It is International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia.

I'm worried that because #onted is all virtual right now, many educators won't talk about it because "parents can hear".

I hope families heard the discussions we had this morning.
I hope families heard these grade four students explaining what othering is.

What homophobia and transphobia look like.

That it isn't all just about active hate.

I hope families heard the stories of harm, frustration, defiance that were shared this morning.
I hope families heard the voices of these brilliant children who are regularly brave enough to gently call each other out on problematic speech, on assuming someone's identity.

I hope families heard these kids talk about being misgendered. Being targeted. Being scared.
It's not just these kids who need to hear these things. These students get it. They know what homophobia is, they defend others from it, they call it what it is, they fight against it.

I want their families to see and hear through their eyes and ears, learn from them like I do.
And please, #onted, don't use today to call #2SLGBTQ+ a "challenging topic". Don't give in to your "fear of backlash".

Queer students and families need you - today and every single day - to give them the space to learn, talk, and teach.

• • •

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17 May
🧵I have started so many tweets about Palestine and then deleted them. It's hard to find the words and to feel like I will do or say the right thing.

I have learned more on this site in the last two weeks than in the entire rest of my life.

And that's the problem, isn't it?
I retweet, I like, I hope I'm amplifying the voices that need to be heard, but I recognize too that it isn't enough.

This isn't a "conflict".

This isn't about "terrorism".

This is about colonization. Occupation. Stealing land.

It is apartheid.
For those who question the use of the word "apartheid" to refer to the occupation of and settler violence against Palestinians, ask yourself: what does apartheid mean? What does it look like?

Then consider the restrictions on movement, citizenship, voting, education.
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27 Apr
Hearing the trustees of a publicly-funded school board in #onted try to justify not flying the #PRIDE flag is reopening some deep, raw wounds tonight.

They're trying to justify their hate with arguments about cost, "competing groups for the month of June," logistics.
As a member of the #2SLGBTQ+ community, I know this isn't about any of the excuses they're giving tonight in #HCDSB. This is about hate. This is about believing that some of their students and their families are inherently less valued, less worthy of respect, *less than*.
Why are these discussions even allowed in publicly-funded institutions? We have a Human Rights Code and it's pretty clear about this.

#2SLGBTQ+ people have the right to exist without having to justify that existence and participation in society.
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6 Apr
Who's ready for a new round of #OCDSB board meeting tweets? I am!

Reminder: mute this thread and/or the #OCDSB hashtag if you don't want to see these.

Last time I did this, Twitter got weird and put these tweets all over the place, so... sorry. It got messy.

Board! Meeting!
Tonight's #OCDSB meeting is a Committee of the Whole (or COW) meeting, so there are more people in attendance than last time.

There are a few delegations and, notably, Dr. Etches will be there to speak and take questions.
If we get to it, the Universal Screening Tool (to identify giftedness) is up for discussion tonight. This was deferred from a meeting a few weeks ago.

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6 Apr
Why are we framing COVID cases in schools as a percentage of how many DON'T have cases? We don't usually talk about public health this way.

We don't say, "37 million people didn't die from cancer last year."

We say, "More than 80,000 people died from cancer last year."

This is important because the way you frame COVID rates in schools can either highlight how prevalent the issue is or downplay it as if it's no big deal.

These are human lives that we are talking about. What matters is the people who ARE sick.
When you say 73% of schools have no active cases, you're implying the 27% aren't a concern, that they aren't the important statistic.

27% of schools DO have active COVID cases. That means more than 1 in 4 schools.

We're allowing the narrative to focus on the wrong thing.
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8 Aug 20
I keep thinking about this and I'm honestly so frustrated by these posts about how educators need to "stay positive" for their students because "projecting their fears/sadness/emotions will harm students."

A thread, apparently.

In my career, I have taught through the dissolution of a long term relationship, my mother's cancer diagnosis and treatment, two high risk pregnancies, family deaths, chronic health problems.

And I greet my students with a smile and try to be warm, welcoming, put together.
But some days, it's hard. Some days, your students ask you if you're okay because they can read your body language and can tell you're tired, you're worn out, you're distracted, you're sad. And that's okay. It's okay for them to see their educators as human beings with emotions.
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25 Feb 20
One of my biggest concerns about violence in schools, beyond the immediate concern of injury/trauma, is about what will happen to victims of and witnesses to this violence 15+ years down the road.


CW: violence, abuse, assault

#onted #onpoli #etfo #osstf #aefo #oecta
In a nutshell, we are teaching children how to be in abusive relationships. As a survivor of abuse and sexual assault, this is killing me. I don't know how to cope with the guilt and anxiety I feel about the situations these kids are put into.

#onted #onpoli
We tiptoe around volatile students in an effort to prevent them from becoming dysregulated. If a student escalates, the discussion becomes about what everyone else did, where we could have acted differently, where we could have changed our behaviour so as not to set them off.
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