1/سیه بختی ملت پیامدِ فسادی ست دیرینه، نهادینه ولگام گسیخته،از زمامدار وقانونگذار تا داردس و داور و ناظر
و درمان، نه عوامفریبی و سیاهه اقتصادی، بل، #فسادستیزی ست/#امیرکبیر و قطع ید ومجازات قاطع بدکاران و تبهکاران و عیّاران، از #فقیه و وزیر تا #سردار و کفیل..
#رشتو #ایران #اصفهان ImageImageImageImage
1/انتخابات، برخلاف تصور خشک اندیشان ارزشی #بسیجی، تغییری ست در چهره نه رویکرد وعملکرد!به بیانی، میراث الهندی وتداوم سیاست ۴۲ ساله طرّاران غدّارنهادِ خط امامی، نوسانِ چرخه مخربِ”دشمن فرضی و خودتحریمی“، بهانه گسترش عامدانه فقر وحاشیه امنِ تجارت فرزند ومعشوقه،وپیامد،درد و مصیبت ملت! ImageImageImageImage
2/مشارکت واقعی(میانگین زیر۲۳٪) تاکیدِ مؤکدست بر عدم مشروعیت،و زنگ خطر پایتخت #تهران، زیستگاهِ بظاهر حامیان نظام (رانتخواران جهادی ومعرکه گیران انقلابی)، نشان از افتابی ست برلب بوم، و حاکمیت،چو پیرشغالی در مرداب! لذا، همنشینی سکاندار با همکیشانِ جهادی وادامه غارت حماقتی ست مرکبار! ImageImageImageImage
3/ملت در انتظار عودت بیت المال ست و اختلاسگران فراری، و مجازات بی ترحم عیّاران جهادی.
توصیه اکید @raeisi_org به ترک تدلیس،وخدمت صادقانه باقطع بودجه نجومی مراکز طفیلی سفره ملت در اجرای حداقل دوپروژه حیاتی کم هزینه ۲ماهه:
#اصفهان #شیراز #تبریز #مشهد #لرستان
۱-لزوم بازسازی کلیه مدارس مناطق محروم ومعابر ترددِ دانش اموزان، سرویس بهداشتی #معلول وایمن سازی سیستم گرمایشی وتسهیلات/معیشت #معلم ومربی (مدارس ایمن منطقه ای باسرویس رایگان ایاب و ذهاب)
#زاهدان #کردستان #ایران
@IsfahanMayor @pirouzhanachi @hajimirzaee_m
۲-لزوم تعبیه تسهیلات #معلولین/#زندانیان گمنام محبوس در اسارتگاه فساد وبیکفایتی مدیران انقلابی،از رفع موانع تردد درسطح شهر،امنیت عبور از معبر وخیابان،تاحداقل امکانات رفاهی و حقوق و خدمات شهروندی (سرویس بهداشتی)درمراکز اموزشی #دانشگاه و تفریحی(بازار، پارک)،سازمان های دولتی وغیر. ImageImageImageImage
6/درحقیقت، جهد و ممارست #معلولان در استیلا بر نقص جسمانی مسبب تکامل اندیشه و روان ست، منشا خلاقیت ونواوری. نخبگانی باضریب هوشی قابل توجه، منکوب وسرکوب به جبرِ حاکمان عقب مانده ذهنی خودستا (فرهیخته ژن برتر)
@VBehdasht @Behzistiir @swsctehran

• • •

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Mar 7, 2022
1/West destructive approach to #UkraineRussiaWar by ignoring massive influx of Nazi Militia/Modern #Terrorists to #Ukraine through a Pawn is turning a Regional Conflict to Global Catastrophe! It conjures up cia-made Terrorists/ISIS.. in the #MiddleEast..
Those who made Nazi &WWII ImageImageImageImage
2/for their illegitimate goals, now supporting Neo_Nazi in #Ukraine toward WWIII, a Global Threat backed by #NATO whose leadership must go trial for #War_Crimes in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan.. &now using #Ukrainians in its ProxyـWar against #Russia
3/#Ukrainian people must not leave the state, Stay Home, Stand to Warmongers-based Western Terrorists& kick them out of your Country.
By the way, mass “disinformation/fake footages” cannot be ignored. To many extent, the events have been staged!

#N0_To_War ImageImageImageImage
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Jan 20, 2022
1/#Holocaust cannot be denied, BUT its dark side must be revealed to prevent the same heinous crime/Motive& the real number of the victims
@BorisJohnson @EmmanuelMacron @mfa_russia
@EU_Commission @eu_eeas @JustinTrudeau
@simoncoveney @Vonderleyen@ASteiner@JosepBorrellF ImageImageImageImage
2/The chronological proximity of “Israel’s establishment& Anti-Semitism in #Europe”(from WWI to WWII) overweighs the idea of connection between two events that the hardship& massacre of #Jews” was the key of Israel creation.
@Europarl_EN @EUCouncil
3/Zionists policy (the lectures at the time) very well proves that saving the Jews who refused to move to the holy-land is contra-productive to their goal which’s initially the #Jews_Only state of #Israel& ultimately the #Zionists_Only kingdom& #Global_Zionism!
@VeraJourova ImageImageImageImage
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Dec 6, 2021
1/A system with widespread CORRUPTION& INJUSTICE would NEVER be qualified to talk about #Democracy! Just a glance at the sociopolitical circumstances proves #US is a role model for“Corrupt & Repressive” States, a Threat to Global Stability!
@EmmanuelMacron @EU_Commission @eu_eeas ImageImageImageImage
2/Americans’ Voice has been Ignored,Marginalized& Censored,Criticism severely Suppressed,Truth shamefully Annihilated,#HumanRights&#CivilRights massively Violated& Oppressed victims rudely Marked as Mob&Terrorist!
Critics/Protesters get recorded&eliminated
3/either brutally murdered or threatened, terrified, framed up, prosecuted& deprived from their BASIC RIGHTS/Job Education.. through an ignoble cooperation of #CORRUPT “justice system/judges, lawyers, prosecutors and Intel-community/cia fbi..”,
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Nov 17, 2021
1/#Israel Nuclear-attack to #Iran is its long wish/plan. Stupidity to believe that“Biden/Pelosi” visit to #Vatican/#Pope is to justify the most heinous brutality/#Abortion& cia meeting with its terrorist #Taliban is to share counterterrorism plans!
@EmmanuelMacron @EU_Commission ImageImageImageImage
2/Israel is insidiously going to shape not only a new #MiddleEast,but the world, based on its HOLLOW historical dream”global #Zionist-kingdom“at the cost of people lives.
So far, Zionists’ policy to destroy the powerful states of the region has successfully progressed by
@eu_eeas ImageImageImageImage
3/proxy-wars through“ignorant-leaders/#Iraq & cia-terrorists ISIS/#Syria”. Regarding other countries, No concern about #Persian_Gulf states,but #Egypt #Turkey& #Iran are major-obstacle to achieving the Zionist dream& #War is the only solution!
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Sep 20, 2021
1/West Intel/fbi cia mi6&politicians’s decision about #Afghanistan's considered as either an“Impulsive Decision Making”or a“Criminal Preplanned Action”. Either one's clinically diagnosed as“Psychological Disorder”
The former,#Impulsivity's a major sign of various Mental Disorders ImageImageImageImage
2/..from Schizophrenia to Substance Use/cannabis legalization by politicians,a behavior with NO “forethought & consideration of the consequences”, that put the goals & innocent people’s lives in jeopardy.
The latter, an intentional“Anti-civilians operation
3/..&support of brutal terrorists”/#Taliban #ISIS #Al_Qaeda..,a combination of “Crime & Irresponsibility”, is the characteristic of “Antisocial Personality Disorder”& need an immediate attention &serious treatment under watch!
As etiology, in addition to
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Sep 7, 2021
1/Despite FAKE propaganda,the compelling evidence proves that West counterterrorism-operation with an astronomical budget has been insidiously advocating its terrorists& promoting global brutality just for money-laundering by the world most CORRUPT/CRIMINAL leadership/cia mi6 fbi ImageImageImageImage
2/Terrorist leaders& commanders/#ISIS #Taliban.. get trained & exported from US terrorist-training-sites, so-called “Detention center”esp. Guantanamo bay #Cuba/beyond reach of investigative #Journalists!
Then, criminal Jihadists get mass-equipped by..
3/..#Pentagon’s most advanced weapons in support of a long-lasting #War&on the other hand, the Gov. Army intentionally paralyzed &doomed to failure!
Last shot,the information of those who are aware of the friendship of Warmongers&its Terrorist..
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