I'm coming to you live from the "Uncensored Truth Tour" at the Legacy Church on Wyoming, featuring Dr. Simone Gold, a COVID truther and Capitol insurrectionist. I'm not wearing a mask, the better to blend in with the estimated 300+ crowd here to see the doctor speak.
The line is spilling out the door for the greater Albuquerque populace to listen to Dr. Gold, who was arrested for her involvement in the Jan. 6 insurrection. Shoutout to @161ABQ and @Spicey22997574 for the intel.
Simone Gold, who gained her notoriety as an anti-vaxxer activist during the pandemic, is the founder of the extremist right wing organization America's Frontline Doctors and was arrested for her actions on Jan. 6. She has done her best to spread misinformation regarding COVID-19.
Gold, a 55-year-old ER doc who Emory U epidemiologist Dr. Jeffrey Koplan said showed a "willful ignorance of science and the scientific method," comes to Albuquerque on the second leg of her nine-city disinformation tour.…
Poetic irony on display in the hallway of this superspreader event, where not a single person, even the servers at the church café, are wearing masks. Thank Christ I got my second dose of Pfizer a few weeks ago. #nmpol
Thank you for using hand sanitizer and not adhering to literally every other CDC public health advisory in existence. I hate it here.
"We have a dictator instead of a governor," says the pastor in opening remarks.

"I didn't know Ted Nugent was a friend of (Dr. Simone Gold). You know, the guy who wrote Stranglehold."

Was just accosted by church security. "We noticed you're taking a lot of photos." Stand by.
"The silencing and censorship of credible, licensed physicians across the country ... has been insane."

The comms director for the fringe org AFD, who also was apparently arrested with Gold at the Capitol, says the truth can't be silenced aha. Standing ovation as Gold comes out.
"I went to Stanford. I just put that in there in case the media wants to call me a quack ... It's been decades since people knew that masks don't work for tiny particulate viruses."

-Dr. Quack
I've never seen this many white people in one setting in my five years in New Mexico. The Capitol insurrectionist is now going over innumerable conspiracy theories about how they calculate COVID deaths, making Glenn Greenwald proud, I'm sure.
"Your arm might get sore, that's transient side effects. That's not a thing. Everyone in this room, especially teenagers, are feeling threatened."

No shit. It's a once-in-a-century pandemic.

Bizarre slide saying 99% of vaccine deaths are from... vaccines? What?
Crowd has just roundly booed vaccine being approved for 12-15 year olds. I feel like I'm back in my old dive haunt in exurban Georgia.

"You're going to expose children to something you haven't tested long-term? I'm a mom. I'm like you. This is horrific."
"Churches are the biggest threat to socialists and communist dictators. I make it a point to visit churches that have stayed open ... The lockdown has revealed who thinks god is prominent in their lives and who thinks god is preeminent in their lives."

Clap clap clap. Kill me.
I moved to the other balcony because security doesn't seem pleased with my presence. Here's another angle for you. Gold is now going for the low-hanging fruit and excoriating Fauci.

"If you don't wear a mask, listen to the moral righteousness," you're a dingus, essentially.
"Their deities are Fauci, Gates, the WHO, the CDC."

Gold just said some weird hyperbolic shit about billions of people not being able to go to their grandmother's funeral and invoking the Nuremberg trials. I'm starting to understand how the Nazis came to power.
"There are now millions of people who don't see a problem with taking experimental medication."

"I'm a Jew. Before they killed the Jews, they killed the gypsies, they killed the homosexuals."

She keeps bringing up Nuremberg. I feel like a lot of people here are giving me COVID.
"The civil rights battle of our time is nipping at our heels. It is medical apartheid, and it's just as ugly."

I have no words. None.
Was just taken aside by three bulky himbo security guys, who accused me of taking photos of children to dox their families. A woman requested to take my phone, go through my gallery and delete photos of her family, which she did (crowd pics). They're still in my trash folder.
Dr. Gold is doing a Q&A now. Nothing of any intellectual merit has been uttered as of yet, but then again, that's been the absolute baseline tonight.
Somehow, some way, the fences surrounding the Roundhouse came up in the Q&A. Member of the audience is very, very upset she wasn't able to go to the legislative session.

"It's flagrantly stupid. Your children know this ... It is not so difficult to homeschool." -Dr. Gold #nmpol
Parting words from the good doctor before the people in the chapel rush to the lobby to buy her book: "Everyone should have hydroxychloroquine in their cabinets."

Feel like I could be bullrushed at any moment. Rio Rancho-looking bloke just told me "we don't wear masks here."
Forgot to mention earlier, when Gold was listing the deities supposed COVID acolytes worship, after she listed off Fauci, the WHO, etc., an audience member close to me audibly said "George Floyd." I am in the midst of a cult.
Enjoying the juxtaposition.
That's a wrap. After that photo, I was escorted out by two security guards for "making people uncomfortable." Mark West, one of the guards who accused me of doxxing children, took a photo of me, and I was rightfully labeled antifa after they banned me from the premises.
More info on my less than ceremonious departure: No less than five security guards surrounded me outside and warned me not to come back. In the parking lot, an older gentleman said there would be "hell to pay" if he saw me there again, spittle flying.
Mr West, the aforementioned muscle for hire, wasn't pleased when I asked him what Jesus would do at this pseudoscience circle jerk thinly disguised as a Trump rally (paraphrased, obv). At least 3 people got pictures of my face, which makes me thankful that I had a good beard day.
I suppose now is as good a time as any to shamelessly self-promote. If you enjoyed my work and feel inclined to be generous and support it monetarily, my Venmo is @agunnwrites. Stay tuned for a forthcoming article in @LCRWnews about last night's flagrant display of pseudoscience.

• • •

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