People can talk about whether Battlestar's fate in FaWS is an unfortunate act of fridging but it's artistically superior imo compared to the equivalent comics storyline keeping him alive and having the bad guys dox and murder John Walker's elderly parents
In context I guess it's a good shocking moment because it kind of comes out of nowhere

But it's not just a wildly dishonorable act from an in-character POV but feels that way as an OOC storytelling thing too

"Leave my parents from my origin story out of this"
I did like how they played with this idea in FaWS, when they have Karli threaten Sarah and the boys over the phone but then have her protest to Sam it was only a bluff to get a rise out of him

Like you can tell he mostly believes her but that doesn't make it okay
The line is kind of a cliché but I always like it when I hear it

"I didn't mean it, I was just trying to piss you off!"

"Well, it worked"

• • •

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More from @arthur_affect

15 May
I mean, considering "the present" technically consists only of what's happening this very instant, ALL your actions are "the actions of past you"

(The things you end up discussing only in philosophy class or if you have small children)
Like yeah sure what he means is that if ten years have passed it's different than if you did something a week ago

I'm not sure anyone 100% disagrees with that, it's just that *how much* it's different is, you know, up for debate
Anyway yeah sure she didn't kill anyone or anything but it's honestly shocking to me, even by the standards of ten years ago, how openly vicious Teigen and other celebrities were to a 16-year-old for no other reason than they were "trashy" or "tacky" or "cringe"
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14 May
In all seriousness humans are pretty big, strong animals as far as the animal kingdom goes and your chances of *surviving* a fight with another animal aren't that bad

You're just likely to get fucked up worse than most of us are in our comfortable civilized lives
Humans surviving long enough to become tool users was mostly a result of us already being pretty big and strong and relying on safety in numbers
Have *multiple* people using weapons - not even sophisticated ones, just everyone having sticks and rocks - and our odds against even really big predators aren't so bad
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13 May
I'm... not really clear what the alternative to "anonymous gay sex on demand" is here, other than just banning gay sex

Like, the "anonymous" and the "on demand" are just there to make it sound bad, like "flatscreen TVs"
I don't see how you abolish "anonymous sex" without just abolishing sex out of wedlock in general, which is what they seem to mean by the "on demand" part

And that's a pretty extreme position - one whose connection to health insurance I don't really see at all
I mean you know that back when people got arrested for having sex outside of wedlock... they didn't have universal health insurance

In fact they didn't have health insurance at all
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13 May
Sometimes these media campaigns can brute force slang into common use, like I'm pretty sure that's what happened with "sexting"
In the 1964 film A Hard Day's Night, which features the Beatles' adventures as larger-than-life versions of themselves, a running theme is George Harrison confusing posh Londoners with colorful Liverpudlian street slang

One memorable line involves the word "grotty"
He goes into how the wardrobe the PR people picked out for him is "grotty" and when they don't know what it means he gets frustrated and says it's Scouse for "grotesque" and this just shows how out of touch they are and how fake the image they want to push on him is
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12 May
General reminder that, because society is constantly changing in all respects, it is always possible to draw meaningless correlations between any two social trends you don't like

More Millennials are coming out as trans? Must be because anime is increasingly popular in the US
Or maybe it's because of video games, or the Internet

Maybe it's the later age of marriage and having kids, maybe it's progressive politics and "intersectionality" in general, maybe it's queerness and porn and openness about kink

The list goes on
Hell I'll come up with a new idea

Maybe it's the skyrocketing student loans

Maybe if you forgive all the student loan debt, or at least bring it back down to the level Boomers had, everyone will stop being trans

Hey it's worth a shot
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12 May
Worth hammering in the point that the cynical take that all awards shows are meaningless has merit, but you don't have to think that to think the Golden Globes are meaningless

It's actually really hard to argue that they're not meaningless
Like yeah sure the Academy is elitist and out of touch and makes a lot of dumb decisions

But the Academy is a group of 10,000 people who were invited to join because of their notable work in the business of making movies

You can at least see how it's supposed to make sense
The HFPA is a group of 90 people whose job is writing about movies

But only if they work for an outlet that isn't based in the United States

This is supposed to make their opinion special and notable somehow
Read 4 tweets

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