin doesn't want him to go, or well, he doesn't want to lose the challenge. "What do I have to do for you to come to the party?"
Those were the wrong words because when Yoongi hears them, he scrunches his face as if he ate a lemon. "I'm sorry again, but I don't have much to do at a party full of freshmen."

"But it's to perform!" Jimin reasons. "You don't like performing? You must like performing."
"Yes, I like performing. If first-year students want to see me performing, there are other places where I do it. I just don't like the freshmen game midterms party," he says. Jimin blinks. "I don't like the contest and the teams and stuff. So I rather not be part of it."
That's a very noble reason, and Jimin can't force him to do it. "I see. Where do you perform if I want to go see you?"

Yoongi raises an eyebrow. "Places."

"That's not an answer!"

"I don't have any performance soon, so I can't give you an answer!" Yoongi laughs.
"Umh," Jimin twists so he can search his phone on the small pocket of yellow backpack strapped from his shoulders. "My team leader didn't say what your Soundcloud is; she just said you had a viral song from years ago. So What's your Soundcloud?"

Yoongi plays with his hair.
"You haven't heard the song? That's the least you could have done before coming."

Jimin's eyes go wide. "I didn't! It's a song from three years ago! When were you what? Nineteen?" Yoongi nods. "I think I wouldn't want people to know me from something I did when I was nineteen."
"I rather ask you which song you think I should listen to," Jimin adds while he opens Soundcloud. "You were one person when you did the viral song, and maybe now you're another. Maybe you don't feel represented by that song anymore," Jimin explains. "So, what's your user?"
"Are you talking from personal experience?" Yoongi asks, though, still not giving Jimin an answer. "The train of thought you've had about my song doesn't seem something you've come up with without a cause."

"Ah," Jimin toys with his phone. "Yeah. It comes from my experience."
"If you tell me why you had that train of thought, I'll tell you, my Soundcloud user."

Jimin feels a little embarrassed. "I can ask someone else for your user," Jimin mumbles.

"You can. But they won't tell you my artists' pick."

Jimin glances at Yoongi. He's smirking.
Jimin takes a deep breath. "I used to dance ballet when I was younger, and I quitted," Jimin gulps. "And I wouldn't want someone to see my videos dancing ballet before seeing me dance because they would assume certain things of how I relate to dance that don't represent me now."
Yoongi stares at him for a long moment before reaching for the coffee in Jimin's hand and grasping it. "Does this have sugar?"

Jimin perks and shakes his head. "No! But I got sugar packets from the coffee shop!" Jimin searches for them in the pocket of his long beige cardigan.
"There's refined sugar, and brown sugar, and sugar substitutes! Whatever you like." Jimin offers them all in his palm.

Yoongi sips from the coffee and then glances at Jimin. "You have small hands." Jimin gasps loudly. "I don't use sugar but thank you for bringing all the store."
Jimin squints his eyes at him and puts the packets of sugar in his pocket again. "The user is gloss," Yoongi says. "With a loud dash before the name." Startled, Jimin nods and types on his phone. "You found it?"


Yoongi takes a step closer, hovering over Jimin.
He brings a hand to Jimin's phone and scrolls down. They're so close, Jimin can smell his perfume. It's nice. "That's my artist pick."

Jimin reads the title and nods. "I'll listen to it."

"After that, you can listen to the viral one. It's the first one on my profile."
He takes a step back then, and Jimin scrolls all the way up to see the profile. He swallows when he sees Yoongi's face on the profile picture but with blond hair. Jimin doesn't know if he likes his current black hair or the blond.

"Alright. I'll listen to that one first."
"And your dance?" Yoongi says. "If not ballet, what should someone see?"

Jimin locks his phone to focus on Yoongi. "I don't know, something where I don't feel as constricted by rules," he tries. It's quiet, and then Jimin giggles. "Like a party."

He makes Yoongi laugh.
"You're still going to try that?"

"I'm sorry! I get that you don't like the contest, but it was the perfect chance!" Jimin excuses himself. "You laid it out for me!"

Yoongi pinches the bridge of his nose. "I kind of did." Silence. "You'll go to that party, I suppose."
"Most likely," Jimin says. "It's my first semester; I should go."

"There are better get-togethers that you could go to celebrate the end of exams. A huge party is overrated."

"That's snobbish. I like dancing; I like huge parties," Jimin replies quickly, and Yoongi gasps.
"You called me a snob?" Yoongi chuckles. "You're trying to flirt with me or something?"

Jimin blushes because, yes, maybe he is trying a little, but that wasn't flirting; that was just Jimin being honest. "Huge parties have their charm."

"Now, I feel called out," Yoongi sighs.
"In order to not be a snob and to watch you dance, I should go to the midterms party?"

"You could dance with me too," Jimin murmurs. "Not just watch."

Yoongi ruffles the back of his hair again and then sips some coffee. "Tempting offer. Interesting... Fine then, I'll go."
Jimin's body goes rigid. He must have heard wrong. "You'll go?"

"Yeah, I'll go. Sure. But you have to dance with me."

Jimin's mouth falls open. "You- but they said you're the impossible challenge."

"Is that how they call me?" Yoongi seems content. "I like that."
"You said yes?"

"Yes, I'm saying yes," Yoongi chuckles. "Don't look so surprised. I'm going to get a bit cocky," Yoongi rubs his nose with his pointer finger, and Jimin's heart is going a bit too fast.

"Oh, okay. Then."

"Yeah," Yoongi smiles. "You can tell your team."
"Wow, thank you," Jimin murmurs. He looks at Yoongi one more time, and then Yoongi shakes his head.

"I'm seriously late to class right now," he says, and Jimin blushes. He took so much of Yoongi's time. "Thank you for the coffee and the tangerine tour."

"Thank you."
It looks like Yoongi wants to say something more, but then he points towards the building. "I'll see you around, okay, Jimin? Listen to the song."

"I will!" Jimin squeaks. Yoongi bows at him and then turns to leave. When he steps away, Jimin raises his voice. "See you around!"
Jimin wants to ask for his number or his Twitter account, but Yoongi nods at him one more time while laughing over Jimin's loud voice, and then he puts his headphones back on, and he's gone. Jimin stays in the middle of the way from the campus, and then he covers his mouth.
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Jimin had heard the songs, and he wanted to DM Yoongi and talk to him about them, but Jungkook was right; he was going to seem desperate, so he doesn't send a message.

At the same time, Jimin wants to talk to Yoongi and prove that he will go to the midterms party.
He didn't like that people didn't believe him because he felt like Yoongi was genuine. And Jimin can't wait seven weeks to the midterms party and find out there if Yoongi will go or not.

And Jimin has a crush. Of course, he does! So he wants to talk to Yoongi again.
But he doesn't want to be desperate and uncool. So he doesn't search for him again until a week later when Jimin leaves the showers, and he sees Yoongi outside the dance building. Again, he's busy with his phone, wearing an oversized black sweatshirt and ripped blue jeans.
He looks cozy, and Jimin fixes his hair; he didn't style it after the shower since he's going home, but he hopes it doesn't look bad. Finally, Jimin grips the straps of his backpack and walks towards Yoongi. "Sunbae!" Jimin chips, and Yoongi looks up, startled by the loud sound.
Yoongi's eyes widen. "Jimin ah."

"Hi." Jimin beams at him.

"I didn't know you had class right now. I'm here to pick a friend."

"Oh, I just finished. I was heading home," Jimin admits. "But I saw you and thought I'd come to say hi." Yoongi nods. Jimin is making this so awkward.
"I heard the songs!"

At least he makes Yoongi smile. "You did?"

"Yeah, I heard your pick and the viral one and the others songs you've posted. I can see how different your choice was to the viral one, so I'm glad I heard that one first."

"How are they different?"
Jimin gulps, it feels like a test, and he wants to say the right thing to impress Yoongi. However, the difference is noticeable. "I mean, the viral one is like a typical angry breakup song, don't take that the wrong way, though! It's good, but the other ones are more reflective."
Yoongi only nods solemnly, his lips stretched in a thin line. "No offense, I think the same." Jimin feels like he did something right, so he smiles to himself. "I hope you liked them."

"I did!" Their eyes meet, and Yoongi breaks into a smile before glancing away.

Jimin doesn't know how to keep the conversation going, and all he thinks about is why Yoongi didn't give him his number last time, but he won't bring it up out of nowhere, so instead, he says, "since we're here, I wanted to make sure you're going to the midterm party."
Yoongi raises an eyebrow. "I am; I told you I was going."

"Ah," Jimin plays with the strap of his backpack. "It's just that no one believed me," he giggles. "You know since you always say no."

"You're wondering if I'll go because of the challenge or because you want me to go?"
"I want you to go," Jimin whispers. It's silly, but he thinks his cheeks are slightly pink. They're warm.

"Okay good, because I'm not going to help your major in the freshman games. I'm going because you said we could dance there."


"You don't believe me?"
"I do!" Jimin says without a filter, but then he frowns. "Well, I don't." Yoongi laughs. "Because everyone told me you might not show up, and I had doubts." Yoongi nods, understanding.

"I don't know if this means anything, but I've never said anyone before that I would go."
"If I say I'm going, it's because I will; you have to trust me."

Jimin pouts, but he feels giddy. "Why have you never agreed before? You said you didn't like the freshman competition; why you don't?" Jimin tries to chat more with him. However, Yoongi looks over Jimin's shoulder.
Jimin follows Yoongi's gaze and locks gazes with a handsome man. The man smiles at Jimin and nods in greeting. Jimin bows at him and returns his attention to Yoongi. "I guess you have to go."

"Yeah, I guess I'll tell you some other time? When we see each other again."
Jimin doesn't want that; he wants to get to know Yoongi more before the party. “Or-” Jimin looks at the floor, he rubs his neck. “You could give me your number?” he murmurs.

Yoongi snorts, and Jimin grimaces, hoping he didn't say anything too desperate. "Are you sure?"
"Yes!" Jimin nods quickly.

"You asked for it," Yoongi mumbles before searching for his phone. "Here, put your number, and I'll call you." Jimin scrambles to type his phone, and when he saves it, he does it as jimin with a heart next to it. Yoongi laughs when he sees it.
He doesn't fix it or calls Jimin out; he only calls Jimin and then hangs up. "There you go, now you have my number."

"Okay," Jimin whispers.

"And if someone doesn't believe you again about me going to the party, just tell them that they're going to see me there," Yoongi smiles.
Yoongi leaves with his friend, and Jimin calls Taehyung to tell him everything that just happened. He's so excited.
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Yoongi said he would be at the studio at 6pm, so Jimin guesses he'll be there for some hours. It takes him a while, but he convinces his team leader to let him leave the rehearsal early, and he walks towards the music building.

He bows when he sees Woojin ssi, the guard.
"Excuse me, Woojin ssi," Jimin mumbles while playing with the straps of his backpacks. Since he's a freshman, he still feels a little awkward going around campus. "Do you know if any Min Yoongi is at the studios?"

Woojin searches on a board, and he tells Jimin the room number.
Jimin goes up the stairs, butterflies in his stomach because he's going to surprise Yoongi. There are doorbells next to the studios on the third floor, so Jimin presses onto the ring and then sways on his feet, waiting for Yoongi to come.

He only has to wait some seconds.
Yoongi opens the door; he's wearing a loose white shirt and a necklace. His black hair is a bit messy, and it's cute but what makes Jimin's heart skip a beat is his glasses. And then, the smirk on his face. "Park Jimin."

"Surprise!" Jimin beams. "Can I see the studio?"
"Yes, come in," Yoongi murmurs. Yoongi explains that these are the small studios since they're used for individual projects, but bigger studios are on the second and first floor. Jimin only gasps in awe as he looks around the room, and then he sits on a stool next to the desk.
Yoongi sits on the big chair next to Jimin. "I'll leave in a while, so I won't distract you much," Jimin says. "I just wanted to come to say hi."

"I don't mind if you stay," Yoongi assures him. "I want to spend time with you." Jimin smiles to himself. "I like the distraction."
Jimin is so giddy around him. "I'll take a little break. What were you doing? I thought you had rehearsal?"

"I did! But I already learned all the steps, and we've rehearsed my part a lot. I have a small part; the girls are doing a larger part." Yoongi hums as he listens.
"I had to convince Youngmi noona to let me go, though," Jimin sighs. "She's nice, but she's very strict."

Yoongi frowns, and he fixes his glasses. "I don't like that about team leaders. It's not the freshman obligation to participate in the contest, but they act as it is."
"They always go like, you guys have to do this! Do it for the team! So music or dance can win! And then they make freshman do humiliating stuff." Jimin pouts, remembering some of the challenges they've had to do for points.

"I guess, but it's also fun," Jimin murmurs.
Yoongi glances at him and smiles. "Well, if you're having fun, then it's fine."

"I mean, I approached you because of a contest challenge," Jimin murmurs while playing with his thumb. Yoongi is silent, and Jimin guesses he didn't say the right thing.

"Yeah, you did."
Jimin thinks he's made everything awkward now because Yoongi focuses on the screen and starts checking something there. They didn't mention the freshman games while texting yesterday, and it was fun, but now Yoongi is a little stiff. "Is that bad?" Jimin whispers.
Yoongi glances at Jimin. "That we met because of a challenge? You seem a bit uncomfortable."

"No," Yoongi shakes his head. "No, it's not bad. Although, I guess it could have been bad."

"Could have been?"

"Uh, for example, if I have asked you to do something for me to go."
"If I had said I'd go if you give me your number. That would have been bad."

Jimin nods. He understands. "Ah, is that why you didn't ask for my number that time?"

"Yeah, that's why. But, I mean- still, now I have to be careful not to do anything wrong."

"What do you mean?"
"What if you change your mind in some weeks and no longer wish to dance with me at the midterms party? But you feel that you're on the obligation of doing it, so I'd go, and your team can get the points for the contest. So I don't know; I think I have to be careful with that."
Jimin blinks. "That's specific. You've thought a lot about it."

Yoongi snorts. "In general, I think a lot about the way the freshman games put young people in awkward situations. And that's why I don't support it and why I tend to refuse to take part in it." Jimin gulps.
"Like- the challenge itself has a weird structure where I could take advantage of the situation you're in, you know? because I have something you need for points, and I can ask you to do something you might not want to do because of this game that is a campus tradition."
"And there's this discourse that comes from the team leaders that are like 'we have to win this!' 'We can't let down our major' or whatever, and it just puts freshman in this situation where they think 'okay, I'll do this thing I don't want to do because we'll get points."
Jimin hadn't seen it like that, but he guesses Yoongi is right to some degree. And well, he's older; he's had more time to think about it. "I'm a senior, and I represent all these points you need for your team, so I don't want to put you in an awkward situation."
He chuckles. "Like, imagine if you tell the people from your team that I won't go anymore because of personal reasons. They'll probably say, but Jimin, get over it and flirt with him again!"

Jimin looks down at the floor. They did send him to flirt with Yoongi at first.
"I don't know; that's why I didn't text you first and why I didn't ask for your number until you brought it up yourself. I'm interested in you; I think you're beautiful, and I want to get to know you more, but I'm a bit wary of the situation between us and the challenge."
"I see."

"I didn't want to tell you all this before we had even started talking, but I think you should know how I feel about this before we continue seeing each other." Jimin nods.

He gets it- "But I'm not a kid," Jimin murmurs without looking at Yoongi.

"I won't do something I don't want to do," Jimin whispers. "Like, if you say you want us to go out on a date, I wouldn't say yes because of the challenge; I would say yes because I want that."

Yoongi hums before leaning closer. "You want to go on a date with me?"

Yoongi chuckles before moving away; Jimin follows him with his gaze. "You're so cute, Jimin."

"Hyung!" Jimin pretends he complains, but he's not complaining at all.

"I understand you feel that way like you feel you own your decisions but let's take it slowly, okay?"
"Let's wait until the challenge is over because, after that, I'll feel more comfortable."

"You don't believe I'm interested in you without the challenge?"

"I do believe you," Yoongi assures him. "I just- it's personal okay? It's uh, a bad personal experience."

"I'll tell you about it sometime," Yoongi decides.

"Okay," Jimin whispers.

Silence. "I'm sorry I made things awkward now."

"No! No!" Jimin turns to him. "I think it's good that you're telling me this because it's clear to me you're not toying with me, and that would hurt me.
"I'm not fooling around, okay?" Yoongi says. "I'm not that kind of person. I'm actually a little intense just so you know," he chuckles, and Jimin remembers his conversation with Taehyung and Jungkook.

"I'm clingy!" He squeaks. "Since we're saying stuff that could be negative.
He makes Yoongi laugh again. "I don't think clingy is bad," Yoongi admits while looking at Jimin in the eyes.

"I don't think intense is bad either!" Jimin retorts. They stare at each other for a long second before both glance away while smiling.

"You're cute," Yoongi repeats.
"Umh, you said you wanted a date, right?"

"Yeah," Jimin murmurs.

"Okay, let's have a date. Are you free on Saturday?"

"Yes!" Jimin gets so giddy. He wants to go out with Yoongi and maybe hold his hand and maybe maybe maybe kiss him goodbye. Just a peck for now.
They talk about what they can do, and when Jimin checks his phone, he sighs. "I should get going. It's late, and I haven't let you work at all."

Yoongi glances at the screen. "You're going home?" Jimin nods. "You walk there or take the bus?"

"I take the bus outside."
"Umh," Yoongi looks between Jimin, the screen, his phone. He wants to say something, but he stops himself, and Jimin thinks he can guess what it is.

Jimin giggles before wondering. "Can you walk me to the bus station, hyung?"

"Yes, yes, I can," Yoongi answers quickly.
"I'm going to get a coffee first, is that okay? Are you in a hurry to go?"

"No, no, lead the way!" Yoongi and Jimin leave the studio together, and it's silly, but Jimin feels his cheeks go red whenever Yoongi greets someone at the faculty.

They stop at the vending machines.
"This is not as glamourous as the iced americano you got me that time, but can I offer you something from this shitty vending machine, Jimin? They're not good, but after two semesters, you'll think they're the tastiest."

Jimin snorts and glances at the drinks. "Uh, I want..."
"Hot choco," Jimin mumbles and points at the button.

"Hot choco," Yoongi repeats, and Jimin thinks he sounds endeared by Jimin's words and voice.

Once they have their warm drinks, before they can turn around and leave, Jimin grabs Yoongi's free hand. "Thank you, hyung!"
Yoongi doesn't let go of Jimin's hand until Jimin's bus gets to the stop and Jimin has to leave; and Jimin feels so brave he leans in and kisses Yoongi on the cheek before waving goodbye and running to the bus. He swears he sees Yoongi's pale cheeks turn bright pink.
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"I don't think the girls mean it, you know," Jimin says, and Yoongi interlocks their fingers together. They decided not to take the bus because Jimin wanted to talk, and sometimes the bus is so packed, it's impossible to hear his own thoughts. "I don't think they realize!"
"Because I was excited about the contest too! And I also wanted to win and all that, so I put myself in their situation, like- if I weren't the one going out with you now, and probably I would also be excited about completing a challenge no one has ever done before."
"But I am going out with you, and you've told me all these things about us that put in perspective, so now I can't help but notice how wrong the structure is!"

Yoongi chuckles, and he squeezes Jimin's hand. "Right, but only because we talked about it."

"Yeah," Jimin agrees.
"I think it's normal for people not to notice what harm they could be doing, especially if the context is such a happy game that is part of the University's experience." Jimin nods quickly. "I agree; I think your freshman classmates aren't aware that it can be wrong."
"I think a lot of times people don't notice that things can be wrong until years later when you look back into it, and you're like- hey, that wasn't okay." Jimin continues to nod, and he notices Yoongi goes tense when he says those words. "The game is fun, but it's not okay."
"Yeah," Jimin agrees. "Like even when I went to meet you, deep down I knew there was some amount of-" Jimin pouts, trying to find the right word. "Forcing myself to do it? But I did it because it wasn't something terrible; I just had to ask a guy a question. So it wasn't bad!"
"They chose me to do it; it's not like I had to kiss someone." Jimin glances at Yoongi and sees him gulp. "I just had to ask a question, and it was for this cool contest and for my experience as a freshman. But even if asking a question isn't something inherently wrong-"
"There is some wrong with it," Yoongi finishes. "How the game works in a way where you point at someone, and it's like 'you do this because if you don't, you'll make the rest of us disappointed.'

"Yeah," Jimin agrees. "And as you said before, it has put me in this situation."
"What if you weren't a nice guy? And I no longer want to do this-" Jimin squeezes Yoongi's hand to get his point across, and it makes Yoongi smile. "They'd probably be like 'endure it because the midterms are less than a month away' or something like that."

"I told you."
"And I think I can't blame them because no one sees what's wrong with it. Especially because we're freshmen."

"Especially because of that. You're out of high school, excited about getting the full college experience which includes doing stupid stuff."

"Yeah," Jimin agrees.
"It's not cool," Jimin mumbles.

"It's not cool," Yoongi agrees. "But you're cool," he adds and leans into Jimin's space, brushing their shoulders together. "Because when I was a freshman, I wasn't questioning myself that, I was just playing along. Saying it's a tradition!"
"So many people have done it; there's nothing wrong with it," Yoongi mimics his younger self, and Jimin wonders what made Yoongi realize it was wrong.

"I'm only questioning it because you explained it," Jimin tries.

"But you could have said, this guy is bullshitting me."
"And you didn't. Instead, you listened to me and questioned what other people were doing because you're a smart bean."

"A smart bean!" Jimin giggles. "We'll find out about that when I get my midterm grades."

"Grades don't have anything to do with intelligence, Park Jimin."
Jimin stops walking, making Yoongi halt too, and then he leans into Yoongi's space. "Am I getting another lecture from my sunbae?" Jimin teases, and when Yoongi smiles shyly, Jimin continues walking.

"Okay, no lectures. I'm not here as your sunbae."

"You're not?"
"I'm not." Yoongi lets go of Jimin's hand, but before Jimin can complain, Yoongi circles his arm around Jimin's middle, and with a hand on Jimin's waist, he pulls him close. "I'm here as the guy going out with you."

Jimin bites on his lower lip. "That's true."
Jimin leans into Yoongi's space, and it's a bit awkward to walk like this, but Jimin doesn't want him to move, not even an inch. Yoongi looks at him before whispering. "Don't let that whatever people from your team say upsets you too much. You can complain about it with me."
"But also, if their words make you doubt or have second thoughts about whatever we're doing here, that's also valid too," Yoongi tries. "This started because of a challenge, and if that makes you uncomfortable, I get it."

Jimin nods slowly, but that's not the case.
"I might have approached you because of the challenge, but I'm not here because of it. I'm not going out with you because of it either. No, I'm doing all this because I have a crush on you," Jimin mumbles, and Yoongi laughs to himself. "A ridiculous and strong crush."
"Well, I'm glad you have one because I also have a stupid big crush on you," Yoongi grumbles as if it annoys him, and Jimin laughs brightly.

"But I want to be clear about something!" He chirps, and when Yoongi looks at him, Jimin knows he's really listening.
"I don't have a crush on you because you're the mysterious and famous senior with a viral song who always says no in the freshman games. I couldn't care less about that. I have a crush on you because you're sweet and handsome," Jimin grimaces. "And I like the way you think."
Yoongi smiles before he whispers against Jimin's head. "I like the way you think too." Jimin is happy. They change topics for the rest of the way, and they hold hands again until they reach Jimin's house.

Jimin wants a goodnight kiss.

Jimin wants many goodnight kisses.
But he doesn't know how to ask for it, and he doesn't think Yoongi is planning on kissing him yet. But Jimin doesn't want him to go yet, so he reaches for Yoongi's other hand when they stop at the door.

"Hyung, do you wanna hang out for a while? Inside?" Jimin murmurs.
Yoongi glances at the house, and he takes a moment to whisper. "Inside?" Jimin sways their linked hands together.


Yoongi gulps. "Your roommates are home?"

"They must be," Jimin shrugs. If they're inside, cozy, and cuddling, they'll kiss for sure. Jimin knows it.
"They'll hang out with us too?" Yoongi tries.

He's stiff, and Jimin rolls his eyes. "If you don't want to spend time with me, you don't have to do it," Jimin whines dramatically. Before he lets go of Yoongi's hands, Yoongi pulls him closer.

"You're so dramatic, God."
"Get used to it!" Jimin says, and Yoongi laughs.

"I'm getting used to it. I'm glad you're letting out your true colors. You're not that sweet and shy freshman that brought me all the sugar packets in the shop."

"I'm still sweet!" Jimin whines, and Yoongi nods while smiling.
But then he sighs. "Jimin, I told you I wanted to take things slowly. I don't know if going into your room is taking them slowly." Yoongi's voice is low, and Jimin's cheeks are red.

"It is if we don't do anything," Jimin murmurs.

"We won't do anything?" Yoongi asks.
Jimin feels butterflies in his stomach. "We can stay in the kitchen, and I'll make you something warm to drink. Or we can see each other tomorrow for lunch."

Yoongi looks at Jimin for a long moment, and then he lets go of his hands to scratch his neck. "I want coffee."
It makes Jimin's heart race. To see Yoongi drinking coffee from his mug in the kitchen he uses every day. Jimin keeps glancing Yoongi's way, wondering if he'd feel coffee if they kiss. Wondering how soft Yoongi's lips would feel and how warm his mouth would be.
"Hyung," Jimin murmurs.

"Mmh?" They're sitting together on the small kitchen table, next to the other.

"You still want to take it slowly because you still think you'd take advantage of our situation?" Jimin tries to bring up the topic without whining for a kiss.
Yoongi puts the mug down and hums. "I feel like that midterm party still looms over us. We met because of it, I'm going to go for your points, and I don't know, I don't feel okay doing things the way I'd usually do them with someone I'm interested with until the party is over."
Stupid party. It was supposed to be something fun, but now it only makes Jimin upset. It makes his teammates act weird, and it makes Yoongi not kiss him. Jimin hates this.

"Hyung, what if we don't go?" Jimin says the first on his mind. "What if we go somewhere else?"
Yoongi glances at Jimin. "You said there are other fun places where I could celebrate, and I don't care about the points. It's silly, and it makes everything so complicated!" Jimin rants, and Yoongi is quiet. "Let's do something together, like you and me," Jimin tries.
Yoongi stares at Jimin. He doesn't seem nor happy nor upset, so Jimin doesn't know what to do or say. In the end, Yoongi drinks from the mug and then smiles softly. "I- I like that idea, but are you sure you want that? You're not saying that just because-" Yoongi struggles.
"Because?" Jimin tilts his head, confused by Yoongi's reaction.

Before Yoongi can say anything, Jungkook walks into the kitchen, gasps when he sees them. "Oops, sorry, I didn't know you were here." Yoongi and Jimin turn to see him. "I'll just-" he points outside.
"You'll just prepare something to eat outside?" Jimin finishes the sentence, and Jungkook nods slowly. Jimin laughs. "You're not interrupting anything; come inside." Yoongi is quiet, and Jimin doesn't like it. "Let's go upstairs, hyung? So we can talk."

Yoongi nods.
Jimin grabs Yoongi's hand, and he ignores Jungkook's suggestive eyebrow raise. Of course, Jimin would blush under other circumstances, but Yoongi is stiff and awkward after Jimin's idea.

They're quiet on their way to the stairs and in the hallway leading to Jimin's room.
Yoongi smiles when he sees Jimin's room. "This place is nice." Jimin bites his lower lip.

"It's small. I liked my room back home better."

"But you've made it look cozy." Jimin is glad Yoongi thinks so. He closes the door and feels Yoongi's gaze on him as Jimin sits on the bed.
Yoongi plops next to Jimin. It seems like Jungkook's interruption gave him time to order his thoughts, so he just goes for it. "Remember I wasn't ready to tell you my personal reasons as to why I feel this way about the contest?"

Jimin nods slowly, suddenly nervous.
"I think I should probably tell you about it now because maybe you'll understand better why I think the way I think. And why I want you to go to the party."

"Oh," Jimin mumbles. He looks down at his thighs and smiles softly when Yoongi nudges at him with his knee.
"It's nothing bad; I just think we should talk about it. In the end, you do whatever you want, but you should know why I think what I think."

"Okay," Jimin whispers. He likes that Yoongi is mature about it; if he were someone else, they wouldn't be willing to talk like this.
"Umh," Yoongi doesn't seem very happy, and Jimin hates it. He grows uncomfortable, judging by his posture and the way he rubs his hand against his thigh. "When I was a freshman, there was this dare; I don't know if they still do it. About kissing."

Jimin nods slowly.
"There's one, a photo of the team leaders kissing," Jimin remembers.

"Umh, in my year, there was that one, and there was one between freshman - like two first years had to kiss - and another one with the freshman and a leader. one hundred and fifty points each, I think."
"And it was all fun and games," Yoongi chuckles. "What I remember up to that point was all fun. The team leaders would organize parties, and we'd go to hang out with the people we were going to be classmates with for the next four years. It was all nice." Jimin nods; it is.
"And we're talking about a bunch of horny kids that just ended high school and that just wanted to live University life to the fullest and kiss people." Jimin bites his lower lip at the call-out, but he remains quiet. "So we would like- make out in the parties."
Yoongi scratches his neck and doesn't mean Jimin's eyes. "Uh, well, my team leader would hit on me a lot, which was fine. There was nothing wrong with it; I mean, now I think there was but back then, I didn't see anything wrong with it, and on the contrary, I liked it."
"This older guy was hitting on me; he was a cool second year, whatever. And we'd flirt." Jimin looks at him, but Yoongi is still avoiding his gaze. "And since we'd flirt, and the whole team joked about it, they said why don't you guys do the dare. The kissing dare."
"And he was like, sure, we should do the dare. And back then, I found the whole thing funny. I even was giddy about it. Nobody forced me to do it, like- held a gun to my head," Yoongi snorts. "I said yes, we did the dare, we continued flirting, we started going out."
"And like you, I have friends in acting and dance, so sometimes I'd see them instead of hanging out with the music team, which included him. And then he'd ask me out the same days I was supposed to meet with Hoseok and Seokjin, and I would agree because I wanted to see him."
"I would hang out with him instead of my friends. And I would hang out with the music team -where he was, because he was always there- which was basically hanging out with him because we'd stay in a corner flirting, and back then I enjoyed every second of it but now I regret it."
Jimin pouts, but he doesn't say anything because Yoongi has more to say. "We dated for a while after that, and then we broke up, and I wrote that song about him in my second semester when I was heartbroken, and it became viral, and it made me the popular guy," Yoongi jokes.
"And I hate that song because when I listen to it, I'm like, why was I so heartbroken over such a shitty person? Like- why was I so sad and devastated about an ass?" Yoongi scoffs. "I don't know- when you told me why you didn't listen to it. You made me very happy."
"I wouldn't have listened to it at all if you had told me you hated it," Jimin says.

He makes Yoongi smile. "I hate it, but that doesn't make it go away. I still wrote, and I still felt that way, so I can't pretend like it never happened." Jimin scoots closer to Yoongi.
"But you regret it."

"I do. I regret the way things unfolded with him and why they even happened in the first place."

Jimin bites on his lower lip. "You said there was nothing wrong with it, but then you said that now you think there was something wrong. What do you mean?"
"After some years, I can rationalize better what happened, and I see all of it from a new perspective." Jimin nods. "And just the fact that he was the team leader and he was hitting on someone he was supposed to guide through their first semester, that's already wrong to me."
"Like, when you apply to be a team leader, as a senior, you get responsibility for several kids that are fresh out of high school, and what he did with that responsibility was hit on one of them? So now I think he's a loser." Jimin laughs because at least Yoongi seems livelier.
"And our relationship only existed because he had responsibility for me. The university provided him with my email to contact me, and he got my number because he was my team leader. It wasn't because we exchanged numbers after showing interest in the other. You follow me?"
"Yes, you've been very serious about the whole phone number business."

Yoongi chuckles. "Yeah, the way I see it, it's like- if you give your TA your number so they can let you know what to study for the exam and then your TA uses it to flirt with you. That's wrong!"
"Like, a company has your number when you start working for them, right? And then if your boss gets your number that way, through your company information, and contacts you because they want to flirt, that's an abuse of power. That's using a power structure to reach you."
"Those are larger examples. So I think the freshman games are a small structure that imitates this bigger power problem. It's not as bad as your boss abusing power, but it creates a power relationship on a smaller scale. It's still wrong even if it's seen as less serious."
Jimin supports his head on his palm, and he watches Yoongi talk. "Then our first kiss was the product of peer pressure, like the way he brought it up, was using the dare as a starting point. We were in a casual flirting thing, but what pushed it was the kiss. A challenge."
"It wasn't a natural situation that bloomed between us; it was something pushed by a challenge. Which again, you know how I feel about those challenges."

"I know," Jimin murmurs. "You hate them."

"The dares are stupid and humiliating and see intimacy as entertainment."
"Intimacy isn't entertainment, especially the intimacy of kids that just got out of high school. We're talking about people who were minors one year ago."

"Two years ago. I'm nineteen," Jimin mumbles. Of course, he's not a kid, but Yoongi makes it sound like that.

"I know."
Jimin understands that Yoongi just wants to protect him and not hurt him, so he doesn't complain about it. On the contrary, it's actually sweet of Yoongi how worried he is about stepping the line with Jimin. "But it's still young, and I was young when I had that relationship."
"And a relationship that started with these power issues could only grow to something that had even more power structures, like him not wanting me to see my friends, like him asking me to ditch class to see him, like him using the team chat to reach me cause everyone would see."
Jimin gulps, uncomfortable. "He'd ask where I was on the team group chat, and it would put me in an awkward situation because I didn't want everyone from my class to think I'm a bad boyfriend who doesn't reply, and that's a very subtle way he used to manipulate me."
"I remember this one time I answered that I was in the dance building, and I was with Hoseok and Seokjin, and he asked in the group chat if he could come, and I didn't want him to come, but how could I say that in front of other people, you know? And that goes back to the kiss."
"I wanted to kiss him, and I said yes, but if I hadn't wanted to, what then? How was I supposed to say no when everyone in the team was joking about it and wanting it to happen. Once intimacy becomes entertainment, everyone gets a saying on your intimacy. That's fucked up."
Jimin pouts, and he makes himself smaller as he starts to consider what he used to think was fun. Yoongi sighs. "I'm over that, but I guess it still hurts. I'll always hurt, so I don't want to do that to you. I don't want you to ditch your friends or miss experiences for me."
"I don't want to end up doing things to you that I didn't like when they happened to me, and I don't want you to regret me either."

Jimin turns to him in a whiplash. And he kneels on the bed, making Yoongi stumble a little at the proximity. "But it's so different, hyung!"
"But I said I'd go to the party to dance with you, I-"

"But I gave you my number because I wanted us to text! And I held your hand first, and I kissed your cheek first, and I asked you out! Well, I hinted at it, and I've taken the first steps only because I want you!"
"It's hard for me to take the first step, okay? Of course, I like it when the other person makes the moves, but I still reached out to you first every time because I like you a lot!"

Yoongi smiles at Jimin's rant, and his smile is so wide, he looks away and covers his face.
He's laughing, and Jimin pouts. "Why are you so cute?" Yoongi says behind his hand.

Jimin frowns, and then Yoongi squirms closer to Jimin until he can cup his face, touching Jimin's cheeks. "I'm sorry I'm making you take all the first steps."

"It's hard!" Jimin complains.
"Sometimes I think that hyung doesn't want to touch me because he sees me like a kid," Jimin murmurs.

"No, it's not that," Yoongi tries. "I know you're a handsome man." Jimin rolls his eyes, and Yoongi chuckles. "I'm just- my previous relationship makes me way too aware."
"But I'm not your previous relationship, hyung!" Jimin reminds him and puts a hand over Yoongi's. "You're not a shitty person like your ex, and yes, we met because of a dare. But screw the dare!" Yoongi laughs some more at Jimin's whines. "I don't want to do the dare; I hate it!"
"I don't want your teammates to resent you because we don't go to the midterm party," Yoongi murmurs. "They will be your classmates for the next four years, and they'll remember this."

"Well, if they get mad over such things, I don't want to be their friend at all!"
"Don't get upset at me, but back then, you didn't want your classmates to think you were a bad boyfriend, and now you don't want them to think badly of me either. And you know what, I don't care what they think!" Jimin speaks sternly. "I'll just do what I want!"
Yoongi's eyes widen at the call-out, but then he frowns. "Jimin, these people will be your contacts for future work," Yoongi murmurs.

"Well, I hope they fix their attitude and open their eyes to how silly they're being in some years when we become work partners!"
Yoongi snorts at Jimin's words. "Jimin, I don't want you to miss your big midterm party or ditch people because of me."

"I'm not! I'll go to another midterm party with you, and I'm not ditching my friends; I'm ditching people who are making me uncomfortable."
"And I just," Jimin groans. "I want this whole challenge to go away because you just won't kiss me! It's so annoying!"

Yoongi smiles again, and he does it broadly. "You're doing all this for a kiss?"


Yoongi laughs. "Okay, then, you can have your kiss."
Jimin gasps when Yoongi closes the distance between them, pressing their lips together in a soft peck.
👀 ImageImageImage
besties 😌 ImageImage
coming together ImageImageImage
(a small detour) ImageImageImage
back on business ImageImageImageImage
confrontation ImageImageImage
girls are nice 😒 ImageImageImage
weeks later ImageImageImage
they— 🤢 Image
party party yeah ImageImageImageImage
Yoongi knocks on the door of Jimin's room just as Jimin finishes buttoning his white shirt. "Come in!"

"Jungkook told me to come upstairs," Yoongi announces when he walks inside. He looks at Jimin for a long moment and closes the door behind him. "You look nice."

"Thank you."
Jimin watches Yoongi sit on the edge of the bed. "You're ready? Namjoon and the rest are already at the bar."

"Not sure which shoes to wear," Jimin lies. He just wants to be alone with Yoongi for a little longer.

"Want me to help you choose?" Yoongi tries.

"No," Jimin mumbles.
"No?" Yoongi asks, amused. Jimin remains quiet, he's been taking the first step repeatedly, and it's getting ridiculous. After some weeks, Yoongi should be able to take a hint.

"Mmh, I don't wanna go yet," Jimin decides, and he turns to see Yoongi looking at him.
Yoongi is sitting with his legs spread, supporting his elbows on his thighs. The short sleeves of his white shirt are tight around his arms. Yoongi and Jimin haven't seen each other much because of midterms, and Jimin thinks Yoongi has gotten somehow even more handsome.
Their eyes meet, and Yoongi tilts his head. "What is it? You've changed your mind?"


"You want me to go perform?" Yoongi tries to understand Jimin's behavior, but he's very far off, and his question makes Jimin laugh.

"You're terrible at this, Yoongi hyung!"
"What? Why?" Yoongi acts offended.

"You're a sweetheart, and you're careful and nice, and you worry so much, but you're-" Jimin can't even finish his sentence. He only walks closer until he can settle between Yoongi's legs, and Yoongi leans back, startled by the sudden movement.
"Do I have to make the first move always? Because I feel like that is going to be a problem between us," Jimin says. "Letting you know since now."

He makes Yoongi laugh, Jimin has made him laugh since the first day they met, and every time it fills Jimin's heart with warmth.
"Sorry about that," Yoongi murmurs. He brings his big hands to Jimin's thighs, and Jimin gulps; he wants Yoongi to touch him everywhere. "I'll try to fix that issue."

"How?" Jimin lifts a hand to play with Yoongi's hair, twisting a strand of hair with his finger.
Yoongi smirks before he pulls Jimin closer. "You're too far away for me to show you." Jimin's heart races fast, and he moves his hand from Yoongi's hair to his chest. Jimin would push him down and crawl on top of him like he has imagined doing many times before, but he doesn't.
It would be too much, and he's already embarrassed about how he's begging for Yoongi at this point. But he doesn't need to worry because Yoongi lets go of Jimin's thigh, and he stands up. Jimin takes a step back to give him space, but Yoongi stops him with a hand on his waist.
"Where do you think you're going?" Yoongi murmurs. They're chest to chest, and Jimin hooks his hands around Yoongi's neck because he knows what's coming.

"I'm not going anywhere."

"Okay, that's good. If you go somewhere, take me with you."

Jimin laughs. "You're such a sap!"
"You're going to have to get used to that. I'm going to be so annoying."

"I like it," Jimin admits. "I like it a lot." They look at each other for a long second. "I like you a lot."

Yoongi doesn't say it back; he just surges forward, tilts his head, and meets Jimin's lips.
Unlike the other pecks they've shared this time, Yoongi opens his mouth, catching Jimin's lower lip between his, and Jimin melts when he feels both Yoongi's hand gripping his waist and pulling them close. They slide their lips together in a slow but hungry kiss.
For the first time, Jimin feels as if Yoongi is taking the first step because he takes control of the kiss, sets the pace, pulls away to breathe, and then catches Jimin's lips with his again. And Jimin lets him; he gets lost to it because he's been wanting this for a while.
Yoongi licks inside his mouth, and Jimin threads his fingers through black hair, pulling slightly. The action makes Yoongi smile into their kiss, and they can't keep going because Yoongi is smiling too wide. "Just like that because of one kiss, Jimin?"

"Rude," Jimin complains.
But Jimin is blushing, and he's pressing his body to Yoongi's. "You're so rude! You waited so long to kiss me like this!"

"I told you I wanted to wait until the challenge was over."

"You're stubborn."

"You're going to have to get used to that, too," Yoongi smirks.
"As long as you kiss me, I don't mind," Jimin murmurs against Yoongi's lips, so Yoongi kisses him again and again. And one more time when Jimin starts giggling. Jimin would have never guessed he'd end up like this, cheeks flushed and wet lips, because of a stupid challenge.
Jimin won't dare to say it out loud because they've established all that is wrong with the contest and the challenge. Of course, Yoongi hates them, and Jimin doesn't like them either, but he is a bit grateful for the challenge. Otherwise, he wouldn't be in Yoongi's embrace.
Yoongi will remain an impossible challenge; he's not the team's win. He's Jimin's win. And Jimin prefers being here, kissing Yoongi, and laughing when they stumble on the bed than anywhere else; this is a better university experience than any freshman challenge.
"We should get going," Yoongi mumbles against Jimin's lips, but he surges for another kiss. "You said you were going to dance with me."

"Just a little longer," Jimin pleads. He's lying on his back on the bed, touching Yoongi's chest. "We'll have plenty of time to dance."
❤️the end❤️

• • •

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el lenguaje es un invento y mensajes como este es discriminación lingüística que en el fondo es xenofobia, clasismo y racismo, pero no puedes esperar que los gringos reflexionen sobre eso 😴
para las personas que nacemos en países que no son de habla inglesa, hablar ingles es un privilegio. aprender inglés y hablarlo perfectamente es un privilegio de clase, y hay un desconocimiento muy claro sobre lo que simboliza el ingles en países como los nuestros
que xuxa si escribimos el inglés mal, o si escribimos nuestros propios lenguajes "mal" el lenguaje "perfecto" y "correcto" es solo una estructura de poder para dividir mas a las personas. y mensajes como este lo que buscan es dividir a los autores que no hablamos ingles "bien".
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