being an american jew is a mindfuck
we’re less than 80 years removed from the holocaust. we know survivors who are still alive. we’re raised believing there’s this magical country across the world that’s a homeland for jews. and then we learn the govt of that country is using its power to oppress non-jews.
we have family and friends who live in israel. many of us have been there on organized trips and have fond memories. then we realize we were able to enjoy because we weren’t told the truth about where we were. the word palestine was not uttered once.
so we start to speak out against the israeli occupation of palestine. we’re called traitors. we’re told we’re perpetuating antisemitism. we’re told it’s too complicated for us to understand. we’re told that, just like in most of history, the jews are the ones being persecuted.
we desperately want a safe place for jews. we know they tried to wipe us out so recently. but why does a safe homeland for us mean the subjugation of another? how can we justify supremacy when we’ve time and again been the victims of it?
the history of jewish oppression has created inter-generational trauma. many feel any form of self-preservation is justified because we’re always one breath away from annihilation. but traumatizing another group will never lessen ours.
i don’t have any answers. i don’t know how we fix it. all i know is that i exist solely because my grandfather was able to escape oppression while his family perished. and i’ll be damned if i’m told the death of palestinians is the price we must pay to survive.
i’m really appreciating all the affirmative responses to this. it’s making me feel less alone.

• • •

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25 May
There needs to be a progressive equivalent to this fucking guy. Because I’m sick and tired of him pretending to be the face of American Jews.
it’s maddening to see time and again the biggest platforms given to people who have a fundamental empathy gap for the people of palestine.
people like stephens and his former editor are doing something that many jews consider dangerous—they’re conflating zionism and judaism.

by saying that condemning israel makes you a bad jew, they’re perpetuating the “dual loyalty” trope.
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16 May
i can’t stop thinking about this.
i don’t understand how you can read about civilians being murdered by a military drone and your response is “there’s a perfectly good explanation.”
i don’t understand how you can hear a press building exploded and say “well, they had an hour’s warning.”
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11 May
I used to be one of these people—i even wrote a hauntingly bad column about it. I’m Jewish, I have family in Israel, and have spent good times there. But none of that negates the atrocities committed by Israelis against the Palestinian people. American Jews must speak out.
Making excuses for Israel’s actions is violence. Full stop. If you haven’t said anything up until now, it’s time to start.

And for accountability, here’s the atrocious thing i wrote. We can all change. We can all be better.…
hard to explain the level of indoctrination that occurs re: israel, even for secular american jews like me. between hebrew school, even my public school education in a largely jewish public school and then, of course, birthright, it ran so deep & required (requires!) unlearning.
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3 May
Just got the bill for my surgery and hospital stay. How is this country real.
here’s the hospital bill breakdown (for inpatient surgery and an outpatient follow-up procedure.) $14,666 just for the recovery room—not my actual hospital room!
i pay $1,100 per month for this insurance. if you think i should still have to pay an additional $660 for surgery, you have brain worms.
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1 May
happy drummond ranch wedding day! ImageImage
hope everyone’s vaccinated! ImageImage
weirdly quiet on the ranch. did ree institute a no posting policy?
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13 Jan
.@AOC on IG live talking about the insurrection: “To run through the capitol and to not know if an officer is there to help you or harm you is quite traumatizing.”
“To my fellow members: If you so much as STUTTER to say the confederacy is a legion of white supremacy, turn in your pin and get OUT.”

@AOC is bringing the righteous fury that every elected official should have after the president tried to get them killed.
.@AOC on Republicans who encouraged insurrection: “This isn’t about the truth for them. This is about whether they want to be president in 2024. Let me give you a sneak peak: you will NEVER be president.”
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